The Key To The Kingdom – A Book Review

by bosssanders on March 8, 2011 with 1 comment

A little over a year ago, my husband took our girls and I to Disney World for the very first time (for us).  As magical as Disney World is, Jeff Dixon’s book The Key To The Kingdom takes it up yet another notch.  Dixon’s book is based on the popular theme park as he carefully unfolds a great mystery where characters scramble through the parks to uncover clues and missing pieces of one giant puzzle.

I soaked this book up in one weekend, so I consider this an easy, fun read.  I loved flipping through the pages and being able to mentally picture myself exactly where the characters were standing.  It’s one thing to build a scenario from scratch in your imagination as you read, but completely different when you’ve actually been to the place that the story unfolds.  The characters were easy to relate to and definitely kept me going.

My ONLY complaint would be that the many clues (trivia points) listed in the book weren’t neatly printed in the back for me to re-visit.  However, he did list his sources, so with a little work, I could easily educate myself on all Disney trivia (also, there are a few on his website).

Would I recommend this book? Definitely.  –Especially if you appreciate anything Disney (whether it’s theme parks, characters, or movies).

Book Price: $12.44 to $16, depending on where you buy it.  Available at BAMM, Borders, Amazon, and more.

This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by Bring It On Communications for this review.  All comments and opinions, however, are mine.
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  • Jeff Dixon

    Note from the author Jeff Dixon:

    Thank you so much for taking this trip through Central Florida with Grayson Hawkes and company in The Key To The Kingdom. I am thrilled that after actually being at Walt Disney World this book was able to transport you back to revisit it all over again. Every time I have visited I am always amazed at the details to discover as you wander through the theme parks. Although the story is a work of fiction it is factual fiction to say the least. If along the way the lines between fact and fiction became blurred with fun then I did what I purposed to do.

    I desired that the book would unfold like a thrill park ride. It is my hope that each reader will find something they will like on the journey, uncover a few surprises, and get caught up in the mystery and adventure.

    For any visitor who ever gets the chance to go to Walt Disney World there is a universe of discoveries to make. In the pages of the story I tried to dig up just enough of those treasures to keep the reader engaged with their imaginations ignited.

    I appreciate your thoughts and kind words about the story. I hope others will accept the invitation to take the adventure and unravel the mystery surrounding The Key To The Kingdom.

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