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Skechers – week 3

by bosssanders on November 22, 2010 with no comments

I’m back to wearing my Skechers again!

It only took going back to my “old shoes” to see a difference in how it made my knees and ankles feel.  And, considering I don’t generally have trouble with those areas, that was an interesting find for me.  (I’m wondering what it would do for those who do have those as their problem areas).

After a little bit of research, I realized I was walking in my Skechers wrong.  Well, not wrong, but I wasn’t making the most use out of them.  So, with a little modification of how I stepped forward, I was definitely feeling the burn.  With. Each. Step.

I’m loving the versatility of these shoes.  Depending on how I move my feet, my workout intensity changes and I’m not really doing anything extra!  I really like being able to mix things up!

Also, according to my husband, my calves, thighs and bottom are being toned too.  That’s always a plus, right?  He’s actually SEEING a difference.

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Join The Colony – A Social Experiment By The Discovery Channel

by bosssanders on July 21, 2010 with no comments

Kinda cool, check it.

Go to for more!

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by bosssanders on June 1, 2010 with no comments

With the help of, I drew a RANDOM number:

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2010-06-01 18:25:39 UTC

Comment number 27 was Sandy.  Congratulations!  You should be receiving an email from us soon!

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by bosssanders on March 17, 2010 with 2 comments

I used to be of the mindset that truth was a simple thing – that truth was not only always the best policy, but that sugarcoating it was for wussies. –That, if you couldn’t handle the blunt, raw truth…that it was YOUR problem. I believed that if everyone was just THAT honest, we’d all be a happier, simpler world.

Since then, I’ve learned differently.

Since then, I’ve learned that we all see truth in our own ways. What I believe to be true and what you believe to be true could be totally different. We experience things differently, and while certain things will remain consistent, there will be others that change depending on who you ask.

I’ve also learned that truth is much like water – it can heal or it can destroy, depending upon how it is delivered.

A cup of water gently delivered to someone tired and thirsty? Healing.
Water sprayed in their face? Not so much.

Water sprinkled on parched soil? Healing.
Water blasted by a firehose on fertile farmland? Not so much.

A warm bath to soak tired muscles? Healing.
Boiling water poured over same body…Not so much.

Truth, like water, can heal or it can destroy.

Delivered GENTLY and with love, it can heal. Sprayed in someone’s face and/or with anger, it can destroy.

There’s a time for honesty and there’s a time to simply listen. And, while I don’t advocate lies – I believe that in order to follow Jesus, our lives have to be “sugarcoated” in the Holy Spirit – in compassion, in love.

Your so called “honesty” is sometimes nothing more than a concealed deadly dagger perched and ready to pierce a soul.

Today, I hope you disarm yourself and take the time to “sugarcoat” your lives lest you learn this lesson the hard way. Like I have.

*EDIT:  Coating things in kindness is something I believe we should all aspire to, however I do not believe you should look to me as your model.  That’s not what this post is about.  I, too, am imperfect and strive daily (and mess up just as much) to seek God’s face.

*EDIT:  This post was NOT a response or post geared to any one person (or people).  However, this blog is not a fictional one, and I did write about a TOPIC that has affected me and that I feel strongly about.

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Lorelei (looking at and holding her baby, says to her/it in a whisper voice):  “Baby.  You look at me!  Don’t say ‘dammit’!  No.”  Then, she proceeded to open her mouth insanely wide and…bite her.
Me:  *looked at her, mouth wide open in astonishment*
Lorelei: “What?”  (as if she was just doing the most natural thing in the world)


Lorelei: (As Rora crawls onto Lorelei’s chest) No, Rora! Don’t get me! You’re pushing God, He’s in my heart! Mama! Get her off of me!”


Lorelei: DADDDY!  Where you going?  Are you getting ready?
Dad:  Yep.  I’m getting ready to go to work.
Lorelei: Noooooo!!!  No go to work!
Dad: Well, I have to go to work so I can make money so we can buy you things.
Lorelei:  Oh. Okay.


(During tutoring)
Me (to a student):  Okay, so if a woman has blood type A and her husband has type B blood, what type will their children have?
Lorelei:  C!!  Because A-B-C!!!!!  C comes next!  Yay, good job!

Note:  She usually doesn’t join me for tutoring sessions.  Thankfully.


Me:  Hey, Steven…have you checked the mouse trap today?  I don’t want to see it, but you should check to see if we caught Mr. Mouse.
Steven:  (gets cell phone and shines light under the dishwasher)  Um…I don’t see it.
Me:  What…you don’t see the mouse?
Steven:  I don’t see anything.
Me:  As in…it’s too dark?
Steven:  No…as in…the mouse trap is gone.  And, no mouse.  I think it ate it.

Awesome.  We have a scary phantom mouse that EATS mouse traps.  Awesome.

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February 15, 2010

by bosssanders on February 15, 2010 with 1 comment

FOR TODAY: February 15, 2010
Outside my window…more snow
I am thinking….about a decision we have to make and what the implications for each might be.
I am thankful for…my husband, Lorelei and Aurora, my family and my best friend who knows what I need before I do.
From the learning rooms…tracing lines with her finger
From the kitchen…I made cakeballs friday for Katie and my party, does that count?
I am wearing…covers.  Waiting for the hot water to build back up so I can take a shower.
I am creating… nothing, currently.
I am going…to read.  And, possibly go to physical therapy.
I am reading…An Altar In The World and Spirit Controlled Temperament
I am hoping…that things get better.  Soon.
I am hearing…the fan on my computer.

Around the house…A load of laundry finished.  Plan to do another load, but beyond that, not planning to clean.
A few plans for the rest of the week: My calendar is filled with tutoring, physical therapy, a bible study and book club…then drill.  Depending on how I feel, I may go to church with a friend.

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My 100!

by bosssanders on January 29, 2010 with 2 comments

I knew I had made a list like this, but when I went to find it…it wasn’t easy.  And, it was an older list!  I’ve updated it a little to reflect how my life circumstances have changed (I no longer have room for some of the things that were on my list, or some of them had been purchased)…

My 100 things:

1.  Burt’s Bees Chapstick.  With Peppermint.  Nothing works as good.
2.  Crazy/Funky cloth napkins.
3.  Clothes.  I love shopping at stores like Charlotte Russe, Limited, Ann Taylor Loft, Gap, Old Navy, etc.  Depending on the store, my size is always different.  But, that at least gives you an idea of my “style”
4.   Essential Oils Desk Reference : These are super great and Amazon is actually out, but you could go to the publisher’s site and order one there hint hint.
5.  Gourmet cupcakes (meaning, not from Walmart.  Rich yummy flavors with homemade icing and all prettified)
6.   Cake Bible
7.  A Story Of A Lifetime Book
8.  This serger.  This has been on a list for about 3 years.  (I’m showing proof that my tastes don’t really change that much)
9.  pretty terrariums
10. Chocolate, caramel, and pecans…together!
11.  Tollhouse mini chocolate chip cookies (like the brownie bites, but chocolate chip)
12.  Reeses Pieces or Reeses Peanut butter cups
13.  Young Living Essential Oils
14.  I love the “all natural stuff” that you buy at the health food stores
15.  Crafty stuff.  I love it all, mostly.
16.  The smell of my favorite cookies
17.  Scent of honeysuckle
18.  Fruity scents
19.  Massages
20.  A book on woodworking ( a really good one)
21.  Tools for woodworking
22.  these socks - But not the toe or flip flop socks…
23.  A “table” to fit into our new place.  Basically, it’s a taller table and big enough for two people to sit on one side.  Has caster wheels that lock, simply built.  2 “stools” to go with it, that slide neatly under the “table”  Table would have inexpensive countertop material for the top, and I can move it to also be an “island” (we don’t have much countertop space either).  PLUS, when we move, it’ll be great in the kitchen OR a craft room!
24.  Music.  I like music.
25.  The double hammock from hoopers that can attach to any tree that I’ve wanted for 5 years.
26. zany Stationery
27.  Wax seal kit
28.  Organizational stuff.
29.  Trips.
30.  I want to go to Disney World
31. Vancouver
32.  Sand Diego
33. Los Angeles
34. Las Vegas
35.  TAZO pomegranate and plum green teas.  Oh geez.  Yum.
36.  Mini colorful outdoor paper lanterns (bright colors)
37.  Funny stuff
38.  Random things (although, I don’t do much when it comes to knicknacks)
39.  Framed Photographs
40.  Blank canvas for me to paint
41.  Gesso for the canvas I have
42.  A grain mill.  That would be awesomeness.
43.  Food Network Magazine
44.  Country Living Magazine
45.  Family Fun Magazine
46.  A really cute cooking apron…REALLY CUTE like this one
47.  Bed and Breakfasts —staying at them
48.  Science experiment kits – - You know, the really awesome ones for highschoolers/middleschoolers?  Yeh.
49.  I like earrings.  I hate bracelets (although if you make me one, I’ll forever cherish it…just not wear it).  I blame my wrists which are bony.
50.  Black stillettos.  Because I have none.  I know, right?  I won’t post my shoe size because I’ll never hear the end of the mockery, but you can email me for sizes.
51.  I like really cute adorable pajamas…the ones that have cute prints on them and have sweet tshirts that go with them (or just the pants).  NOT the sexy sort.  I don’t actually wear PJs to bed, I lounge in them, and answer the door when the UPS gal comes, so sexy doesn’t work for those.
52.  Awesome books
53.  Roses.  I like roses.  Especially really different ones.  They should come with roots and a pot so I can plant them and they can grow FOREVER!
54.  Starbucks iced frappucino.  Caramel with shots of chocolate.
55.  Gardenias
56.  Tulips
57.  Beautiful throw pillows
58. Stuff by Anne Taintor
59.  Heck, I’m only on 59???  Plane tickets.
60.  Somebody pay my way for BlogHer 2010!!  Haha (Hey, this is my list of wants, and I’m getting strapped for 100!)
61.  Make me something.  I will love it, I swear.
62.  Compost
63.  Tix to a broadway show…at the Carson Center
64.  2 cheapo bedside tables.  White.  Like these.  Only, I’m cool if they were used and need painting and sanding :)
65.  Umm…a basic white plant stand (I think they have them at the company store?).  Nothing all wiry, just simple wood.  Simple lines.  Nothing expensive.  Just something I can put indoor plants on in front of the window so my cats won’t eat them.
66.  makeovers at the MAC (makeup ) store
67.  I want to go on a hot air balloon ride
68.  My favorite colors are raspberry pink and caribbean blues and turquoises.  If you don’t know what raspberry pink is…HERE.  I don’t know what the frick that thing is, but it’s the right color.
69.  I also love bright orange (not neon colors), lime (as in the fruit, not neon) green, and lavender
70.  I like fun, fresh designs and patterns
71.  I also like girly stuff.
72.  I’m running out of room, so I’ll start posting sizes.
73. Waist: 24 inches
74.  Hips: 33 inches
75. I’m about 5?1? and that should tell you loads about length
76.  Depending on brand, I can wear small  If it’s super small sizes, I can sometimes wear a Medium (like Hollister – but hollister cleans my wallet out and we are not currently friends)
77.  Same with bottoms.  Generally I wear an Small or 2.  Depending on the brand.
78.  Shoes…5.5 to 6
79.  A is for Aprons (pattern book).
80.  Pan Fried Asparagus and Amanda’s Poppy Seed Chicken.  yum
81.  I love wacky “kits”.  Like…cupcake kits, make your own this or that kit, sushi kit, etc.  Whether it’s a store bought already put together kit, or you put it together.  I go crazy over kits.
82.  I also love pampered Chef
83.  And
85.  I love pier one an the World Market.
86.  I am a romantic.
87.  Seriously, I love almost anything.  Kiwi Magazine, Wondertime, and Mothering (in that order)
88.  Katie Glisson’s “goulash” – which is unlike any goulash I’ve ever tried
89.  Stephanie’s taste in music
90. I like to learn more about my friends.
91.  I like movies but hate owning a bunch.  Hence, we netflix and borrow alot.  Way better.  I like going to the theater occasionally but mostly I end up having to pee and trying to hold it the whole time as some shit kicks the back of my seat (while I need to pee).
92.  I can transform from the whole girly girl to the outdoor chic in like .5 seconds.  Which reminds me, a good all natural and non harmful mosquito and tick repellant would be cool.
93.  I like cooking as long as it’s fun and experimental.  (i.e. I don’t fry chicken or make meatloaf – common southern dishes – unless I’m making them with a twist.  I prefer to eat and cook other stuff).
94.  I pretty much don’t wear camo.  Sorry.
95.  I love hilarious graphic (fitted ) tees.
96.  I love learning.  And, right now, I’m really into natural healing and all that comes with.  And, of course…I want to learn woodworking.
97.  I like fabric.  Colorful, fun, bright, modern, fresh fabric (to sew with).
98.  Almost done!  YES!  The romantic in me loves, the simple/mod gal in me loves IKEA (although we dont have a store anywhere around here), the neatfreak in me loves the Container Store, the interior designer in me loves Crate and Barrel, Pier 1, and Pottery Barn (occasionally) and World Market.  The crafty in me loves and the weirdo in me loves  And the total nerd in me loves bookstores.  Period.  lol
99.  Other interests of mine are: homeschooling , psychology, natural healing and alternative medicines…and I think I’ve told you the other stuff.
100.  It’s not so much the stuff, as it is the experience and the thoughts behind it.  If I know you spent time to make me something or really really put  thought into a gift or an “action,” I’ll love it – no matter what it is.  This list is not a beggar’s list, it was REALLY hard for me to fill 100 things.  It’s a guide.  It’s a way to know me better.  And, if you want to use it, you can.  If not, that’s hunky dorey, too!

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