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target 10/14/13

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I'd love it if you stalked me (subscribe to my RSS feed). Thanks for visiting!

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BabbaCo Review

by bosssanders on October 21, 2012 with no comments

I love doing FUN activities with my kiddos – but, sometimes it’s hard to come up with activities (that we have all of the supplies for) off the cuff.  So, I was super excited to review the BabbaCo Babba Box, and when our box arrived full of activities, Lorelei and Aurora were excited too!

What are BabbaCo boxes?

BabbaCo boxes are great activity boxes that seamlessly combine both LEARNING and FUN – but, without the headache of having to run to the store to buy the necessary supplies-you-thought-you-had!

Each box has 4 main components:

- Create: 2 to 3 projects for kids to do with their hands – ALL materials included!  (Ours even came with bowls, glue, and a stirring stick!)

- Explore: A theme-based product where your child will engage with the world & nature.

- Story-Tell: Carefully curated books to stimulate your kids’ imaginations.

- Connect: Interactive learning with prepaid downloads approved by BabbaCo experts.

(Lorelei with their paper-mache moon)

Why we liked the BabbaCo boxes:

  • The BabbaCo boxes are researched and planned – meaning they are age-appropriate for kids and include activities that will encourage learning AND are fun!!
  • Each box contained EVERYTHING we needed!  –Down to the glue, stirring stick, and a bowl!  Many “kits” will have most of the supplies included but assume you have others (which they may or may not warn you about on the packaging).  It can really be a downer to get everyone excited and set down to do a fun project just to realize… the glue is dry…or, the scissors are missing/broken.  I really appreciate that the boxes have everything we need and I don’t have to run all over town!
  • The projects aren’t over-elaborate but are on-target for their ages!  They are fun and easy but require just enough skill to help them stretch and grow!  Our box was Sun, Moon, Stars and we made a model moon with paper-mache and star prints!
  • We also liked that each box connected us to the outside world, too!  We had a lot of fun using the star guides and included binoculars looking at constellations!
  • Each box also comes with a book!  We love books at our house and are always on the lookout for imaginative and creative additions for our bookshelves.  We were not disappointed!  No dinky paper “book” here!
  • I also really appreciated BabbaCo’s “Connect” feature.  My kids really enjoy technology and having a prepaid new app that went along with the same learning theme was great!

In short – the BabbaCo box was easy to use, convenient, contained quality materials, and used many methods (create/explore/story/connect) to provide learning and fun for our ENTIRE FAMILY!

Buy Your Own:

You can get a membership for the BabbaCo Babba Box on BabbaCo’s website. (use code BBL20OFF to receive 20% off your first box
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by bosssanders on June 21, 2012 with 1 comment

Congratulations, Alicia Sneed!!  You are the winner!  I will be contacting you shortly!!

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Top 10 Reasons to Avoid Sugar and Refined Grains

by bosssanders on April 15, 2012 with no comments

1.  Sugar is the primary dietary cause of the obesity epidemic.
Fat doesn’t make you fat.  But sugar that turns into fat will.

2.  Sugar causes hormonal and metabolic imbalance.
Swinging insulin and cortisol levels in the body, which decrease then increase blood sugar, not only cause your system to crash but set up a cascade of abnormal hormone functions that lead to premature aging and illness.

3.  Sugar is your fast track to diabetes.
On the Standard North American Diet, it is only a matter of time before insulin receptors burn out, unable to handle the onslaught of sugar.

4.  Sugar increases the acidity of the body.
All disease thrives in acidic environments.

5.  Sugar causes inflammation.
Inflammatory enzymes are elevated on higher-sugar diets.  Inflammation is at the heart of 98 percent of disease.

6.  Sugar is the primary reason for high cholesterol.
Your body’s innate healing system, which uses cholesterol, goes into high gear when the body is traumatized at the cellular level by high sugar, insulin, and inflammation.  The solution to high cholesterol is not to lower it forcefully but to remove the interference in the body causing it to rise in the first place.

7.  Sugar leads to heart disease.
Elevated inflammation in the arteries increases the risk of high blood pressure, hemorrhage, stroke, and heart attacks.

8.  Sugar is an anti-nutrient.
Your body’s expenditure to manage sugar is greater than the energy it gains from it.  If you think you are better off eating a chocolate bar, or piece of white bread, than going hungry – think again.

9.  Sugar is a known toxin.
Like all toxins, your body is constantly trying to eliminate it from the bloodstream.  You can assist your body by not giving it more sugar to handle.

10. Sugar promotes cancer.
Feeding cancer cells their primary fuel is like pouring gas on a fire.

Join the conversation and learn more over HERE!

*From Dr. B.J. Hardick, Kimberly Roberto, and Dr. Ben Lerner’s book: The solution to the dangers of Modern Nutrition – MaximizedLiving


Little by Little

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I plan to document our daily/weekly journey with eating better over at the Bosssanders’ facebook page:  HERE.  If you haven’t done so yet, will you go and “like” it?  I plan post “This” instead of “That” type posts for those of you like me who really don’t have the time to read EVERY single label but would still like to do better at eating well.  I’ll also be on the lookout for BUDGET FRIENDLY foods (i.e., no $6 macaroni!!)  And, I’d love some input on YOUR findings- whether it be questions, information, products, or recipes!

So, please go here and LIKE!  -Even if it’s just to show some love ;)

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If you’ve been stopping by my page, but haven’t “liked” us on Facebook, please go do it now! Often, I’ll post cool updates and freebies, that I don’t take the time to write entire posts about here!  You don’t want to miss some of these!  So, go now… LIKE me on Facebook (PLEASE?)

Another thing, we are currently accepting advertisers if you have a product or service you’d like to promote.  Our prices are very competitive and a great way to get the word out there about your business!  Check out THIS PAGE for more info and pricing!

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Weird Like That

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A Funny For Today

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I have some updates and great giveaways coming soon (once I get a handle on this YUCK), but for now I wanted to share that I’ve been nominated (THANKS!) for the top 25 pregnancy journals in Circle Of Moms.

Will you vote for me, please?

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by bosssanders on March 28, 2011 with 2 comments

The numbers are back:

Last week, at 4w 3d my hcg levels were at 90 and my progesterone was at 18.

Today, I received the above numbers and was asked to come in for another blood draw.  The hcg levels were “normal range” but still kind of low.  (Progesterone above “10″ is considered good at this point.)

Anyhow, they put a rush on today’s bloodwork and my new hcg number at 4w6d was either 411.40 or 414.40 (the phone woke me up from a nap).  Either way, those numbers are good!  :)

It’s still a bit of a waiting game, and my ultrasound to try and see the yolk sac has been canceled for this week.  Instead, I’m going next week and I scheduled it as late in the week as possible in hopes to maybe see a heartbeat on the screen (it’d put me at… 6w2d).  Once I see a heartbeat, maybe I can slow my own down a bit, eh?

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