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by bosssanders on December 18, 2008 with 1 comment

I’m starting this new thing coming January (although you can start now on the themes listed at the end), a challenge of sorts (are ya with me?):

Every week, for 52 weeks a “theme” will be posted and crafters will have an entire week (from Sunday to Saturday) to brainstorm and create their fabulous crafts. “Crafts” include paintings, photographs, drawings, fabric crafts, paper crafts, metal crafts, and everything in between. (If you’re unsure, just ask me.)

At the end of each week, an area will be created for the participants to add their links to their own blogs and websites of the craft they created and how they created it (photograph with instructions/tutorials). Of course, participants who don not own websites/blogs are also invited to join and may send me via email a photograph of what they made along with typed instructions, which I’ll post (giving them credit) on my own blog.

As we get prizes in, there will also be polls going up for visitors to vote on their favorite crafts. And, while I plan to run this for 52 weeks, participants are encouraged to join in as much or little as they’d like – whether it be only once, randomly as they have time or are inspired, or for the entire length. Participants also don’t have to sign up at the beginning of the week, so don’t feel bad if you planned to make something but then life happened and you couldn’t quite do it…you only sign up once the week is up and your project is finished.

Of course, this also means we’ll have tons of new and great crafts to try, as well. We can inspire each other to think in new ways and to see different materials in a whole new way. Heck, if all else fails, store your creations somewhere safe and you’ll have a head-start on Christmas for NEXT year! Ha!

Any questions? Email me and I’ll start a FAQ section for this.


January 4-10: Theme – “Envelopes” – You can use envelopes in this craft, construct a creative envelope, depict an envelope, etc. Use your imagination… (You ARE allowed to use other materials besides envelopes.)

January 11-17:
Theme – “Tiny” – The only real guideline really would be the theme word itself..TINY. So, just make it tiny.

January 18-24: Theme – “New Year Resolutions” – Craft something that will either help you reach your New Year’s Resolutions or something that portrays them. Maybe you are wanting to get rid of the box of clothes in the attic to make room for something else, you could possibly use some of those pieces in this craft. Or, maybe you plan to get past some demons in your life, paint us your story.

January 25-31: Theme – “Important Dates” – January is the beginning of a new year, so make a cool calendar or use one to make something else. Or, use your own creative genius to capture the spirit of planning for a new year in an entirely different way!

***I’ve given you the themes for throughout January, so technically you have up to a month to work on some of them if you so choose. Feel free to work ahead, if you wish – just don’t forget to send it in once the theme comes due (more info on that later).

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