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22 Weeks

by bosssanders on July 30, 2011 with 1 comment

I have so many things I want to update…so  many things that *I* don’t want to forget!

First, pregnancy updates. 22 Weeks.

Lots of Round Ligament Pains…you know, the sometimes breathtaking shooty-knife-like pains that are all over the place (basically, where my belly has grown, that’s where they are.

Also, lots of back cramps.  Back aches.  Actually, everything is starting to ache!  (That $395 8 hour spa package is looking mighty fine!)  I think spa packages should be allowed in our insurance when our husbands get deployed.  I mean, seriously.  And, those of us with young kids should get an upgrade …then, those of us PREGNANT with young kids could get frequent spa packages.  Ha.  Maybe when we get a pregnant military wife for president.  Maybe, then!

Then, there’s the nasty bladder infection.  Or something.  The initial lab tests in office showed something “suspicious” (bladder infection), but they are sending it off to make sure.  All I know is I have some weird and random symptoms and feel worse and worse daily.  Yesterday, I wasn’t nauseous.  Today, I am incredibly nauseous and just feel a little icky (not enough to make me want to do NOTHING, but enough to make me not want to eat breakfast).

Baby is doing well.  After an “emergency”/impromptu visit a few days ago, we saw him literally kicking at my cervix.  –Which would explain something that I’ve been feeling.  He’s growing.  I’m growing.  Happy, happy.

In Other News

Sleep has been a little elusive.  I want to sleep and oh, how I’m tired…but, my brain?  It disagrees.

I’m set up to begin classes in late-August.  Yay!

I’ve begun writing at  The Curriculum Choice.

Started up a group for Military Wives in my area.

Stepped up as an officer for our FRG.

Things Heard Around Our House

The girls have adopted a new nightly routine that reminds me of the Waltons’.  (Anybody remember that old show?)

Me:  Night, Lala!  I love you!
Lala:  Night mommy!  Love you, too!
Me:  Night, Rora!
Rora:  Night, Mommy!  Me uv oo!
Me:  I love you, too!
Rora:  Night mama!
Me:  Night Rora!

…and so it goes back and forth between me and Rora for a few minutes, occasionally with Lala piping in additional goodnights so as to not feel left out.  By the time they quiet down, it’s like there were 15 people saying their goodnights!  Makes me giggle every time.


The other night after a quick skyping session with their daddy, Rora stood on the bed.  With the most serious look on her face, she said, “Daddy!  Me…miss…you…”  And then, very dramatically, she fell face first onto my pillow.  She’s two.  She kept up her pretend faint for about 30 seconds and then slid off the bed and ran to her room to destroy play with her toys.


Me:  Hey Lala, would you rub mommy’s back?  I don’t feel so good.
Lala:  I can’t.  My arm hurts and I think my leg is swollen.

(Her arm didn’t hurt and her leg wasn’t swollen, she’d just picked it up from something her daddy has said alot … the arm part, anyhow.  Guess she threw in the swollen leg for good measure.)


(After seeing me pick and then tear up fresh cilantro and add it to a summer salsa, Lala says…)

“Mommy, why did you put weed in our food?”

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22 Weeks Pregnant

by bosssanders on December 30, 2008 with 6 comments


You see that? – The pudge under my shirt that is not longer just my stomach, but an overextended uterus with a mini karate-choppin child in it? Right, that’s my belly shot for this week.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy showing off random body parts for you all, it’s just that the scraggly old man at the corner with the cardboard sign looked at me all funny when I told him I’d pay him with a burrito if he’d take a picture of my belly. How was I supposed to know it was a priest on his off day, just taking out the trash?

Plus, let’s go ahead and throw in that there’s some general confusion in these parts as to where exactly the baby is, especially after Lorelei grabbed my boob and exclaimed “baby!” So, am I supposed to be taking belly shots now – or boob shots? I’m not really sure, anymore…

I’m now gaining weight, which probably has absolutely nothing to do with completely balanced meals I’ve been eating – like, peanut butter fudge (for protein), white enriched pasta (grains?), cheese pizza (vegetable, grains, fruits, AND calcium). Oh, and the Eggo waffles I just slammed down. Really, I’m pretty sure it’s the scales and the fact that they try to weigh me every time I have to pee – I weigh a totally different number every time I bounce. It’s amazing, you should try it.

I’m doing exceedingly well with not ripping anyone’s head off, I think. Especially considering the asshats that have made comments regarding my sometimes-less-than-cheery blog posts as being hormonal-inspired. Obviously not. If it were hormonal inspired, I’d be threatening death to the person who let something like my empty wallet get in the way of giving me that last damn donut in the coffee shop. You know, important stuff like that. So, unfortunately this pregnancy hasn’t rid me of normal human emotions (yet, anyways) and I still experience insane giddiness and even sadness like the rest of you mad folk.

Oh! Wait! The morning sickness stuff is pretty much gone, as long as I grab something to eat when I get up. No more Zofran! I’ve been a little preoccupied so I almost missed that grand little nugget. Occasionally, my entire tummy just jolts here and there…especially after I eat an entire bag of …oh, say Oreos. Of course, I’d never do that…pshaw. I don’t even like Oreos THAT much. Red’s donuts though? Sure. Little Aurora likes donuts too…she gets super worked up for them.

Do I mention that my bladder is almost like a 70 year old’s now? I’m fairly sure I could still hold a contest with my Grams and win, but the sudden moments where I realize I HAVE TO PEE NOW, DAMMIT are a bit of a pain in the rear when you’re in an area with either no bathroom, or a bathroom that much resembles what you’d imagine the lavatories in a run-down whore house to look like. Or, maybe you just rocked the sick toddler to sleep and now she’s sleeping comfortably on you…you almost wish you’d thought to cover the couch in plastic just so you wouldn’t have to move. Almost. But not.

Luckily, I’m no longer going to pee 80 times a night – although I know that’ll be back soon enough as the baby grows. Right now, I can hold it for an entire night, even though by 6 AM things get a bit uncomfortable, but I’d rather pee in the coffee cup and throw it out the window then wake up Lorelei who’s less than three feet from my bed in her own crib. There’s just some things you don’t mess with, a sick toddler being one of them.

Come back next week for the next installment – although I can’t promise to talk about urine and donuts in the same post.  But, we’ll see…

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