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HAPPY NEW YEAR! (On This Day…12/31/2014)

by bosssanders on December 31, 2014 with 1 comment

Outside my window…
It is cold and the wind slices through like a sharp knife.  It is gray outside and when the sun rises, it will be a new year.

I am thinking…
So much has happened in 2014.
We went to Chicago and Disney World.  Spent much time as a family, having fun and enjoying each other.  We learned so much from homeschool.  Z and Ro learned to read and are now rockstars!  We had lots of FIRSTS.  We lost loved ones.  We lost one of our own (miscarriage).  We have had the opportunity to love and stand in the gap for others’ children.  We have loved big and offered ourselves up.  And, at times, we have cried hard – because loving big requires sacrifice.  My computer died.  And, I discovered another part of me and worked furiously to better my gifts to use for His service.  We waited on pins and needles to hear answers that we weren’t sure we were ready for…and then were relieved to find out I did not have cancer.  It’s been quite a year.  A year of hope, a year of LOVING BIG, great loss, FIRSTS, and a year of WAITING.  A year of learning and a year of discovery.

I am exhausted :)   We did well.

Each year, I like to sit down and look at the previous year.  Think about what we did well, what we didn’t, and how to improve myself and how to just do things better…self and family.  Usually, I have some things I want to experience or learn.  Like…new hobbies.  Or, places to go.

And, now, as I sit here with notebook in hand…I wonder if this will be the year that God answers two heartbroken prayers.  Or, if it’s a year of waiting and pruning.  I’ve felt really “off” for the past few weeks… these last few weeks have really spun me around… death of a dear family member, waiting for tests results (cancer and heart), test results for my little girl, computer crashing and losing over 300 files, etc.  It’s been a LOT.

But, I wanted to set some goals.  So, here’s what I have so far…

1.  First thing in the morning… I want to spend more time in God’s Word.  Lately, I’ve plugged it in whenever I could.  Sometimes, I missed.  I will start reading AT THE VERY LEAST … a Proverbs Chapter a day in the mornings to give me something to hold onto.  I need it like I need water.  Then, I will ALSO add in more in-depth study as I can, when I can.  (Which will still be 3+ x a week)
2.  Move more.  At least 5 minutes of yoga or stretching or exercise of any kind.  First thing in the morning.  Every morning.
3.  Be more consistent about my daily 3 things.  This is something I already do when I feel overwhelmed.  I make a list of 3 things I MUST DO that day.  If all else fails, I’ll have done those 3 things.
4.  Pick up/organize/trash 30 things each day.  Every little rubber band counts.
5.  Work on organizing my house.  And, cleaning.  After the holidays, it always feels a little “AHHH!” in here when it comes to the new clutter of “things” collected and boxes and trash and glitter.  I will work on one room a week in addition to our normal straightening and chores we do.
6.  Count my glasses.  Water glasses, that is.  8 8oz glasses a day is what I need.
7.  Get my stickies out.  When we lived at the other place, I had scripture SURROUNDING us.  We had to.  It was as important as air to us.  I will be getting those back out and placing them around the house.  I will work hard at memorizing scripture.  Because it matters.
8.  Stay unplugged for certain hours of the day.  I will check my phone/email in the morning, midday (approximately), and once in the evening.  I will give myself certain times to make phone calls/texts (social).
9.  Admire beauty.  My goal is to get outside more.  Every day.  At least once a day…even if it’s just to walk around the yard one lap after the kids are down for a nap.  Fresh air is good, and it’s great to be able to admire God’s creation.
10.  Go back to my “task days.”  I have a system for when I get overwhelmed… a day for laundry/cleaning (actually…one day and a half day), a day for creativity, a day for bills and sending cards, etc).  I want to do this more regularly.
11.  5 minutes midday quiet time with God.  Every day.  It may be more like 1 pm here.  But, just to sit in His presence.
12.  Create a daily celebration…something to make each day special.  I’m not sure what I want to do, yet.  Maybe light a candle after naptime for an early-evening snack and some pretty music for the kiddos?
13.  Take time each day to work on what God has called me to do.  (Writing.  Podcasts.  Teaching.)
14.  Add 3-5 things to my THANKFUL LIST each day — will be able to do this in my new planner!
15.  Prayer List Cards.  I was doing this faithfully but then slacked off.  I write prayer requests on a flip deck of note-cards and pray them constantly throughout the day.
16.  Take more photos.
17.  Learn some great hymns to sing as we go.
18.  IF we are still in this home… some paint and decor in my sad, dark bedroom!
19.  More of this:  Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.  –In my speech, in my thoughts, in my day to day activities.
20.  Grow in patience.

THIS YEAR (2015), I want to GROW DEEPER.  Deeper in church (involved).  Grow in my spiritual gifts.  Deeper time with my kids and my husband (separately).  Grow in patience.  Deeper in community (relationships and service).  Grow deeper in the relationships I already have and those I hold dear.  Deeper in personal study, prayer, and peace.  Grow deeper in making our home a home full of love, peace, and acceptance…and hope.

I am thankful…
51.  For “supper club” friends and great conversations around the table, eating delicious food.
52.  For do-overs.
53.  To not have cancer.
54.  To have amazing doctors…and friends…
55.  For people who talk me down from my proverbial “ledges” when my “freak-out” starts to show up.
56.  That we were able to save so many files when my computer crashed… photos of loved ones and many files with hard work
57.  Laughing so hard that tears creep from the corners of my eyes
58.  Health of my babes
59.  for a husband who tries mighty hard…over and over again.
60.  For a husband who thinks I’m funny and laughs at my jokes.
61.  For a husband who forgives easily.
62.  For people in my life that inspire me.

In the kitchen…

Chicken is in the crockpot, to be shredded and refrigerated for tomorrow night’s Chicken Pot Pie.  Tonight?  Nachos, Jalapeno Poppers, Pizza, and Chicken Wings it is.

I am reading…

Hubby and I are reading this together in the mornings.  We alternate between topics often.  We enjoy growing “together.”  Really helps us stay on the same page.

We/I am learning…

Ro and Z are finishing up their first grade reading stuff.  La is learning multiplication facts (BLAH!  I have them down but hate drilling her as much as she dislikes being drilled.  Yet, it’s something I really want her to know!)  Mimi got the big 3 IXL as one of their Christmas gifts, so we’ve had fun practicing math online and earning points.

We calculated behavior points and grades for December and Ro earned student of the month!  We are super excited.  (When a kid is student of the month, they get a prize.)  A little extra incentive to get rid of some unwanted behaviors we saw creeping in…as well as enticing certain students to do their work…and TRY!)

Around the house…

It’s New Year’s Eve and yet, it will probably be an EARL Y night for us.  I think last year (or maybe year before?), we were all sick and in bed by 8pm!  So thankful we are not sick, but we may still hit the hay early!

A favorite quote…

One of my favorite things…

Erin Condren Life Planners!  These are so PRETTY and neat!  They have TONS of styles.  I ordered one for 2015.  They are a little more than what I’d typically spend on your average planner, but these things have lots of room to write and I plan to also use it for homeschooling, so win-win!  You can personalize them, choose different fonts/quotes/designs and even add photos of your family!  SO STINKIN’ COOL!

Want one?  Click HERE.  You’ll get $10 off for using THIS link (and so will I!)!

I'd love it if you stalked me (subscribe to my RSS feed). Thanks for visiting!


Doll Hair – TAMED?

by bosssanders on September 10, 2012 with 2 comments

How DOES doll hair turn into this?

I thought it’d be fun to do the UNTHINKABLE and actually tackle a few pins with my kiddo today.  So, I jumped on Pinterest and found THREE pins regarding doll/barbie hair.  Well, that’s easy enough!  I also knew there were a slew of barbies and dollies that could use a salon hair treatment.

I read through the how-tos – some called for REALLY hot water and a barbie brush, on called for water and laundry softener and a brush, and another called for shampoo AND conditioner and some other beauty products.  So, we filled up a mug with some HOT water, another container with water and laundry softener, and we had conditioner on stand-by.

We lined up the barbies and dolls who needed some serious help (as I resisted the urge to just reach for the scissors)…

And we started with hot water.

I’m not calling anyone a liar, but I’m still really confused as to how this one worked for some and just turned our Barbie’s hair from mess to hot, wet mess.

So, then we went to the fabric softener.

For the barbies, it was okay.  They don’t have a lot of hair.  We dipped their whole heads in and started brushing towards the bottom, moving our way up with a small brush.

…And then, my 3 yo ditched me for more fun things.

For the bigger doll, I brought out the conditioner.

I wet her hair in the sink and ringed out the excess water.  Then, applied the hair conditioner I use…and LOTS of it.  We brushed and brushed and brushed – small sections at a time starting from the bottom and working our way up.

But, in all honesty, I’m not very patient.  I was really expecting a quick “spa” for barbies with the miracle treatments from pinterest.  These methods definitely weren’t it.

The barbies look better but not brand new.

The big doll looks better, but…

I can’t really tell if it actually detangled her hair or the copious amount of brushing just pulled out the tangles.

I can certainly tell you that she wouldn’t last another “treatment.”

So, did it work?

Define “work”.  Do they now have slicked back hair dos?  Why, yes they do.  Did they lose hair?  Why yes they did.  It was definitely not a magical process that brought them back to their “former glory” – although, they look a LOT better.

Would I recommend it?  Possibly, but I’d skip the laundry softener altogether and just rinse the hair first with HOT water for 30 sec an then slather heavily with conditioner and use a comb.


Use a comb with metal “teeth” – like those sold for brushing dogs

Rinse the doll’s hair when you are finished and spray in leave in condition and brush through one final time

Get a snack and your favorite drink and settle in for a while.  Your dolly will lose less hair if you commit to a couple of hours per big doll.


Give Barbies haircuts… Redneck Mullet Barbie, anyone?  :)   Admit it, could be fun!

EDIT!:  The Madame Alexander doll (shown) still has great hair and it’s dried quite nicely (air-dry).  I wasn’t sure if it’d still feel like it had junk it (it did right after), but her hair is like new now…although thinned out.  I would definitely buy a wig comb online (what they use to comb wigs) and use the conditioner again.  I’m thinking this would pull out less hair than the smaller plastic comb.  However, be sure you have quite a bit of time to detangle so you aren’t pulling out massive bits of hair.  Put on a movie, lay a towel in your lap, and go for it!!


21 Days (Organization) Challenge: Day 1 – 30 Things

by bosssanders on July 24, 2012 with 2 comments

Challenge 1:  Sell, Donate, or Toss 30 things.  –Do you see trash laying around?  Take a hard look at the things sitting around… do you absolutely LOVE them?  Do you use them (has it been more than 6 mos if it’s not a seasonal item)?

If you feel like a rockstar, do 60 or 90 things!

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21 Day (Organizing) Challenge!

by bosssanders on July 24, 2012 with no comments

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think “cleaning” and “organizing” are hot topics in almost every family.  I don’t think I’ve met an (honest) person yet who has it “all figured out” – well, at least not all figured out AND doing it ;)   I can tell YOU all day HOW to organize, but keeping it that way?  With junk mail, new things coming in our home, and 3 littles… good luck with that!

But, it doesn’t mean we don’t try.  So, I’m starting a 21-day challenge for organizing!  I’d love for you to join in and if you blog, write about it on your blog and link back!  Or, feel free to let me know what you are struggling with in any of these (or other) areas in the comments!  Each day, I’m going to try and give some updates or little tips/tricks for organizing.

I hope you play along – it’s always more fun to do it together!  (Pictures are always welcome, too!)

21 Day Challenge (Organize!)

Day 1:  30 things – GET THEM OUT OF YOUR HOUSE.
Day 2:  Laundry Room
Day 3:  Junk Drawer
Day 4:  Computer Desk
Day 5:  Kids’ Closet
Day 6:  Kids’ Toys
Day 7:  Spice Cabinet
Day 8:  Medicine Cabinet
Day 9:  The Freezer
Day 10: Under the Kitchen Sink
Day 11:  Garage
Day 12:  The Fridge
Day 13:  Under Bathroom Sink
Day 14:  Master Closet
Day 15:  Linen Closet
Day 16:  Photos
Day 17:  Mail/Bills
Day 18:  Files (taxes, important documents, etc.)
Day 19:  Under Your Bed
Day 20:  30 Things… GET THEM OUT OF YOUR HOUSE
Day 21:  You pick!


Week Three Challenge (Project Organization)

by bosssanders on March 22, 2011 with 1 comment

The hot spot for week three has been announced:

Toys and/or Kids’ clothes

Personally, I will probably be working on the clothing aspect – the kids’ toys get constant “makeovers” (hello trash can and giveaway bin!).  Lorelei is finally wearing the “T” clothes…you know, 2T, 3T, 4T, etc.  But, Aurora can still wear the smaller sizes, which means we’ve been switching out every 6 months.  (I am so ready for the slash sizes… 5/6, 7/8, etc…so maybe they can stay in them for 2 years!!)  Anyhow, I need to go through their clothes and figure out what needs to go to storage and what should stay, as well as re-fold their clothes and move them back to appropriate drawers since the girls sometimes borrow each others clothes (Aurora’s pants = Lorelei’s capri pants.)

Because we aren’t finished having children, I have tote boxes in storage labeled every 6 months (and once we get to “2″ it’s labeled “2 summer” or “2 winter”).  As I weed out clothing that no longer fits, I put them in grocery bags and just put it into the appropriate boxes.  Easy peasy…except for when you move a mattress out of storage and you can no longer get to boxes.  But, that’s a different post.

So, what do you do to organize kid’s clothing and toys?

Do you have a system?  Do you take them to consignment?  Do you save them?  Trash them?  Give them away?  Tell me all about it!


Week Two Challenge And a Recap

by bosssanders on March 14, 2011 with 1 comment

Last week, we were supposed to go through our wardrobes… did you?

I had gone through mine the week before, giving away an entire garbage bag full of clothes…plus some.  This past week, I did take out two of my more formal knee length dresses and gave them a hard look.  At first, I tossed them into the give pile, but then I got them back out, laid them on the bed and REALLY looked at them.  I tried them on, and inspiration struck.  The thing I hated about them was the faux bling that had been attached…without that, they’d be perfectly grown-up worthy.  So, I took a close look at the bling and found that one was actually a pin and the other…well, I was able to break it off with my hands.  Hooray for me (plus, now I have some little crystals for craft projects!)!

I also learned another cool trick — If you aren’t sure whether you want something in your closet or not, put the hanger in backwards and only turn it around after you have worn it.  The next time you purge, see if it’s still facing that way or has been turned around.  If it’s still facing backwards, move it out.

I didn’t accomplish half of the things I’d meant to on my over-the-top list from last week….  But, I did re-organize my shelf!

This week, the challenge if you so choose to accept it is to:  Clear Your Paper Clutter

WEEK 2 – Clear/Organize Your Paper Clutter

You don’t have to get it ALL finished, but I’d love to see what you  do.  Set a goal and go for it…it could be one particular huge stack…or it could just be that you will set aside 10 or 30 minutes each night to tackle it.  (You could even do it as you watch TV.)

I’m ready to hear some of the cool organizational tools you all reach for — Or, what you already use.  Will you/do you use binders?  Folders?  File systems?  Trash cans and recycle bins?  Or, something else?

If you write a post on your blog about this week’s challenge, please also feel free to leave a link in the comments…I’d love to check it out.


Week One Challenge

by bosssanders on March 7, 2011 with 2 comments

Your mission this week, if you choose to accept it is to:  Organize YOUR wardrobe.

This week, I’m playing along with Simple Mom and her Organizational Challenge – actually, we’ll be doing this for 5 weeks, but hey.  Details shmetails, right?

You can click the link above, but the basic bit is to organize your own wardrobe – you know, with hangers and stuff.  Organized into piles on the floor totally doesn’t count.  (Drats, guess that means I have to fold laundry!  But, does that mean I only have to fold mine this week?)

Anyhow, we have until Friday to go through our own clothing and get rid of what we don’t want.  If we choose to throw away or give away any clothing, it needs to be out by Friday, too.

Personally, I think I’m going to make this a slightly bigger challenge for myself.  I invite you to join me in any capacity you want…

MY PLAN (This Week):

-Break out my improvised FlyLady Zone List for the Master Bedroom – I’ll be dusting and vacuuming and all of that jazz in the bedroom.  (I’m not sure if this is me being proactive or procrastinating…)

-Designing something for my small jewelry collection – a pile on the dresser just isn’t doing it.

-Re-organize my large bookshelf (well, the stuff on it).

-Organize and clean out under the bed (GASP!)

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