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Doll Hair – TAMED?

by bosssanders on September 10, 2012 with 2 comments

How DOES doll hair turn into this?

I thought it’d be fun to do the UNTHINKABLE and actually tackle a few pins with my kiddo today.  So, I jumped on Pinterest and found THREE pins regarding doll/barbie hair.  Well, that’s easy enough!  I also knew there were a slew of barbies and dollies that could use a salon hair treatment.

I read through the how-tos – some called for REALLY hot water and a barbie brush, on called for water and laundry softener and a brush, and another called for shampoo AND conditioner and some other beauty products.  So, we filled up a mug with some HOT water, another container with water and laundry softener, and we had conditioner on stand-by.

We lined up the barbies and dolls who needed some serious help (as I resisted the urge to just reach for the scissors)…

And we started with hot water.

I’m not calling anyone a liar, but I’m still really confused as to how this one worked for some and just turned our Barbie’s hair from mess to hot, wet mess.

So, then we went to the fabric softener.

For the barbies, it was okay.  They don’t have a lot of hair.  We dipped their whole heads in and started brushing towards the bottom, moving our way up with a small brush.

…And then, my 3 yo ditched me for more fun things.

For the bigger doll, I brought out the conditioner.

I wet her hair in the sink and ringed out the excess water.  Then, applied the hair conditioner I use…and LOTS of it.  We brushed and brushed and brushed – small sections at a time starting from the bottom and working our way up.

But, in all honesty, I’m not very patient.  I was really expecting a quick “spa” for barbies with the miracle treatments from pinterest.  These methods definitely weren’t it.

The barbies look better but not brand new.

The big doll looks better, but…

I can’t really tell if it actually detangled her hair or the copious amount of brushing just pulled out the tangles.

I can certainly tell you that she wouldn’t last another “treatment.”

So, did it work?

Define “work”.  Do they now have slicked back hair dos?  Why, yes they do.  Did they lose hair?  Why yes they did.  It was definitely not a magical process that brought them back to their “former glory” – although, they look a LOT better.

Would I recommend it?  Possibly, but I’d skip the laundry softener altogether and just rinse the hair first with HOT water for 30 sec an then slather heavily with conditioner and use a comb.


Use a comb with metal “teeth” – like those sold for brushing dogs

Rinse the doll’s hair when you are finished and spray in leave in condition and brush through one final time

Get a snack and your favorite drink and settle in for a while.  Your dolly will lose less hair if you commit to a couple of hours per big doll.


Give Barbies haircuts… Redneck Mullet Barbie, anyone?  :)   Admit it, could be fun!

EDIT!:  The Madame Alexander doll (shown) still has great hair and it’s dried quite nicely (air-dry).  I wasn’t sure if it’d still feel like it had junk it (it did right after), but her hair is like new now…although thinned out.  I would definitely buy a wig comb online (what they use to comb wigs) and use the conditioner again.  I’m thinking this would pull out less hair than the smaller plastic comb.  However, be sure you have quite a bit of time to detangle so you aren’t pulling out massive bits of hair.  Put on a movie, lay a towel in your lap, and go for it!!

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