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Fille Stupide (part 4)

by bosssanders on December 8, 2008 with 6 comments

*in case you want to catch up:

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It was like she felt the need to double-check or something – although she hadn’t the slightest idea what for. And when the rings were abruptly stopped by a smooth voice, she was almost surprised. She told the listener on the other end that she’d had sex and was bleeding, but this time she didn’t leave out the fact that her “first time” had left her with several soaked-through pads of blood.

It only took the woman a moment of thoughtful silence before she said, “Get to the hospital, now. You’re losing too much blood and the other stuff you’re seeing and hearing is your body trying to clot…”

With an almost hysterical laugh, she replied to the angel on the other side of the line, “Yeh. Not gonna happen. My parents would hate me and never forgive me. I’d rather die.” She had said it with fierce determination, but her face quivered as did the phone in her hand.

The woman sighed, but only for a short moment before she said, “Honey, your parents would much rather the call from you tonight than the call tomorrow morning from the paramedics, telling them their baby girl is gone…Please. Go to the hospital….”

“I can’t…” she said, as she hung up the phone. She laughed at the irony – here was her chance to die and it wouldn’t have even been her fault, but something in her clicked and she wanted to fight back. She was much too stubborn to die on someone else’s terms. She picked the phone up once more, but this time for a different sort of call….

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