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The post you’ve (or at least me!) all been waiting for…

by bosssanders on December 1, 2011 with 4 comments

He’s here, he’s here!  Sweet baby Aidan came at 39 weeks and we feel so very blessed!

I may get around to publishing his birth story on here later, but for now I’m enjoying snuggling my precious newborn and trying to pull my very excited little daughters off the walls.  Sleep has become a hot commodity.  I miss it.  :)

I’m relearning the dance of breastfeeding and wondering why nobody has made infant ponchos during these first few weeks as mother’s milk readjusts to something that doesn’t resemble a horizontal Old Faithful.  That, and boy diapers.  Oh. Boy.  First I was terrified to even touch and once I got over the need for ointment and gauze, I quickly learned the uncertainty that comes with each change (Will I need a change or clothes or won’t I?).  And today I had my first miss overall – Changing a dirty diaper only to have him begin “dirtying” a new one mid-change as I scrambled to catch it all before it hit the bed.  Then, my premature breath of relief as I reached for the wipes to clean him up and pee began spraying EVERYWHERE!

What I’ve learned:

1.  Use a changing pad
2.  Make mom change all of his diapers
2.  Use a “shield” and stop being so darn leisurely!

Also, I forget how much laundry comes with having a newborn AND breastfeeding.  Sheesh.

Did I mention I need sleep?

Blog posts may get quite interesting over the next month or so with this whole sleep deprivation thing.

I'd love it if you stalked me (subscribe to my RSS feed). Thanks for visiting!

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37 Weeks And Counting…

by bosssanders on November 10, 2011 with no comments

Me at 37 weeks pregnant…

Apparently my immune system is shot.  I’ve become sort of a hermit these days and yet I’ve still managed to come down with “something.”  There’s a deep cough (productive), headache, body aches, exhaustion, and all that.  Granted, the cough could be causing the headaches (as well as a few random contractions), and pregnancy could ALSO explain the rest, so who knows.  Anyhow, my doc prescribed me a Z-Pak for good measures because really, this kinda stinks.

Last night, there was another *episode* as I’ve begun calling them.  The contractions that get increasingly harder and stay consistent for about 7 or 8 hours and end in me being sick to my stomach (in the both ways possible, sometimes at the very same time.  YAY.  Pregnancy is SO gorgeous!)

The contractions, paired with me feeling an overall feeling of YUCK made me wonder if this was indeed going to be IT.  But, then again, I wonder that EVERY time …and then I roll my eyes like my 4 year old does.

Obviously, last night wasn’t IT.  I’m still pregnant.  –Which is okay, I don’t really want to have the sore uterus and tummy (or a newborn) with this icky cough.  That, and my doula is going out of town.

In other news, (and this is just so exciting – haha) I lost my (or at least part of) mucus plug!  See, fun, RIGHT?  Riiiggghhhttt?   I know, I should’ve taken pictures or drawn a smiley face, but hey…it’s always in retrospect, right?  Anyhow, I was fascinated with it because a) it wasn’t like the books described it and b) I never saw anything with either girl.  (If you are squeamish, THIS is where you skip to the next paragraph.  Actually, if you’re squeamish, you may want to stop reading my blog.  Sorry.)  And here is where I describe it because the books didn’t do such a good job…  clear and small and gummy/rubbery.  It actually wasn’t gross.  Had I found it on the floor, I would’ve thought it was one of those little adhesive gummy thingies they use to stick stuff in magazines and mailings…  it was almost just like that.  I googled what they look like after that, though and found a few pictures, although apparently it can look like a variety of things.  Except for a lion.  If something resembling a lion comes out, you have something else going on.  Just saying.

During my check up, today, we also saw that the little guy has LOTS of hair supposedly.  I’m used to bald babies, so I didn’t even think to put hair gel on the baby registry, but turns out, we might need some.  Guess what else!  He also is BREECH again!  Grrr ARGH!  Breech and facing my back at 37.5 (ish) weeks.  Awesome, no?  No.  Not really.  In good news, he did pass the “sniffing” test (it’s what the nicknamed part of a test they do via u/s where they watch him to see if he’s making the movements for breathing…and he was!)

Lots of pressure when I walk, exhausted, lots of peeing and … you know, normal pregnancy stuff.


Doing laundry (washing) in my upright washer (Bending over the top is quite uncomfortable and may result in falling in)
Peeing in the pee sample cups at the doctors’ office.  It’s more of a position-and-guess game.  You just HOPE it doesn’t end up all over your hands.  They need the bowls to collect the pee.
Shaving.  A little dangerous.  My balance is off and I can’t even see my feet.  I’m not saying I shave my feet, but I clearly can’t see anything else below my belly…

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36 Weeks Pregnant – A Quickie

by bosssanders on November 4, 2011 with no comments

Meet Aidan…

He’s not due for another few weeks, but apparently I have an angry uterus.  –Not to be confused with “irritable uterus.”  Still having bouts of contractions that can be pretty hard core and laborish (one stint lasted a whole 24 hours.  Mostly they just last 7 or 8).  As I’ve stated before…these are more than Braxton Hicks but haven’t produced a baby…so, I don’t really know what to call them any more.  They suck and hurt, though…so, I’m not a fan.

In other news, we had an ultrasound this week, and Aidan’s lungs need a little more time.  He’s not really doing whatever it is he’s supposed to be doing (something about “sniffing” as they call it), so my doctor doesn’t want me to go in labor now (meaning she’d most likely stop my contractions with more shots if I came in while they were consistent.)

Next week, she wants to check again to see where he’s at via ultrasound.

I have my “labor bag” mostly packed and ready to go (with the exception of my laptop, makeup/facewash, and clothes for me to go home in).  I also wrote a short “birth plan” which is much simpler and includes bulleted points – It mostly just lists my allergies and a few things I want the staff to be aware of (medical conditions and what I don’t/do want…like, NO C SECTION if at all possible).

There aren’t a whole lot of updates this week…

I have no clue what I weigh since I’ve not kept up with it this pregnancy.  No “new” things…just these pesky contractions that leave me sick and feeling really tired.

Now, I just need to put his car seat in the car (unbuckled) just. in. case.

After that, I’m probably as “ready” and “prepared” as I’ll ever be.  Ha!

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by bosssanders on October 25, 2011 with 16 comments

For the past several weeks, I’ve been having contractions.  However, unlike “normal” contractions, I’ve had a really tough time fitting them into either “Real” or “Braxton Hicks” contraction label.

Braxton Hicks (according to most websites) should be pretty irregular, inconsistent, not painful, and go away with changing of activity (i.e., lying down, drinking water, etc.)

Real Contractions become consistent, regular, painful, do not go away with change in activity, and change your cervix.

My contractions?  Are everything I just listed under “real contractions” except the cervix part.  They get down to 2 minutes apart, sometimes get a little harder, don’t go away regardless of how still I lay, how much water I drink, etc.  They make me “gasp.”  They come with lower back pain.  And, they’re consistent and generally last 8-10 hours.  And, then I get sick (diarrhea/vomiting bout EVERY TIME…which is how it happened with Aurora when I actually went into labor… but, not all of this “weeks beforehand stuff”).

I’m a little befuddled.

Sunday evening, I was so proud.  I’d been resting and keeping my feet up and all of that and just went out for a couple of hours.  After those 2 short hours, the contractions had began.  Two hours later, the contractions were slightly harder and 2 minutes apart – ISH (I stink at timing them).  I decided to go home (I ate at my mom’s house) and just rest and sleep through them.  I figured that at almost 35 weeks pregnant, either the baby would come or he wouldn’t and I’d know soon enough if he was.  Sleep came but was fitful and uncomfortable and ended abruptly with me shooting out of bed and racing to the bathroom to vomit…and diarrhea.  All at once.  It was AWESOME.

And no, it’s not a bug.

I had contractions through that mess too and finally decided that at 2:00 am, I would go to the hospital.  So, I called mom to watch the girls and drove up.

Long story, short – two terbutaline shots and many hours later, the contractions FINALLY dwindled down.  (They came back after the first and were barely there after the second).

I asked the nurse if I’d have to make a habit of getting these shots until my due date and she said they should keep the contractions away for a couple of weeks (?)… but, here I am… having contractions…these, a little more intense than yesterday’s.  Barely.

And, since it seems like the nurse might’ve been talking out of her you-know-what, I’ve decided to come up with a classifying system for contractions since “braxton hicks” and “real” just aren’t the right labels for me apparently.

Wimpy Contractions – these are irregular and inconsistent and you barely feel them.  As in, it could’ve actually been the baby high-fiving my uterus…

Angry Uterus Contractions – the regular contractions that are still barely there… last only for a couple of hours… most often comes after bumpy rides and gloved exams.

Oh, Gasp! Contractions – Regular, consistent, and yet they take your breath away every time.  More uncomfortable than they are painful.  You are able to drive a vehicle with these, but may not be able to concentrate on a story line of a book (Unless you are my friend, “Laverle”…who could probably read dangling from a tightrope upside down.)

Kicked In the Hoo-Ha Contractions – In my experience, these are what I experience as the next level after the OGCs.  It’s like the OGCs but feels like someone is kicking you… and you can feel it in your cervix-area a little.

Miss That Bump Or Die Contractions – These came for me after the KITHHCs.  It’s basically the last two combined plus a little more intense.  You can still walk and talk, but they make you a little breathless and you feel every bump in the road during these.  Driving may start getting a little dangerous during these…especially as they start moving to the next level.

Pull Over Contractions – They’re getting even more intense and still consistent and regular.  You can walk and talk…til you have the contraction, and then you feel the urge to grab something and hold on.  You can still stand and your legs will still walk afterward.  Just, during… you might have trouble catching your breath.  I wouldn’t advise driving during these.  Heck, I’m not sure I’d advise driving someone ELSE with these.

Wish You Were Dead Contractions – like the POCs… except you don’t feel like walking any more and this all went from exciting to angry stares in everyone’s directions.  Definitely not safe to drive.  Probably shouldn’t hold hard objects that can be thrown as well…

Wish I Were Dead Contractions – I think these are often called “transition” contractions.  It’s where you get to the “I can’t do this!” part and you probably start saying it enough with enough emotion that some people around you might start believing you too.  If you’re driving at this point, these will probably be your last contractions… so, seriously…pull the heck over, dummy.

…and those are the only ones I remember.  In a few weeks, I can probably tweak this list.  And, although I am undoubtedly one of the smartest people EVER… your doctor probably won’t know what you’re talking about if you mention these (which should show you how much smarter I am.  Clearly).

…Also, none of this is medical advice.  Well, not technically.


35 Weeks Pregnant

by bosssanders on October 25, 2011 with no comments

Cravings: Yogurt from this new yogurt-place in town.  And… Cracker Barrel’s Chicken and Rice (you can only get it on Saturdays) with biscuits, sweet carrots, and turnip greens.  Yum.

Movement: He moves a lot!

Symptoms: – Still having the normal “heartburn” – so, no mexican or chinese for me.  But, that’s okay.

CONTRACTIONS.  When they come, it’s usually because I’ve been up doing things…anything.  And, when they come, they are the “gasp” worthy kind.  But, it’s the “oh my” gasp, not the I WILL KILL YOU gasps because you feel every bump in the road and need to pull the car over every time one hits.  Have gotten down to 2 minutes apart and regular.  Water and lying down do nothing to stop them.  They last for HOURS and are uncomfortable, usually accompanied by back pain or period like cramps.  This is EXACTLY how my labor with Rora began except…it didn’t happen over a few weeks.  Thankfully.

What I miss: my husband.  Back and foot rubs.

Clothing: I have a few outfits to wear and for the rest of the days, I wear big tshirts…because it’d be dumb to spend lots of money of clothes I’ll only wear around my sweet banana smearing children.

New Thing I Learned This Week: Having a cold/flu virus (last week) while pregnant is not fun.  Even less fun when the kids have it too!

Best Moment This Week: Getting un-sick.

What I Couldn’t Live Without: Tissue.  And… the family and friends who helped out this past week and while I was in the hospital Monday.  <3

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33 and 34 weeks pregnant

by bosssanders on October 15, 2011 with 1 comment

Technically, I’m in my 34th week (33 completed), but I’m doubting you’ll get a new pregnancy update on Tuesday, so here we go.

Last weekend, two of my friends (and some wonderful gals they recruited) threw a very special baby shower for me.

Okay, so maybe it was a shower for Aidan, but I got to open his presents…so, there.  Yeah.

There were mustaches, fun games, putting Grams in a diaper, some very creative gifts, and yummy food and pretty turquoise punch.

We even had a “photo booth” – and, for the record…all photos in this post are by Jenn.  She’s pretty awesome.

I’ll probably write more about the shower later (when she edits the pics), but for now…


Cravings: I was having a craving for pumpkin pie chai but that’s been taken care of.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve been wanting steak, though.  Still-pink-a-bit steak.  –Which is weird because I’m more of a pasta or chicken kind of girl.  Iron must be low.

Movement: Oh, how he moves!  He sleeps days and does gymnastics at night.

Symptoms: The gastro-intestinal symptoms are HERE.  Woohoo.  Not.  No more mexican or chinese food for me for this pregnancy!  I’d eat tums but they don’t really help.  Still have really dark urine off and on.  I can pee and then turn around and literally pee 5 minutes later, sometimes.  The first time can be almost clear and 5 minutes later it’s REALLY dark.  Kinda weird.  Happens often (the light/dark switch up).  I drink LOTS of water.  Probably more than the average person, actually.

I’m officially waddling, now.  Makes for walking in heels quite interesting.  Go ahead, try waddling in heels.  Better yet, try waddling up and down stairs in heels.  Fun stuff…especially if you like going DOWN stairs on your face.

Umbilical hernia got better for a little bit (I had more help).  But, then… I had less help…and it came back.  Picking up kids (to put in car seats, baby bed, comfort, etc), boxes, standing for long…makes it worse.  So, it’s back now.

Back pain.  Oh goodness, my back hurts like crazy.  I can feel it popping in and out of place.

And, my tail bone area.  It’s all doing it’s stretchy thing and HURTS…ya know, when I try to do crazy stuff…like WALK or STAND.  Silly me.

While I itch a little … I don’t have the insane rash and crazy itchiness I had with both girls.  Interesting stuff.

Platelets still low, but a little higher than what they were.

Have weird episodes of vertigo in the past week or two.  Really dizzy, funny feeling in my ears, and very sensitive to sound.

Also, had a really weird episode (that happened when pregnant with Lala, and perhaps Rora too) – I noticed my back was hurting and went to roll over, but couldn’t.  I couldn’t move at all.  So, I tried to swing my arm back to make my body roll over, and it was like my brain was saying GO but it was disconnected.  So, I yelled out, but no sound came out.  I couldn’t move, I couldn’t talk.  So, I screamed.  Except, I didn’t.  And then, as suddenly as it came…it went away and I could move again.  Really weird.  Really scary.

I’ve been “not pushing myself” very much and being pretty upfront with folks about my limits and haven’t had any more “real contractions” (the ones that hurt and make me feel sick) in the past week or so.  So…YAY!

What I miss: my husband.  Back and foot rubs.

Clothing: I think I’m gonna just start wearing tunics.  I mean, one huge sheet and I can wear it ALL pregnancy, right?  The lady at the maternity store promised I could wear my preggo shirts the whole way through but was WRONG-O.  They’re already too tight.  Even my t-shirts are WAY too tight and short.  I’ve entered the “hard to clothe” stage.  The things that fit make me look like a human tent.  Or, a hippo in lycra.  Either way, not so great.  Luckily, the swelling hasn’t really begun yet, so I have a few things I can still fit into.  But, when that happens… I’ll be the one in the big sheet.

New Thing I Learned This Week: Peeing in a cup this far along?  REALLY hard.  It’d be a lot less scary if they just gave us bowls once we hit 30 weeks, I think.  I mean, seriously… YOU try closing your eyes and peeing in a cup.

Best Moment This Week: I’ve had lots of great moments:  baby shower, finishing my classes, hay ride and pumpkin patch-ing with mom and the girls, seeing Aidan in 4D…

What I Couldn’t Live Without: Indoor plumbing.  If I had to walk further than my bathroom 40 x a night … like, go outside… I think I’d just wear a diaper to bed or something.  Because, babies are like little cowboys riding your bladder…

*LOVE the death-stare by Rora.  And, please do notice Lala’s “princess” pose… (her hand is flexed out behind her.  She’s gonna be TICKED when she realizes the closest to Royal Family that she has is a bunch of Royal Pain In The You-Know-Whats)  :)

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Ready…Set…Don’t Move.

by bosssanders on September 29, 2011 with no comments

“So, it wasn’t so bad, huh?” The pretty petite overly-spunky nurse asked as I ripped the last of the paper tape and gauze from my arms.

Actually, I think it was more of a rhetorical question.

Sometimes, it’s just like people BEG to be smacked.

Instead, I settled with, “I wouldn’t want to do it again…”

The one-hour glucose test was no big deal… gross, but not a big deal.  The three-hour glucose test… well, it’s still gross but it left me feeling horrible and weak and dizzy…for the entire day.  And, today (the next day).  I’m still trying to get my body re-adjusted to “normal.”

However, with all of the needle-pricking, we did find that my platelets are a little low.  They’re teetering on the verge of “over the line” for any sort of spinals/epidurals.  (The hospitals refuse to do epidurals or spinals in c-sections when they go below 100).

In a perfect world, I wouldn’t be worried.

In a perfect world, I wouldn’t need an epidural because my labor was quick and didn’t stall.  In a perfect world, I wouldn’t possibly need a c-section.  In a perfect world…

But, it’s a little disarming to have that “choice” taken away.  You know, the “just in case.”

(Last pregnancy ended in the doctor TELLING me I would have to have an epidural or c-section even though I had planned wholeheartedly for a completely natural birth.)

Low platelets has to do with clotting…which could POTENTIALLY be an issue in “natural” births too… but I’m not sure how low the platelets need to be before they worry about normal clotting.

It does mean that *IF* I had to have a c-section, I would have to be completely put to sleep.

The nurse, we’ll just call her “Ms. Information”  (Get it?  Misinformation…  okay, nevermind)… Anyhow, according to HER, there is NOTHING that helps raise platelets.  Turns out, she’s wrong.  (Record streak she’s got with being wrong.)  There ARE drugs (although I’m not there yet)…and there are some things my doula has said I could try…like raising my iron intake, which should help in an all-around way.

Next week, I go back for another blood test to check platelets –they’re wanting to watch them closely.  And, by then, I should know what the glucose test yielded.


31 Weeks Pregnant (Update)

by bosssanders on September 26, 2011 with 1 comment

I know you all are DYING to hear my pregnancy updates…so, I thought I’d take the time out of my very busy schedule to appease you all.  You’re so very welcome.

Turns out, little boys (or this one, anyhow) doesn’t make me quite as itchy as the girls did.  I’m a little itchy.  But, just my boobs… and if I use Bath and Body Works, it makes it stop.  A little.  Sort of.

Also, this kid?  He’s a kicker.  And I DON’T KNOW WHY, but apparently I’ve been under a tiny bit more stress than last time(s) and have had some probably-not-Braxton-Hicks types of contractions.  Luckily, they quit after a few hours.  Lots of deep breathing and meditating…oh, who am I kidding?  More like, sobbing into my pillow and eating 20 chocolate chip cookies at once.  But hey, whatever works, right?

Oh…and I failed my first glucose test.  I just have no clue why (couldn’t possibly be the cookies and sweets).  So, I go back for a 3 hour version of the torture…I mean, test.  Then, after my doctor appointment, I think I’m going to invent a new “drink” substitute for those tests…something that contains all the sugar but more in the form of KEY LIME PIE or GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE …you know, something at least semi-worth the dizziness and nauseousness all that sugar induces?  Actually, maybe I’ll just call my doctor and see if I can just bring a whole pie in to eat in 10 minutes in lieu of the “nasty drink.”

In other news, I’m starting my hospital bag list (and bag) now.

I have this bag in black.  It’s going to be “the” bag.

The Contents (to be) List:

  • Peppermint, Lavender, and Gentle Baby essential oils – It’s like magic in a bottle…err…three bottles.
  • Snacks and bottled water – Maybe.  The hospital isn’t too keen on letting you eat, but I’m kind of a rebel.
  • Socks – fun, soft, and fuzzy ones!
  • Chapstick (Burt’s Bees) – Pretty self-explanatory
  • Ouchless Black Hair Elastics – Rubber band fights!  Or my hair, whichever.
  • Camera, batteries, and extra card – So daddy can see his sweet son from halfway around the world!
  • Pen and paper – Pens are great for stabbing …or taking notes.  Maybe I should take several pens.
  • Cell phone and charger – To make prank calls, clearly.
  • Nursing bra and pads – There’s the obvious use, and then there’s drink coasters.  No unsightly rings in my hospital room!
  • “Nursing cream” – Because sometimes it OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!
  • Toiletries, hairbrush, razor – You never know when you might need to shave.  Never know when you might need to shave SOMEBODY.
  • Scrumptious baby blankets – For keeping the little bundle of sweetness warm.
  • A couple of baby hats
  • Baby outfits – I know naked is more freeing and it’s what he’s been used to for …well, his whole life… But, nekkie babies in winter weather just don’t go together.  Plus, it’s all so cute!
  • Red Cross Information to contact “daddy” – He thinks we’re going to skype the whole thing.  But, I’m thinking not so much.
  • Something to wear home – babies going home nekkie is frowned upon.  Me going home nekkie is illegal.  I’m pretty sure of it.

(And yes, a car-seat.  But that doesn’t go in the BAG, you gooberheads.  Who puts a car-seat in a bag, anyhow?)

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Somewhere around here…

by bosssanders on September 7, 2011 with 1 comment

28 Weeks Pregnant.  That’s 7 months pregnant (completed), for those of you not wanting to do the math.

For weeks, I’ve written blog posts in my head, they just never seem to make it here.  As a full-time student, wife of a deployed soldier, and work-at-home mom of two little homeschooled girls who are involved in their own activities… I understand BUSY.  I’m doing my best trying to learn this juggling act of turning a two-parent household into a one-parent household without making the other parent feel out-of-touch with his own family.  I’m working hard at settling the emotions in my little girls and the ones in my own head and heart.  I’m trying to stay busy enough yet not too busy I crash and burn (and I think I’ve gotten dangerously close to the latter)…all the while keeping my priorities my priorities (God, husband, family).

Let me please pause to say…


A lot of praying, a lot of faith.  And then a lot more praying.

I hesitate to say this next part out of fear that I may be wrong and things may suddenly crash…but, I think I’m finally to the “coming to terms” stage of deployment.  I don’t cry near as much as I did before.  I’m still incredibly overwhelmed at times with the new responsibilities and time and energy limits, but hey, I’m human.

And, in 10-12 short weeks, we will have a tiny babe.  It’s so weird to think about.  And, so much to do!

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22 Weeks

by bosssanders on July 30, 2011 with 1 comment

I have so many things I want to update…so  many things that *I* don’t want to forget!

First, pregnancy updates. 22 Weeks.

Lots of Round Ligament Pains…you know, the sometimes breathtaking shooty-knife-like pains that are all over the place (basically, where my belly has grown, that’s where they are.

Also, lots of back cramps.  Back aches.  Actually, everything is starting to ache!  (That $395 8 hour spa package is looking mighty fine!)  I think spa packages should be allowed in our insurance when our husbands get deployed.  I mean, seriously.  And, those of us with young kids should get an upgrade …then, those of us PREGNANT with young kids could get frequent spa packages.  Ha.  Maybe when we get a pregnant military wife for president.  Maybe, then!

Then, there’s the nasty bladder infection.  Or something.  The initial lab tests in office showed something “suspicious” (bladder infection), but they are sending it off to make sure.  All I know is I have some weird and random symptoms and feel worse and worse daily.  Yesterday, I wasn’t nauseous.  Today, I am incredibly nauseous and just feel a little icky (not enough to make me want to do NOTHING, but enough to make me not want to eat breakfast).

Baby is doing well.  After an “emergency”/impromptu visit a few days ago, we saw him literally kicking at my cervix.  –Which would explain something that I’ve been feeling.  He’s growing.  I’m growing.  Happy, happy.

In Other News

Sleep has been a little elusive.  I want to sleep and oh, how I’m tired…but, my brain?  It disagrees.

I’m set up to begin classes in late-August.  Yay!

I’ve begun writing at  The Curriculum Choice.

Started up a group for Military Wives in my area.

Stepped up as an officer for our FRG.

Things Heard Around Our House

The girls have adopted a new nightly routine that reminds me of the Waltons’.  (Anybody remember that old show?)

Me:  Night, Lala!  I love you!
Lala:  Night mommy!  Love you, too!
Me:  Night, Rora!
Rora:  Night, Mommy!  Me uv oo!
Me:  I love you, too!
Rora:  Night mama!
Me:  Night Rora!

…and so it goes back and forth between me and Rora for a few minutes, occasionally with Lala piping in additional goodnights so as to not feel left out.  By the time they quiet down, it’s like there were 15 people saying their goodnights!  Makes me giggle every time.


The other night after a quick skyping session with their daddy, Rora stood on the bed.  With the most serious look on her face, she said, “Daddy!  Me…miss…you…”  And then, very dramatically, she fell face first onto my pillow.  She’s two.  She kept up her pretend faint for about 30 seconds and then slid off the bed and ran to her room to destroy play with her toys.


Me:  Hey Lala, would you rub mommy’s back?  I don’t feel so good.
Lala:  I can’t.  My arm hurts and I think my leg is swollen.

(Her arm didn’t hurt and her leg wasn’t swollen, she’d just picked it up from something her daddy has said alot … the arm part, anyhow.  Guess she threw in the swollen leg for good measure.)


(After seeing me pick and then tear up fresh cilantro and add it to a summer salsa, Lala says…)

“Mommy, why did you put weed in our food?”

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