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Money Saving Tips: Part 1

by bosssanders on August 10, 2015 with no comments

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about SAVING MONEY!  Each week, there are MORE tips, so be sure to like us on FB!

Here’s what we’ve covered so far:

Money Saving Tips

1.  Develop a budget. Here is a great post to get you started!

2.  Buy cheaper brands. Occasionally the store brand is actually more expensive than another brand. You can get similar quality for less $ by trying to shop store brands. For us, we buy store brand for most things except Ketchup, Ranch, and a few other things.  HINT:  Look at the “price per ounce” in orange on stickers (at Walmart) as you compare. Sometimes store brand and “bulk” aren’t really cheaper!

3.  MENU PLAN! By planning out your meals for the week, you can take advantage of sales (or plan your menu AROUND the sales!). Also, it keeps you focused so you aren’t walking into Walmart after a rough day feeling starved and end up spending your entire budget on Pizza, a tub of ice cream bigger than your face, and gummy bears.

4.  Plan cheaper meals. A great goal for super frugal (foodstamps) budget is $1 for breakfasts and lunches (each) and $2 for suppers. It seems impossible, but these meals can actually cost more… Like… If you make a Lasagna that costs $8 to make, it needs to last you for 4 suppers ($8/4 meals = $2/each).

While we once budgeted for $100/month for a family of 4 for food, we now spend around 1.50/serving for meals. This gives us a LOT of variation and some tasty and good-for-us meals.

HINT:  Needing some SUPER cheap meal ideas (think, food-stamp budget), check out our FB page for a list of easy options!  You can also see this week’s meal plan on there, too!

5.  Buy in BULK. Sometimes, by buying in LARGE quantities, we can save money (always do the math, to make sure, though!) A great tip is to portion out what you don’t need now and then put it in freezer Ziploc bags and freeze the rest for later (depending on what it is).

Do you use any of these tips?  What are some other ways that you save money?  (Be on the look out for upcoming Tips on FB!)

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FREE 55 Cent Coupon!

by bosssanders on August 1, 2010 with no comments


Just fill out the info and you can print your coupon!  How easy is that?  It’s available til the end of August, so use it while you can and please spread the link to this post!!

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