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Works For Me Wednesday – Easter Idea

by bosssanders on March 18, 2009 with 6 comments


I have a confession to make:  I hate those cheap little Easter baskets that come out every year, and worse than that…I hate the grass.  Okay, hate’s a strong word but I really don’t understand why people BUY the crap.

This year, we’re going for reusable containers of the storage variety.  You know, the cute little canvas boxes …or the twine and bamboo ones, etc.  They’re cute and pretty and guess what?!  They hold Lorelei’s stuff quite nicely in her room and help us keep the place organized since totes and containers are what we seem to always be short of.  If you don’t really have a need for organizational goodies, you could consider a wagon, toy dumptruck, wheelbarrow, pretty pillowcase, or anything of the like.

Instead of grass this year, we’ve asked Lorelei’s Mimi to pick up some thrift store/dollar store cloth napkins or dish towels.  Lorelei is constantly requesting “TOWEL, mama.  TOWEL!” so this would be perfect.  Other ideas?  Pillowcases, scarves or play silks, costume jewelry, etc could easily add some “pizzazz” to the gift – and they won’t hide in your carpet until winter.

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