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Hidden Talents

by bosssanders on July 26, 2010 with 1 comment

When your first child is in the womb and you feel those rib-shattering kicks, you wonder if you’re child is going to be a star soccer player – or a member of the Chinese mob.  And then, when your child begins tip-toeing around the room, arms gracefully waving before and over her, you wonder if she’s going to be a dancer.  Until, of course, she does an unmistakable booty dance move (which you KNOW you didn’t teach her) and then you’re all ready for her to just learn something new because really, how many strippers can afford to take care of their parents?  That, and it makes for awkward conversation in some circles.

You wonder and dream about the talents your children will have bestowed upon them.  You imagine what they’ll be like when they’re older and if they’ll even remember much of anything about right now.

But, then they do something unexpected.

Last night, I was awoken by tiny little whispers by my ear.  “Mommy,” the shushed voice said, “there’s a man-thing in my room.”

“What?”  I mumbled, sleep still fogging all of senses.  I mean, I’d heard what she’d said, but wasn’t really sure I wasn’t concocting her standing there in my own little imagination.

“Mommy…” she repeated, “There’s a man in my room.  He told me to call him UN LADY.  He kind of looks like a girl.”  She went on to explain that the night visitor did have a mouth, nose, ears, and was moving about in her room.

“Mmph.”  I grumbled.  “Get in bed with mommy.”  I motioned to the other side of the bed as I swiftly knocked off the books and planner into the floor.

Normally, I would’ve ran straight into her room.  I would’ve checked (for my own sake) under every little nook and between any cranny for a person.  But, last night?  I knew that whatever she saw – whether it was paranormal or her overactive imagination – wasn’t something I’d be able to see or touch.  And, really, I can’t pepper spray THAT.  And, I’m pretty sure my landlord wouldn’t believe me when he rushed in to see bullet holes in the wall.  I really doubt he’d care that I was trying to make do because I was fresh out of pure silver bullets.

I always wondered what her talents would be, I never really thought it would be a sixth sense.

My little girl can see dead people.  How awesome is that?  Right.  Tonight, we’re loading up water guns with holy water.


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