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Simple Woman’s Daybook – October 9, 2012

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A Simple Woman’s Daybook for today…Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Outside my window…The sun is shining!!  It looks deceptively warm outside!

I am thinking…of lots of things.  My brain has lots going on for the past few days ;)   1.) The kids and I are working on our Neighborhood “You’ve been Boo’ed” gifts and we are super excited!  Throwing around some ideas in my head on how to decorate the frames for the gifts so they’ll be super cute.  2.) Rora is feeling better (so it seems)… so yay!  And, the rest of us have gotten over the yuck (FINALLY)…so yay, again!  3.) We are still in our homestudy process but just scheduled our last meeting!  YEAH!  SO looking forward to having the finished thing in hand!  4.) Really wish L’s school was more open to parent-involvement… I’m really not liking this switch from homeschool to public school!  (But, she LOVES it)   I’m willing to give it more time, though to see how it progresses.  5.) about Halloween… and Christmas!!  And little guy’s birthday!  I’m starting lists for what I need for each and … well, let the Christmas shopping/crafting begin!

I am thankful…for my awesome husband, great kids, and my family.  Actually, I have a HUGE list of things I’m thankful for ;)   I AM enjoying this weather though…I LOVE every different season and love how they change!

From the kitchen…We have non-paleo chocolate chip cookies and non-paleo pizza leftover from our treat last night (for lunch today).  And, for tonight… I’m thinking… Butter Chicken (paleo)

From the learning rooms…L is in school (it’s picture day!) and R and I are working through her Preschool worksheets.  We are practicing letters A-E and her shapes.  She’s got her colors down.

I am creating…crafts with R and our Neighborhood BOO gifts :)

I am wearing…My “Southern Chics” lime green LS shirt and turquoise sweats.  :)   Very colorful today!

I am reading…I’m in between books right now… have any you’d recommend? (Quick reads…maybe fiction?  Would love a good fiction…)

I am hoping…to hear our homestudy is FINISHED soon :)   Other than that… just hoping for a great day for my husband at work!

I am hearing…R playing

Around the house… I’m itching to paint rooms…well, not so much to paint them, but for them to be painted so I can re-decorate :)

One of my favorite things…quality time with my husband… and “dates” with our kids!  We have so much fun together.

I am going…to run a few errands in a bit…

A few plans for the rest of the week…Crafting, homeschooling, a visit to the corn maze, haunted ghost tour with hubby, pumpkin patch and hayrides, my brother’s bday and making halloween costumes??

A picture thought…

R is LOVING trains right now.  So, we borrowed a bunch of train books from the library and read them in style!!  (R takes full credit for putting her hat on herself –goofy!)

A trip to the railroad museum… they were super excited.  There was an ENTIRE room dedicated to a super cool train set up for model trains… they LOVED watching the trains go in and out of tunnels and through all of the display.  They could have stayed in that one room alone, I think, for HOURS.

AJ was a trooper!  I really should buy some teething pad attachments for his carrier…


Little Red Riding Hood and her Big Bad Wolf ;)

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Simple Woman’s Daybook – September 17, 2012

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A Simple Woman’s Daybook for today…Monday, September 17, 2012

Outside my window…it’s overcast and the grass is wet…and needs to be mowed again!

I am thinking…of fun ideas to make the “read-aloud” book I share with the girls (Little House In The Big Woods) come to life.  So far, I’m thinking… Taking them to the Homestead, making paper dolls, making our own butter, and making baby dolls!  They love listening each night to story time and have so much fun doing crafts!

I am thankful…for new mercies every day!  I am thankful for a God who writes love stories with his people, for my husband and my children, my other family, my friends, my church, my home, my neighborhood…just, everything!

From the kitchen…Oh!  That reminds me!  I need to put chicken in the crockpot and start prepping for supper.  I think we are having curry tonight (chicken).  We are still striving to eat mostly Paleo/Whole30-ish!

From the learning rooms…L is in school and R and I are working through story books – we brought home about 30 lbs in books from the library last week!! –And, the Letter C :)

I am creating…a jar full of date ideas – one set for my husband and I to do together and one set for us to do with the kids.  Love pulling an idea out and JUST DOING IT!  We’ve got some FUN stuff planned!

I am wearing…White sweat pant-capris and a navy tshirt.

I am reading…Approval Addiction by Joyce Meyer and the Jesus I Never Knew by Phillip Yancey

I am hoping…to get our paperwork for adoption turned in really soon :)   But, other than that… I’m hoping to get lots of cleaning accomplished today in between homeschooling and tending to my babies :)   We shall see!  (I’m also okay with just playing if that’s how it works out!)

I am hearing…Aurora explain to me how she plans to color her coloring book

Around the house… Ha… around the house is a whirlwind of books and toys!  We’ve been reading ALOT lately.

One of my favorite things…quality time with my husband… and “dates” with our kids!  We have so much fun together.

I am going…NOWHERE today!

A few plans for the rest of the week…Today, I scheduled us a “quiet” day to just hang out and get things done.  Then, the rest of the week are a couple of meetings/bible study/play-date/and a fun little rally at L’s school for the girl scout troop I’m heading up.

A picture thought…

My sweet and goofy girls at the festival this past weekend!  Lots of fun and eating of chips, apparently!  La, never one to give up a photo opp and Rora would only let me take a pic while she was stuffing her mouth full of chips — and yet, this photo is TOTALLY RORA right now.  Goofy, likes to make people laugh, with a little dash of stubborn!  AJ was too busy charming all of the women while i was taking photos, so I didn’t get one while we were there this time (but it’s not like my phone isn’t filled with photos of him!)

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An Open Letter To My Dad On Father’s Day…

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Dear Dad,

As I sit here, reminiscing about my childhood, so many memories swirl around.  There are the tickle-wars, where you would “unleash the CLAW” and tickle my brother and I until we either screamed “MERCY!” or “I’m gonna pee!!!!”  There are the rubber-band-wars in the living room, everyone darting around trying to take cover while simultaneously getting our targets.  I remember cuddling up in your arms after a busy day, ready to fall asleep.   The memories are great, and how they keep on coming.  But, dad… they aren’t JUST memories, because with each one, you’ve taught me so much… and these lessons will forever be with me.  Thank you for that.

Dad, you taught me stillness and steadiness in the middle of the woods, stretched out on a blanket all clothed in camouflage waiting for the perfect shot.

You taught me that it didn’t matter which skills I was born with – that skills were meant to be developed when you took my lanky little self into the basement and on the driveway to practice for hours dribbling a basketball.

You taught me perseverance when I wanted to quit basketball after my first practice of suicide runs and you told me I had to finish the season.

Because of you, dad, I have a quirky sense of humor.  Because of you, I’ve learned to laugh even when things threaten to make me cry.  You are the man who walked into a room full of my friends to pick me up with bright green short shorts and two ringed tube socks, each a different color and height.  I hope I never forget that moment.  Because, dad, in that moment… you taught me what it looks like when you love yourself enough to be confident and not second guess everything.  In that moment, you showed me what it looks like to not regret who you are.

When I was a kid, and you taught me to “convince “ you, you taught me analytical and problem-solving skills.  I remember bouncing through the room as a little kid with puppy dog costumes, trying to convince you how much we NEEDED a puppy (You also taught me determination when you pretended to not see us!).  And, as a teenager, when I wanted something different, I learned how to weigh the benefits vs. costs and how to best present information.  I learned how to debate… you taught me when to stand up for myself, and when it was also appropriate to stand down.

Because of you, I had a dad who I know loved me.  Because of you, I had a dad who made a genuine effort in “being there” for my games and activities.  I had a man who rooted and cheered for me – someone who was present in my life.

As a little girl, I watched you.  And, as a woman and parent today, I know that so much of that watching resulted in who I am today.  When I watched you stand up for something you believed in (or believed against), regardless of the repercussions it might bring against you… I learned.  When I watched you be honest with someone, even when it meant accepting blame and anger… I learned.

Dad, you taught me the importance of values and morals.  You taught me to respect my elders.  You helped teach me faith, and you were/are such a big part of it.  You taught me the value of working hard and never giving up.  You taught me that the easiest choice isn’t always the best choice.  You taught me to think like an entrepreneur – that it was better to build your own dream than someone else’s.  (Which quite possibly ruined me for typical “jobs” – but, that’s okay – I’d rather build my own dream any ol’ day!)  You taught me to love learning and books.  You taught me to love others.  And, myself.

Today, I’m no longer the little girl, my entire hand grasped around your one finger as I scramble to make my steps keep up with yours.  I am a woman, a wife, and a mother.  But, one thing will never change… You’ll always be my daddy, and I, your girl.  I am so thankful that God chose you to be my daddy and one of the grandfathers for my own “babies.”

Daddy, I want you to know how thankful I am for you, each and every day.  I guess, if you were to get one thing from this letter, I want you to know how much I love and adore you – how much you mean to me and my family.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

I love you,



Random Thoughts – A Bulleted List

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My thoughts swirl around these days.  Or, at least today.  I can’t honestly tell you how my thoughts went yesterday.  They are THAT swirly.

  • Lala comes up and looks at a page I colored in her coloring book and says, “Wow! That looks great, mommy! “. Before I can thank her, she says, ” but in a minute, I’m gonna do it even better.”.   <–If she wasn’t 4, I’d say she’s being arrogant.  But, she IS 4 and she really was giving me a compliment.  She makes me laugh.
  • Another quote from Lala (she asked her sister this when she was trying to figure out which activity would be next):  “Would you like to play toss the dog or chase the goat?”
  • I’m thankful for the bills I have to pay (and being able to pay them)… it means I have running water, heat during cold months, and lights. I’m thankful for my girls’ smiles…but also for their tears…because it means they CAN cry. I’m thankful for crappy internet connections because even though it means that I may only get spotty conversation with my husband MAYBE once a week, it’s still more than if we were relying on mail alone. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to miss my husband – it means I have a great father for my children, a husband who I love enough to miss, and a marriage that has been through hell and back (commitment). I’m thankful for days like these, where staying in bed seems like the best option, because in the end it means I’ll be better for it and I’ll be able to love and relate to others more deeply.
  • I’m so very thankful for the family and friends who have been helping me feed my little family during this time.
  • If you ask how I’m doing “in passing” (like at Walmart or on Facebook or in front of a crowd), my answer is usually the standard “we’re okay,” “fine,” or “good.”  If you want to REALLY know how I’m doing or how my week was, ask me privately.
  • I don’t really understand what people mean when they ask if I’ve talked to my husband.  Have I talked to him in 6 months?  Yes.  Or, do you mean to ask if we’ve talked today?  And, does “talk” include a text from facebook or do you mean “talk” as in a 2 hour skype session?  The answer to the last one is no… never.
  • I am both terrified and excited at how soon this baby is coming.  On one hand, I feel awful physically from the contractions and I would really like to hold my baby.  On the other, it also means that our son will be here for longer before he gets to meet his father.  It also means I’ll have 3 children here without my husband.  I’m ALREADY exhausted…what am I supposed to do then?
  • Being accused unfairly of something sucks.
  • I am a big ball of emotions – overwhelmed by gratitude but also, sadness…all at once.  I thought it wasn’t possible to have both…but apparently it is when you’re pregnant.
  • Speaking of “balls,” it looks like I’m hiding one under my shirt.
  • I’m exhausted.  I think I’m coming down with something…again.  Then again, maybe I’m just pregnant and run-down.
  • “Gentle Baby” by Young Living (essential oil) makes me feel like a cat around catnip.  Seriously.  I was never crazy about the smell til a few months ago, and now it’s like some drug.  I just want to pour it all over.  It’s really weird, actually.
  • It feels really nice to be able to actually buy Christmas gifts for our kids this year.  Our budget is small compared to most, but we have one.  I’m excited not to have to worry about trying to make everything (as much as I love creating, I just have NO ENERGY…and after several years of doing it, I feel like I’m cheating them).
  • I’m excited that most of the gifts (except maybe a couple of stocking stuffers) have been ordered and are on their way – AND were found through some great sales and free shipping!
  • I’m a little bummed that I’ve had to miss out on all of these fun holiday parties so far… because of the contractions and how I’ve felt, we’ve mostly cleared our calendar (including the kids’ activities).  I’m glad for the rest but feeling a little stir-crazy sometimes too.
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pregnancy photographs my friend did for us so we could capture the “happier” part of pregnancy.  With the deployment, pregnancy complications, and other things… I didn’t want to remember just the bad that came.  I wanted to remember the good parts and I wanted to share it with my husband who missed most of it.  I’m so grateful to her and love her fabulous work.
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15 Facts

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Most of you know this already, but my name is Ashley and I’m a wife and a mom to 2 lovely little girls (3 1/2 and 1 1/2).  I’m a stay-at-home mom, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean I get to sit on my butt eating bon-bons.  When I’m not doing thankless (and mostly un-noticeable after my kids get through with it) housework, I’m homeschooling, tutoring students, baking cupcakes for birthdays and special occasions by special order, crafting, reading, painting, and freelance writing for publications.  And, blogging, apparently.

I’ve been married for 5 1/2 years and I would love to go back to school to finish up my bachelor’s in psychology.  Jesus Christ is my savior and I LOVE God.  I love people and I appreciate everyone who has been put in my life.

15 Things About Me:

  1. I AM…craving SUSHI.
  2. I WANT… a satellite watch, an iphone, ipad, and new boots.  I don’t want for much, huh?  I don’t NEED those things…well, except I do need more dressy winter shoes, but other than that…I don’t NEED anything.
  3. I HAVE… a wonderful family (which includes people I’ve “adopted into my family” by choice)
  4. I WISH… the storms of life would just FREAKIN CALM DOWN AND LEAVE ME ALONE!  Ha.
  5. I HATE… lies and betrayal.
  6. I FEAR… screwing up my kids (which seems inevitable) and losing those I love.
  7. I REGRET… not finishing my degree when my husband first got deployed.
  8. I LOVE…God.  My husband.  My family.  Friends.
  9. I ALWAYS… think I could be better.
  10. I AM NOT…the type to freak out if my house doesn’t look perfect.  I’ve changed my priorities to reflect what matters most in the end.  I love a clean house just as much as anyone else but have learned not to freak out if there are toys strewn and cracker crumbs everywhere.  I want to look back and not regret the time I didn’t spend with my kids because I was too busy cleaning a house that never really mattered.  (I do clean, I just don’t get obsessive.  As long as my house doesn’t make anyone sick, we’re good.)
  11. I DANCE… like a white girl, probably.  Mostly when nobody is watching.  Or when I’m REALLY REALLY happy.
  12. I READ… everything.
  13. I SING… when nobody’s listening…or with my kids.
  14. I SPEND… mostly on stuff for our family.  Occasionally, I’ll spend for myself but I always feel really bad, and sometimes take it back.
  15. I TAKE… pictures.
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Gentle Reminders

by bosssanders on July 11, 2010 with 3 comments

There are things we often know, but sometimes lose sight of during difficult times.  Today, I had one of the gentlest reminders as my family and I worshiped God.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve accepted (and even marveled) that God has a plan for each of our lives, and like the back of a woven tapestry, we often don’t understand the full extent or the “big picture”  because all we see are a million little threads, each representing moments in our lives, woven throughout.  Over the past few years, my family and I have faced some very difficult situations – things that have tried us and brought us to our knees.  We’ve been so low where the only place we could look was UP.  My faith has been tried over and over again.  And, with each of those times, someone would say:  “Just give it to God.  This is part of His plan.”

At first, those words comforted me.  But, after some really heart-wrenching events I became furious, “His plan?  Well, maybe I don’t like His plan!  Maybe His plan is FOR me to go through (what seemed like) endless trials and to hurt…maybe I don’t WANT that!?!”

Have you ever felt that way?  – Like maybe Joel Osteen has gotten loud* a few too many times?  Okay, so maybe I’m the only one who though “Oh crap.” when our pastor shared a sermon one day about God never promising us great times if we followed Him – and, here I was just hoping for my drink to be spiked with what ever Joel Osteen was having.  Who really wants to hear that God has planned for you to lose your house, possibly your marriage, and maybe let’s throw in a baby too? – And, let’s not waste time, we’ll wad it up in the time frame of just a few years.

Yeh, suddenly that whole “God’s plan” thing just made me want to cry.  Rather than being a thought of comfort, it was more like a threat.  – Especially when nobody knew what to say…except “Give it to God.”

But, today I found an answer in a little devotional book.  Basically, it said:

God made each of us, our desires and passions included.  So, He knows us to our very core.  And, He has awesome things planned for us – not just His idea of awesome, but OUR idea of awesome.  And sure, we’re going to have to go through some REALLY rough things to get to those great and awesome things, but His plan for our lives aren’t CENTERED around those hard times.  His plan is centered around the GREAT THINGS He wants for us.  The bad stuff is just on the way, sometimes it’s what helps us get there and sometimes it’s to help shape us for what He’s prepared for us.

I’m not sure how what’s recently happened fits in exactly, and maybe I won’t ever know…but, it sure as heck is more comforting than before.

*”getting loud” means getting high with really good pot.  I don’t necessarily know this from experience.

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I Stuff My Bra – And 12 Other Breastfeeding Surprises…

by bosssanders on January 14, 2010 with 4 comments

1.  Regardless that you never stuffed your bra in highschool, you might suddenly find yourself doing so.  You may even want to buy stock in nursing pads, I’m just sayin’…

2.  My number one requested item on my baby shower list POST-BABY?  Fitted sheets…because um, yeah.

3.  Right after that?  Towels.

4.  Cabbage leaves?  Don’t work.  Unless you WANTED to smell like rotten yuck, then of course, by all means…

5.  The La Leche League leader was quite possibly born with no feeling in certain areas of her body.  Or, it’s a man.  Because, I can think of no other logical reason they would tell you that it won’t hurt at all…unless you’re doing it wrong.  Because it will.  Badly (if it’s your first).  But, it DOES go away in a couple of weeks.

6.  They sell books on positions…for nursing.  Most of which, might be dangerous with a newborn – and a very sleep deprived mama.  (Plus, I found it hard to do some of them just because of logistics…until she was a little older…so don’t feel bad if you have a little trouble.  It’s not just you.  It could quite possibly be just me, though.)

7.  A sexy nursing bra?  HAHAHAHAHA.

8.  By the way, you’ll have to replace those suckers (nursing bras) quite a lot if you get one that’s more substantial than a bit of cloth – which I suggest you buy unless you just love wet spots (which are apparently not sexy to most men.)

9.  You don’t have to buy the specialty nursing tops…but it sure makes things easier at first when you’re learning how to be discreet and not show everyone your stuff.

10.  Pretty evening wear doesn’t usually equal nursing friendly.  Actually, it makes things kind of difficult.  It may end up resembling something like a chunky cloth necklace in a locked backroom before the evening is over.

11.  Some people are stupid and think it’s okay to suggest you should feed your baby in the bathroom.  It is 100% fine to tell them that you will feed your child in the bathroom after you see THEM eat their meal from on the toilet.

12.  Although your husband might have faked remorse over not being able to share the nightly feedings with you, he may not actually jump in when it finally comes time for solids.  Occasionally, it is normal for a man to forget how to do things…you know, like hold a baby spoon.

13.  There is a fine line between nourishing your sweet child and becoming a human pacifier.  It’s up to you where you stand on that one, and you may find yourself weakening your resolve.  Like, in order to get some peace and quiet before your head explodes, for example.

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According to Plan

by bosssanders on September 29, 2009 with 1 comment

Several months ago, my husband lost his job.  Besides a few freak-outs, we took it in stride – knowing and believing that God had something in His plans for us.  Something just for us.  We’ve been through our share of difficult times, but this one…well, with this one, we felt at peace.

My husband still does not have a job, but we wholly believe God is working behind the scenes…and we await the day when the pieces begin to fit together in a way that we’ll be able to say “AHA!”  But, it’s when a seemingly large piece – something that I never asked or prayed for, something I didn’t even know I wanted, something so seemingly MADE FOR ME comes my way.  This thing, so perfect in timing and circumstance that it could be nothing else but A GOD THING presented before me.  My soul whispers, “YES!” and from the center of my being…I just know.

And, it seems so perfect, carefully intertwining my talents and servant heart without ever truly taking away from the ministry I know HE has called me to, first and foremost.  Until…one day it does.  And, I’m left questioning and searching for answers that don’t seem to be there, feeling more lost and alone than ever because I was walking so clearly in God’s presence, and suddenly…I’m surrounded by only doubt.  In myself.  In the pieces of a plan I was called to serve in…but then, seemingly left.

It just seemed so right…but it seems to be coming to a fast end.  Other agendas are fighting to trump the one thing I know I AM being called to do, other agendas trying to tell me how I should serve my God.  I wonder what the purpose of showing me this was…something I will never be allowed to keep for a long amount of time, something that will make me feel like more of a failure than I already do.  I have poured my heart in but feel like I’m only being drained as I’m carefully being stretched in a way that I never meant to go.

“I just…I just don’t get it.  God doesn’t make mistakes, but why would he give me this just to take it away again?  Why can’t I ever seem to find my way and KEEP it?  Why am I not allowed to breathe easily and rest for a while?”

“You know, Ash….maybe this was about you.  Maybe it wasn’t about you helping others.  Maybe it wasn’t meant to be long-term.  Maybe it was just a stepping stone.”

And, maybe.

I just wish that I didn’t feel so alone with such a shaken heart.

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It’s a new day…

by bosssanders on August 31, 2009 with no comments

For Monday August 31, 2009

Outside my window…
Eww eww eww.  There is so much outside work to be done before we go back to *that other place* to stay live.  Gutters need to be cleaned (we don’t own a ladder), mowing needs to be done around trees and such, some of the brick areas need to be washed down, shrubs and trees need to be pruned back a bit…and that doesn’t even include what needs to be done *inside*.  We have this tiny window of time to get things done before we leave again.  Then, HE will be gone for a while and ACK!

I am thinking… about how I wish I could get off of this “Having a bad day” track that I’ve been on for the past week or two and go back to less stress and be more relaxed and happy.  I’m really disappointed right now in people in general.

I am thankful for… Amanda, Janice, and my mom.  Without them, my actual birthday would have completely sucked.

From the learning rooms… We’re beginning some of the Preschool curriculum.  We aren’t hitting it terribly hard, just trying to introduce L to things and have fun with it.  She’s pretty eager to learn and has been practicing her ABCs (although has a while before she has those completely down), other songs, counting to 10, recognizing colors and circles, and drawing circles and lines. 

From the kitchen… Wait.  We have a kitchen?  Hmph.  We’ve been gone so much, I almost forgot.  We need to reorganize some things so our dry food FITS in the cabinets instead of on the counter top.

I am wearing… shorts and a t-shirt

I am creating…

I am going… to Walmart.  We can do without paper towels, but NOT without toilet paper.  There is only so far I will go!  Plus we need weed-eater cord and bread.  This will probably be the extent of our shopping trip :)

I am reading… magazines and blogs.  My brain is too fuzzy for much else currently.

I am hoping… to have a WONDERFUL day today.

I am hearing… Rora squealing

Around the house… We are finishing up some work we are doing independently so we can pay a couple of bills and then run a quick errand just to come back home and…WORK!

One of my favorite things… is time with the girls.  I really need it lately.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Work from home, some homeschooling, yard work, Pampered Chef party, Bible study, Sir’s MRI, work in the office and meetings, and oh…the list goes on!

Here is picture thought I’d share… My sweet cats, both need homes…



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Birthday Pictures

by bosssanders on August 30, 2009 with 2 comments

The thing about birthdays is that we (meaning I) tend to have this *expectation* that they’ll be a little extra special compared to the normal day.  Lucky for me, I have a few great people in my life that were intent on making that happen.  (Thanks to those of you who took some time out of your CRAZY BUSY lives to spend some time with me on m birthday.)

PS – You won’t see Steven in these photos because he had to work, not because he chose not to come.

PSS – If it looks like we’re in a garage…it’s because we were.  But don’t worry, it was all clean fun…we were just having a yard sale at the same time.  Well, I say WE, but I ended up taking home way more than I brought.  How does that happen?
My cute little cake!  It’s 24 cupcakes, if you were wondering.  (I turned 24…in case you were still confused)


My birthday present.


Not the baby.  Obviously.  The traveling swing AKA the babysitter.


Me and my cake.  It was almost like a bonfire.  I had help blowing that out.


Lala and her piece of the cake.


And, …her second piece?  Plus, take notice of her green/yellow mustache and the black goatee…


She said she wanted some cake…


What comes around…gets eaten.


*See, they even love me so much that they photo-documented it all so I could BLOG it later.

(then concluded with enchirritos at Mom’s house and some ice cream cake…I totally didn’t take photos of myself eating that :) )

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