About Us

We are the Sanders, and we are so glad to welcome you to our corner of the blogosphere!

Ashley does most of the blogging around here, but don’t be surprised if you see Steven popping up in the near future with some of his own.

Steven enjoys softball, gummy bears, web design, breaking out into random song, and being awesome.

Ashley enjoys living in a sparkling clean home that you could eat off the floors at any given time, and clothes that are always freshly pressed and clean.  Clearly, Ashley also enjoys sarcasm – and all of that other stuff (movies, those book-things with the words on the pages, good food, traveling, and so on.)

We are parents to 4 Littles – “Lala,” “Z,” “Rora,” and “AJ” – and they light up our lives!  Lala loves princesses, coordinating outfits and proper accessories, reading, and is a wonderful big sister.  Z enjoys superheroes, mac n cheese, soccer, and learning to read.  Rora adores Dora and skips through life.  She’s funny and adores crazy hats/shoes (other clothing optional).  AJ enjoys milk, cheese, teenage mutant ninja turtles, legos, and the noisiest toys he can find.  At any given time, we are susceptible to breaking out into song and dance.

We love Jesus and want our lives to reflect Christ-following and not just Christ-talking.  Our lives have changed much in the past nine years, and for that we are so grateful.  God has been hard at work molding us and making us who we are today.  We are so excited to share with you this journey we are on.  –A great adventure where we have chosen to intentionally live each day to glorify our God and Father.

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