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Money Saving Tips: Part 1

by bosssanders on August 10, 2015 with no comments

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about SAVING MONEY!  Each week, there are MORE tips, so be sure to like us on FB!

Here’s what we’ve covered so far:

Money Saving Tips

1.  Develop a budget. Here is a great post to get you started!

2.  Buy cheaper brands. Occasionally the store brand is actually more expensive than another brand. You can get similar quality for less $ by trying to shop store brands. For us, we buy store brand for most things except Ketchup, Ranch, and a few other things.  HINT:  Look at the “price per ounce” in orange on stickers (at Walmart) as you compare. Sometimes store brand and “bulk” aren’t really cheaper!

3.  MENU PLAN! By planning out your meals for the week, you can take advantage of sales (or plan your menu AROUND the sales!). Also, it keeps you focused so you aren’t walking into Walmart after a rough day feeling starved and end up spending your entire budget on Pizza, a tub of ice cream bigger than your face, and gummy bears.

4.  Plan cheaper meals. A great goal for super frugal (foodstamps) budget is $1 for breakfasts and lunches (each) and $2 for suppers. It seems impossible, but these meals can actually cost more… Like… If you make a Lasagna that costs $8 to make, it needs to last you for 4 suppers ($8/4 meals = $2/each).

While we once budgeted for $100/month for a family of 4 for food, we now spend around 1.50/serving for meals. This gives us a LOT of variation and some tasty and good-for-us meals.

HINT:  Needing some SUPER cheap meal ideas (think, food-stamp budget), check out our FB page for a list of easy options!  You can also see this week’s meal plan on there, too!

5.  Buy in BULK. Sometimes, by buying in LARGE quantities, we can save money (always do the math, to make sure, though!) A great tip is to portion out what you don’t need now and then put it in freezer Ziploc bags and freeze the rest for later (depending on what it is).

Do you use any of these tips?  What are some other ways that you save money?  (Be on the look out for upcoming Tips on FB!)

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DIY Laundry Detergent

by bosssanders on May 22, 2013 with no comments

Why is it that soap for your body can be bought for around a buck and yet laundry detergent… which is really just soap for your clothing… is $15 bucks for about a month’s worth?

Most likely, the answer is: Because they can.

I’ve been making our own laundry detergent for a while now.  I began by making the liquid form but switched to powder for only 2 reasons… 1) The powder takes up less space (the liquid uses BIG buckets) and 2) The powder is faster to make.  With that said, the liquid worked well, too.  But, this recipe is for the powder…

You will need:

A Cheese grater
1 Bar of your favorite soap
2 cups borax
2 cups washing soda

First… Grate your soap.  The entire bar.

Second, alternate pouring the washing soda and grated soap into the blender.  (Make sure you alternate… this is important for the blender part.  TRUST ME.)  Now, blend!  You may have to shake your blender a little to keep it from sticking… depending on how “sticky” your soap is.  The “stickier” the soap is, the more you may have to work with it.  A bar like dove or the Melaleuca bars are pretty easy.  But, when I tried the laundry bar, it wanted to be slightly more difficult.  Either way, this is pretty easy and quick.

Third, pour blender contents into a bowl and mix in your borax.

Fourth, pour it all into the container you want to use!

Use 1-2 Tablespoons per load!

Easy Peasy!!


Frigidaire? No thanks!

by bosssanders on February 15, 2012 with 3 comments


Just heard back from the Frigidaire folks — they made the comment that their warranty does not include replacement (even if it is a lemon) and only repair for the first year. –Regardless of the fact that I’d had 4 service calls in approx one month and the machine never worked and was deemed irreparable by the last technician. So, there yoiu go… If you’re considering spending your money with Frigidaire, you’ve been warned!!

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$10 FREEBIE at Hallmark!

by bosssanders on November 22, 2010 with no comments

Found this cool freebie at a friend of mine’s blog over at:  Cheerios In My Bra

(click link to go to original post about this freebie, and feel free to look around her site.  She’s pretty awesome.)


Rock The Grill

by bosssanders on August 15, 2010 with no comments

My husband rocks the grill.  It’s not really a secret – he’s great at it and nobody minds eating his cooking.  Ever.

And, while my cooking skills are pretty good too, he definitely has me beat with the whole “grilling” thing.  Yeh, I don’t grill.  Something about little shooty-darty-flames and my attachment to my eyebrows.  Or, maybe it’s just because I recognize that I like catching marshmallows on FIRE for my s’mores so me cooking other food over an open fire might result in… flame throwers.

I digress.

Anyhow, he’s great at grilling.  And, I happen to know a few of his secrets:

Seasoned salt.  Worcestershire sauce.  And, a really bad-A apron.

Yep, that about covers it.

We really like Morton Season All Seasoned Salt… ESPECIALLY with THIS COUPON.  And, the rest basically goes like this:


Mix 1 lb ground beef, 1 tsp Morton Season All Seasoned Salt, 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce, and 1/4 tsp freshly ground black pepper in a bowl.  Divide and pat out into patties.



Walk around like the awesomeness that you are as everyone inhales your burgers and wish they were you.

You can see more recipes for the Morton Salt Season-All Salt here.

And, if you’re really bored, you can see photos of our shopping trip for Season All Salt on Whrrl.

This was a compensated post for Collective Bias on behalf of Morton Salt. However, this is an honest and accurate depiction of what I think about this product and was not influenced by the compensation.



by bosssanders on August 14, 2010 with no comments

Hello Friends,

After offering Simply Fun Ebook last time, and receiving a load of emails from folks who had either missed the deadline or had forgotten to put me in their “safe list” (thus, their book going to spam) …and even a few folks who sent in wrong emails…I’m offering up this chance again.

I was incredibly sad to hear that after almost 36 hours of work, many people STILL weren’t getting their ebooks, so I’m wanting to make sure that you can get it NOW.  Unfortunately, last time…my bright idea of EMAILING the ebooks individually didn’t go as planned.  Sure, I emailed them all out (although a lot came back due to full inboxes, wrong emails inputted, and other errors), but it took SO long – and to not have those go through, or to have them go through to spam was a bit disheartening.  On top of that, my google email account shut me out (so if you tried emailing me about ebooks and didn’t get a response, THAT is why!  Sorry!)  But, I have come up with a better way.  I have added a new newsletter function that is separate from my email and should AUTOMATICALLY (without me!! ) add everyone that signs up and after a certain amount of sign up time, I’ll just send along a newsletter with a link for the download!  Cool Right?  Here’s the details:

This time, please sign up for my newsletter HERE.  If you’ve already signed up, you’re good.  (This is NOT the same as my RSS feed or having me in your google reader.)    A link for downloading the ebook will come to your email via my newsletter (to those who sign up within the allotted time frame).

PLEASE make sure you spell your email correctly, that you have my email in your safe list, check your spam, and make sure your email is FUNCTIONING (not full or won’t be down).  This newsletter will only be sent out once and will not be re-sent.  Also, if you have friends that you believe would be interested, feel free to direct them to this post so they may also sign up.

The DEADLINE was originally Saturday 8/14 Midnight CST but has been extended until 8/21/10 Midnight CST.  So, sign up and send this to everyone/anyone you think would be interested so they can get in!

**If you find this post but the deadline is up, I encourage you to still sign up for the newsletter as I often email out great opportunities posts that may interest you!  You may also find a link to purchase any of my ebooks immediately and directly from my website for $2-3.

**Just a note, I don’t sell or trade my email lists EVER.  And, you always have the option to unsubscribe.  I also don’t flood inboxes with a massive amount of newsletters.  What WILL you get in my newsletters?  –Just some really cool updates as they come along – generally new contests and freebies or new ebooks or tutorials or BIG news that I’m excited about.  But, I try to pack it into one occasional newsletter :)




FREE 55 Cent Coupon!

by bosssanders on August 1, 2010 with no comments


Just fill out the info and you can print your coupon!  How easy is that?  It’s available til the end of August, so use it while you can and please spread the link to this post!!


Financial Freedom: Making A Budget

by bosssanders on July 22, 2010 with 2 comments

Depending on who you ask, the words “financial freedom” could evoke a number of different images and meanings.  But, if you were to ask ME, it would look like:

-Debt free living
-Passive income
-Ability to comfortably live below my means

And, I think for most of us, those would be some of the recurring themes in most of our ideas of what “financial freedom” is.  Over the past 5 years, I’ve learned a lot about money and frugality and thought it would be fun to start a series where we could come together to share ideas and learn new ones.  Please feel free to email me or comment here with your ideas :)

One of the first things my husband and I learned to do was making a budget.  Of course, we had a very “loose” interpretation of the word “budget,” when we first began.  Our first “budget makeover” came after reading Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover, but has since evolved a number of times.  In fact, even my thoughts about how to even create a budget have evolved with time.  It’s a learning experience, and there’s no ONE right way to do it.  You do what works for you.

I’m going to share with you how we arrived at the budget that works for us and give you a sample of what that looks like.

When my husband had one of his first job changeovers, we had decided that SOMETHING had to change in our finances.  There was too much money OUTGOING and not enough INCOMING.  Change is hard.  And, I don’t meet many people who restrict themselves to budgets (in the beginning, at least) because they have TOO much money…it’s usually people who are trying to make ends meet, and then it just goes from there.  It was the same for us.

When we first began, we took our incoming amount (paycheck) and did all of the percentages they recommend to you – like (this percentage) of your total paycheck should be for a house, then a certain percentage for cars, entertainment, and so on…  And, when we were done, we had the perfect budget… for someone else.

Now, we have a different method for rewriting our budget (it gets rewritten as our needs change and arise).

First, write out all debts and all incoming money.  (You can use some of the worksheets from or you can make your own.)

Second, take some time to write out all outgoing money in a given week.  It may take a week, or it may take journaling every time money is spent for 30 days.  Track all purchases, even the random gum purchase.

Third, write down the PRIORITIES for YOUR given situation.  Choose two.

When we took the time to write down all of our incoming and outgoing money, we knew that according to the “books” we shouldn’t be splurging on a lot of the things we’d become accustomed to.  But for US, the two priorities were being able to tithe and keeping the internet.  So, we looked in other areas for the “paring down,” and did our best to leave the internet as it was – although, sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures, so if you find yourself needing extra money, you may have to give it up for a while (or find a creative solution) BUT it’s on the “last to go” list.

Fourth, take a hard look at all outgoing expenses (including debts) and really think about how the money gets spent, or if there are any things that could be pared down or done without.

After looking at our own expenses, we quickly realized that Satellite and Netflix weren’t something we needed.  Actually, freeing ourselves from that small financial expense opened us up to blessings we wouldn’t have otherwise discovered – we began being more active and spending more time with our family and using our time in more creative and rewarding ways.  Now, we wouldn’t go back!  We also decided to cut back on gas, having the numbers in front of our faces really made us aware that we were spending a crazy amount.  So, we began organizing things in our lives so that we could run important errands and grocery shop on certain days.  There were some expenses that we couldn’t tweak, but there were so many that we could: grocery budgets, miscellaneous items, toiletries, clothing, etc.  So, we discussed and agreed on terms and went from there…

Fifth, come up with a goal.  I have a secret to tell you:  If you don’t have a goal that you’re trying to attain with your budget, you probably won’t stick to it.  Maybe you’re trying to save money – for a house, college, retirement, new car, furniture, etc.  Or, maybe you just want to live more comfortably or go on more vacations.  Talk about your goals, and if it helps, put a photo of it on your refrigerator to help you remember!

Sixth, make it flexible.  Have you ever tried making a budget but then your friend has a birthday, so before you know it, you go out and eat and, you just spent $50 on food and drinks – which was half of your food budget for 2 weeks…all in one night!  Or, maybe you write out your budget and then your kid comes home and NEEDS something for school.  Or, maybe your kids suddenly go through a growth spurt and just won’t. stop. eating!  Yeh, you have to be flexible.  You can put “cushions” in your budget, you can round-up to the next dollar when you’re keeping track of what you spend (so what your paper shows you have left is less than what you ACTUALLY have), you can keep “special money” in a jar to the side, etc.

I’m a list person, so what works for us in keeping our budget flexible is I keep a small notebook in my purse (or a used envelope :) ) and on it, I write out:  $200 groceries, $150 misc., $100 gas.  Then, throughout the month, as we spend money (after bills), it has to go in one of those columns.  I subtract and keep a running total (allowing myself to see the purchases as I go).  Occasionally we need more gas, or there’s a celebration and we need more food money, so we take it from other columns.  Generally, this works for us.  We’ve become self-disciplined enough to know that if we take $10 out of gas, then I’ll need to not drive much that week – or, I may forego a specialty body wash/shampoo/etc. that I generally like to get.  We just get creative!

Seventh, make it yours and put it in action.  Feel free to revise it as you figure out what’s important to you.  Remember, this budget is about YOU, and my needs/wants vs. your needs/wants could look completely different.  So, make it about you and then use it.

So, tell me:  Do you use a budget?  Have any other tips?  Why do you keep a budget – what are you hoping will come from it?

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