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Project 52: Date Nights (Weeks 5 and 6)

by bosssanders on January 31, 2011 with no comments

Saturday was our double-date night.  As in, we both ended up planning our dates on this day…but that was great and just made it all the more exciting.

We were both looking forward to our double-decker!

Weeks 5 and 6: The Roller Rink and the Girls Scouts’ Desserts First event:

First, we dropped the girls off with mom, and headed to the skating rink.  I’d dropped a few hints (okay, they were more than hints) that this whole skating rink thing made me super nervous.  I’ve not skated in YEARS and the thought of trying to relearn…in front of lots of people…pretty much terrified me.  Like, really.

But, it was his date, his pick…so I tried to just suck it up and go with it.  After all, we were trying to break out of our box, right?

We skated.  Okay, actually, he skated and I fumbled and coasted and just tried to not make an ass of myself.

It was fun.  I don’t want another skate-date (until I can at least figure out how to do this thing with nobody looking – think rollerblades and an empty gym or something) BUT it was fun to hold hands and semi-skate.  Plus, I learned my husband looks pretty hot on skates.  Didn’t know that.

Also, I’m a little jealous that he can skate the way he does.  Show off.

After what, like 30 minutes of skating (my foot was killing me), we found some food, ate, and then headed home to get ready for the rest of our “date day/night.”

We got all jazzed up and ready to go.  The event center was beautifully decorated and there were lots of local businesses and individuals who had come out to make some very creative dishes out of Girl Scout Cookies.  It was pretty neat.  And then, I put something in my mouth that tasted the way cow manure smells.  My husband liked it, though…so I’m not sure who that says more about…or what it means.  After we made our rounds through the food, we realized we couldn’t sit because all of the tables had been reserved by businesses – which would’ve been good to know before we bought tickets (you can reserve a table by getting a group together and divvying up the cost – making it about the same cost as a ticket per each individual…usually).  After a few minutes of standing around, our hands full of food, we decided to ditch and go home.

Neither date went as we’d planned, but we had some good laughs.  It wasn’t what we’d imagined, but then again, nothing really is.  It was a fun experience, either way.

Things we learned:

  • Waiting around in your bathrobe until 30 minutes to go before you are due to arrive somewhere – with your pants still in the wash cycle – can be stressful for both.  A little creativity is sometimes necessary, and next time…planning ahead :)
  • Instead of buying single tickets to a fund-raising type of event, see how much the tables are…
  • I’m not a cheese connoisseur.  And, bleu cheese dressing and the real deal taste nothing alike.
  • Humor makes it all better.
  • Start taking more pictures!

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Project 52 Date Nights

by bosssanders on January 16, 2011 with no comments

Steven and I were first introduced to this idea – Project 52 – a while ago.  But, then we decided we spent plenty of time talking and being around each other, that we didn’t really need this.

Turns out, we’ve decided to reinstate it.  Redbox and watching tv online gets old after a while.  Don’t get me wrong, we love it…but it’s not really a “date.”  There’s something about breaking out of your routine and using your creativity to plan something “special” to share with someone else.

So, here we go again.

52 dates, 52 weeks.

And, I’ll catch you up…

Week 1 – Game night.  We actually shared this with our kiddos.  Two board (ish) games, and Wii dance party later… and the kids were finally ready for bed.  After they went to bed, I broke out some goal worksheets.  It was a great time for us to just sit down and talk about some deeper stuff, and what we were wanting out of this 2011.

Week 2 – Was canceled.  I got sick last minute.  We were going to go ice skating, though.

Week 3 – My turn to plan.  I told Steven a week in advance to block out Saturday evening for a date – and gave him a hint on how he should dress.  But, other than that…my plans were a secret.  I secured reservations for dinner at the local Argentinian Grill, without him knowing where we’d even be going.  As the day got closer, I kept up with different artists and bands that would be performing in our area and had it narrowed down to two completely different atmospheres and genres.  I figured after supper, I’d give him the choice on where to go – one was a coffee shop (that I love) and a performer and the other was a local bar and hang out place that had a good band.  I figured we could do one or both, since they didn’t overlap much on time, and it’d be a fun way to share with him two places that I really enjoy.  He ended up choosing the latter choice as coffee is really not his thing (despite me letting him know they offered a variety of other drinks), but not before a trip to CVS for a few goodies for each of us.  The band started an hour later than they were supposed to, but once they started, they were pretty good.  Unfortunately, after waiting for an entire hour (actually more, because we arrived early), we were ready to go before things really livened up.  Then, we headed home and watched a show in bed.  Next time, I think I might plan something else in between so we arrive an hour AFTER the band is supposed to have started :)

….Which brings us to Week 4 – (Steven’s date)  Lunch at Panera Bread, and then shopping at the local Walmart and browsing books at Books-A-Million (a favorite past-time of both of ours).  And yes, I got to bring home a couple of goodies.  *squeal!*

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