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Whew!  It has been a crazy-amazing ride for the last couple of months!

As we wait for our PH (Preliminary Hearing) Date (this is where a parent – if known – or an authority who signed off if abandoned comes before the judge), I thought it’d be nice to write about life for a bit!

My little “princess” La is now a big 6 year old :(   Her favorite colors are still purple and red and she’s mid-1st Grade in all subjects except Reading (she’s beginning 2nd grade level for reading).  She is my big helper.  She loves to help out and is great helping mommy with her siblings.  She loves princesses still and enjoys arts and crafts, reading, writing, drawing, building with blocks, playing dress up, etc.  This one… she’s my fashionista.  She is great at coordinating outfits, shoes, accessories, and is very verbal on how she wants her hair fixed ;)   She (along with her sister) have become quite the entrepreneurs, looking for ways to earn ice cream/fun money!  Out of all 3, I think her personality is most similar to mine… which can be interesting!  Ha!  Plus, she over-talks… like me.  Sigh.  She’s sensitive and oh-so-smart!  Love this kid!  Funny words:  Pea-hawk (Peacock)  Her biggest fear?: Having to shave someday and “having to have babies someday because it will hurt” — Thanks to whomever introduced that one ;)

(No, we did NOT get a new dog.)
Ro is…. our clown.  While her sister is dressing up in the most elaborate princess dresses, Ro is finding the craziest pieces to complete her wardrobe.  She’s fun and crazy and goofy.  This is the child who finds the loopholes.  A few weeks ago, we asked her, “If we put a cake in front of you but told you not to touch it to eat it, what would you do?”  Her response?  “I’d eat it with my FACE!”  Who needs to touch a cake to eat it?  She loves to help out, too… when she has time for it ;) She’s in Kindergarten and really likes Dora, Diego, trains, and hedgehogs.  She loves babies and building with blocks, arts and crafts, and miniature things.

AJ is Steven’s mini-me.  Stubborn, goofy, and sweet.  He’s daddy’s little shadow and unlike the girls, he reaches for daddy (if he’s home) when he doesn’t feel good!  He is conservative with his kisses but gives hugs freely every morning and afternoon.  He likes trains, ninja turtles, elmo, PUPPIES!, trucks, his ukelele, blocks, and his sisters’ shoes.

(He can put them on himself.  I’m thinking that we need to get some awesome ninja turtle boy-toms that are bling bling… for BOYS to help satisfy his craving for over the top shoes!  For those of you who remember.. he’s always LOVED shoes since he was tiny… he used to collect them and wear them on his hands!)

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FUN! – Just Have It!

by bosssanders on November 1, 2012 with 1 comment

I saw this a while ago, and man did it hit me hard:

I guess I’m an “old soul” – or seriously don’t belong in this time, I don’t know which.  My soul LONGS for peaceful and slow days (although i work really well under short-term craziness too).  Days filled with appointments and schedules and this and that don’t really interest me on a day to day basis.  Even things that are meant to be fun can be crazy and hectic (think Disney World).  I long for the days when friends did more than like your status on facebook and when neighbors actually knew your name. (-We’re the weird neighbors that move in and then take gifts to the other neighbors.)

Don’t get me wrong, I like my hair dryer and my internet and some of the people I’ve met online who I wouldn’t have otherwise because they live across the world.  I like that I can look up anything I want to know.  But, sometimes our blessings can be our curses…if we let them.

Sometimes our good intentions just create a busy-ness and it all creeps into our daily lives…and it cloaks us and our families, and the more we do the unhappier we are.

Years ago, we intentionally stepped out of the insane “rat race” – of trying to make it to the top (wherever that is!).  Instead, we pursue the provisions and blessings God has for us and GRATITUDE.

Part of that has been in our journey to be more intentional with our kiddos.  It’s always a work in progress.  I hope it always will be, I pray we never become complacent.

I received a tip a long time ago about dates in your marriage – it included creating a jar of date ideas to choose from (like a menu!) and when you run out of ideas (or feel particularly indecisive), you just choose and DO IT.

We thought it’d be fun to create something similar to the one we created for our marriage for activities with the kids!

Here are some of the fun ideas we have:

- Camp in the backyard with campfire, burgers, s’mores, movie/story-telling

- bowling

- mini golf

- visit the planetarium

- pumpkin patch and corn maze

- fishing (on my parent’s dock)

- ride bikes in the neighborhood

- make bird feeders together

- bleach t-shirt designs (basically you take colored shirts and make a template that you adhere to shirts and spray with bleach water…fun!)

- nature bracelets – duct tape around their wrists with sticky side up and have them walk around and find fun things to stick to it!

- make super giant bubbles and bubble wands

- visit the homeplace

- see a matinee

- see a play

- dance in the warm (summer) rain – a favorite!!

- board games

- let girls dress up and put on a play

- have a cupcake decorating contest

- make an outdoor (or indoor!) obstacle course!

- go on a treasure/scavenger hunt – use pirate’s maps too!

- write a book and illustrate it together!!

- croquet

- soccer

- make mini homemade pizzas together!

- Go on an alphabet tour – bring cameras and a notebook and take photos of things that begin with A, B, C, etc.

Another favorite thing for us is to have THEME WEEKS where we concentrate on a specific theme for a week.  For example, Rora LOVES trains right now.  So, one week we borrowed a stack of books about trains from the library and they wore conductor hats as we read them.  We also visited a train museum where they got whistles, hats, and had a tour of all things TRAINS!  They played with an extensive model train set up and we played train games and went around town pretending our van was a train.  We scoured town for trains on the move and would sit and watch them and talk about different kinds of trains.  (We have plans to surprise Rora in the spring with a train RIDE for her birthday but SHHH!  Don’t tell her!)

So, I’d love to know…what are some of your favorite activities to do with your kids?  How do you have intentional time with your family?  And ideas you can share with us?


Happy 5th Birthday, Lorelei!!

by bosssanders on April 13, 2012 with 1 comment

I’m one of those moms who LOVE throwing parties.  You know, the tiny details and the fun themes…they make me giddy with excitement of the possibilities.

But, this year, we chose to do something different.

For once, it wasn’t about the money.

We wanted a special day planned around HER…not presents.

So, anyone who asked, we let them know we would love them to be a part of  her special DAY – in whatever way.

To be honest, the planner in me had a hard time waiting and letting everyone just plan their own special thing, not knowing how it would come out.  But, it ended up perfectly, better than I could have imagined, even!

Her day began with a blue smoothie.  It was her main request.  So, I blended up a Zrii blueberry smoothie and the girls loved them (not to mention, they were healthy and full of vitamins from both the fruit and the zrii and almond milk, so I didn’t even feel bad about it!)

A few people called and there was even a card from Mimi in the mailbox!

For supper, she chose one of her favorite restaurants: Texas Roadhouse.  She wore one of her favorite princess dresses (Rapunzel) and chose her own accessories.  We let her order whatever she wanted (even sugary lemonade) and quietly made them aware of how special today was to us as I slipped them some candles.  Our supper was full of smiles and a few small gifts -a HUGE bag of banana chips (from her Uncle Josh and Linz), the news of a very special prize to come from Mimi and Pa (swingset), money from Grams, and outfit for her seemingly always-naked-Ken doll from Rora, and a ring from her father and I.

Following supper, the T.R. crew came out with a brownie sundae and candles blazing!  They let her get in their special birthday saddle (which I’m pretty sure she imagined it was one of the elite horses from some far away Prince) and gave her their very own special birthday YEEHAW.  She was quite proud to have it announced to the entire restaurant.

After the brownie (a delicacy, seeing as how we’re trying to get rid of most high sugar things , here) had been all but LICKED off the plate, we set up for our next surprise… a special floating lantern that we would light and release into the sky with her birthday wish, traveling to the heavens.  Wrapped in a big blanket in her little princess dress… I just wish I would’ve been able to capture the pure look of awe and magic on her face.  I hope I never forget it.

Then, we all loaded into the car for the trip back home… where, waiting for us was a wonderful surprise left by Eli and Aunt KT.  We pulled in and her eyes widened as her little hand went to her mouth.  Streamers on the shrubbery and up the entrance of the house.  Balloons across the porch and in little corners.  More balloons floating up the stairs.  A special birthday garland wishing her the best… an entrance for a special little girl by very dear friends.  Then, nestled into the corner was a very specially put-together gift that had been carefully selected just for her.  Amazing.

After the balloons had been tucked into their room, I whispered to her how amazing she is and how lucky and thankful I am to be her mommy and sent her into dreamland for the night.

So… maybe I didn’t make an elaborate cake this year with a detailed theme and guest list… but it was perfect.  The people who wanted to celebrate that day were a part of it (in one way or another) and we all celebrated her and all that she is to us.

Happy Birthday, Lorelei… so thankful that our King gave me the opportunity to be a mommy to one of his special Princesses  on this earth.  I hope it is always clear to you how much you are loved and cherished every day of your life…by us…by Him.

(Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who made yesterday wonderful and showed your love.  We love you.)

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My Little Lala

by bosssanders on February 15, 2012 with 1 comment

1. What is something mom always says to you?
I dunno…

2.What makes mom happy?
When I listen and pay attention

3.What makes your mom sad?

When I don’t listen and when daddy talks to you wrong and when he bes a brat

4.How does your mom make you laugh?

If she says funny things

5. What was your mom like as a child?

was you this size?

6. How old is your mom?

um 63?

7. How tall is your mom? this tall.

8. What is your moms favorite thing to do?

Clean up, feed me, and pick flowers for me

9. What does your mom do when you are not around?

Sleep and fight bad guys

10.If your mom becomes famous what will it be for?


11. What is your mom really good at?

Feeding baby brother

12. What is your mom not very good at?

Putting the windows off

13. What does your mom do for a job?

Make money and buy me stuff.  What about Jesus?  Jesus gave baby brother to us.

14. What is your moms favorite food?

Pepperoni pizza, cake

15. What makes you proud of your mom?

When she cleans up

16. If your mom was a cartoon character, who would she be?

Little red riding hood

17.What do you and your mom do together?

Crafts, color, play with me, read, and suction my nose

18. How are you and your mom the same?

That’s the funniest one.  It’s tricky.  We be the same…girls.

19.How are you and your mom different?

because we talk different

20.How do you know your mom loves you?

Because I make a picture for her

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Girls’ Updates: 4 1/2 and 2 1/2

by bosssanders on October 14, 2011 with 1 comment

I can’t believe how quickly they’ve grown!  Make them stop!


Favorite color: purple and red
Favorite “character”: Ariel…and princesses…and mermaids of all types.
Favorite music: She and her daddy have a “song” they share — the lazy song.  (I’m not sure how I feel about this, lol)
Favorite food: chicken nuggets and “dip” (honey mustard)… and candy, of course.  Lala likes simpler foods… she prefers her chicken as chicken and not mixed up with lots of other things.  She’s also big on blueberry waffles, scrambled eggs, and hard-boiled eggs.  And, fruit.  Always fruit.
Favorite sayings: Occasionally, she breaks out a British accent (no clue where she got it) and she loves to make up entire languages as she prances around the living room.  Apparently, it’s a princess thing and only princesses would understand.
Favorite Pastime: “Playing” harmonica with her uncle (who is making a goofy face in the photo), coloring, school (K4), crafts, blowing bubbles, playing outside, pretend play, watching princess movies, playing on Mimi’s computer, jumping/playing in the rain
Latest Accomplishment: Learning to draw mermaids, and the kid just gets smarter every day!  Plus, she has the hearing and memory of… I don’t know what… but the kid hears and remembers almost everything (that she wants to).
I’m worried about… her grinding her teeth.  OY.  It’s awful.  (But, I used to do it, too)



Favorite color: “blue” – mostly because she calls everything “blue”
Favorite “character”: Elmo and Dora and Spongebob.  (I do NOT like spongebob, by the way…well, I think the show is inappropriate.)  She has a “daddy elmo” and “baby elmo” who sit at the corner of her bed and before she sleeps, the baby elmo MUST be sitting in the daddy elmo’s lap.
Favorite music: A mixed set of Christian tunes I put on my ipod for her.  The girls miss their daddy so much and have had a hard time sleeping… this helps them get to sleep.
Favorite food: Food.  She’s a more experimental eater than her sister, though.  She likes “picey” (spicy) food and will eat anything we’re eating as long as it’s off our plate.  A sure fire favorite?  Pizza, also known as “pizpa”
Favorite sayings: “Alright…”  “Momma!  Me your bed!”  “I Rora!  Dis baby bed.  I no baby!”  (She thinks she needs a big bed, now.  I disagree.  She’s a night owl.)
Favorite Pastime: Doing anything her big sister does, watching dora/spongebob (grrr)/elmo, crafts, playing outside, tickle wars, snuggling, talking to herself, and BABIES!  She LOVES babies and is SO excited about her baby brother on the way (so is her big sister!)
Latest Accomplishment: No more pacifier!  And, she’s learning to go potty in the potty!  —  I guess her sister was this way too…I just forgot… but, those potty training books?  TRASH.  The girls decided when they wanted to potty train and it’s definitely not been a one day thing.  But, Rora now knows WHEN she needs to pee.  Now, it’s just convincing Ms. Stubborn to do it.  Some days are much easier than others, and when she’s wearing panties, she is more likely to go.  But, pull-ups?  What’s the point?  (although she sometimes surprises me).  Number 2 is a different deal altogether, though.
I’m worried about… her bowel movements.  Right before, she gets really panicky.  Goosebumps come up, her tiny fists clench, and she’s frantic.  Her little face distorts as she grimaces and whines.  Sometimes it’s just gas, and sometimes it’s not.  But, it’s a big deal.  She can’t be consoled, but it’s like she wants to but yet doesn’t want to be touched or seen.  (She’s not hiding, she just doesn’t want attention…I don’t blame her!)  This didn’t happen with Lala.  We’ve talked to the doctor and he thinks she’s having issues due to the stress of the deployment.  Both girls have actually had lots of tummy aches that the doctor believes is them handling the stress, and he could feel a little bit of a “buildup” in both of their tummies.

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Shopping Can Be A Learning Experience

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Last weekend, my mom and I packed the girls up into the SUV for a little trip to the mall.  I emptied the girls’ piggy banks and promised them that they could buy something with their money.  Lala has begun learning the value of money (in a very introductory sense) and I thought this would be a great exercise for her.  Before we left, I told her I wanted her to think of some ideas of things she’d like to buy with her money (4 dollars: Lala; 3 dollars: Rora).  And then, I told her about the value of saving her money, gave her the option to save, and told her examples of different things she could buy and the price ranges they fell in.  By the time we left, her little brain was definitely working hard trying to analyze all of the information I’d given her.

We went to Deals first, thinking they’d be able to get more “bang for their buck” aka find something in their price range.  We meandered the halls and Lala became pretty insistent that she was just going to save her money to buy something bigger later (while trying to convince her little sister or mimi to buy the things she thought were great).  Rora, on the other hand, followed behind the cart with a knockoff pillow pet (we already have 2) and 3 identical plush animals (which I later hid to keep them from coming home with us).

Before long, Lala’s resolution to save was busted when we came upon the Halloween aisle with princess dress up things.  In less than 4 minutes, she had spent all 4 dollars – a pink wig, wings, tutu skirt, and a crown.

Rora, on the other hand, got distracted…

She thought it was awesome, but not awesome enough to use all three of her dollars.  Instead, she chose a package of baby wipes (she’s a baby wipe fanatic) and some candy.

I have to say, their purchases were very fitting for their individual personalities.

That, and Rora was one of the cleanest toddlers EVER by the end of that day… and Mimi’s car looked like a baby wipes container had exploded.

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22 Weeks

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I have so many things I want to update…so  many things that *I* don’t want to forget!

First, pregnancy updates. 22 Weeks.

Lots of Round Ligament Pains…you know, the sometimes breathtaking shooty-knife-like pains that are all over the place (basically, where my belly has grown, that’s where they are.

Also, lots of back cramps.  Back aches.  Actually, everything is starting to ache!  (That $395 8 hour spa package is looking mighty fine!)  I think spa packages should be allowed in our insurance when our husbands get deployed.  I mean, seriously.  And, those of us with young kids should get an upgrade …then, those of us PREGNANT with young kids could get frequent spa packages.  Ha.  Maybe when we get a pregnant military wife for president.  Maybe, then!

Then, there’s the nasty bladder infection.  Or something.  The initial lab tests in office showed something “suspicious” (bladder infection), but they are sending it off to make sure.  All I know is I have some weird and random symptoms and feel worse and worse daily.  Yesterday, I wasn’t nauseous.  Today, I am incredibly nauseous and just feel a little icky (not enough to make me want to do NOTHING, but enough to make me not want to eat breakfast).

Baby is doing well.  After an “emergency”/impromptu visit a few days ago, we saw him literally kicking at my cervix.  –Which would explain something that I’ve been feeling.  He’s growing.  I’m growing.  Happy, happy.

In Other News

Sleep has been a little elusive.  I want to sleep and oh, how I’m tired…but, my brain?  It disagrees.

I’m set up to begin classes in late-August.  Yay!

I’ve begun writing at  The Curriculum Choice.

Started up a group for Military Wives in my area.

Stepped up as an officer for our FRG.

Things Heard Around Our House

The girls have adopted a new nightly routine that reminds me of the Waltons’.  (Anybody remember that old show?)

Me:  Night, Lala!  I love you!
Lala:  Night mommy!  Love you, too!
Me:  Night, Rora!
Rora:  Night, Mommy!  Me uv oo!
Me:  I love you, too!
Rora:  Night mama!
Me:  Night Rora!

…and so it goes back and forth between me and Rora for a few minutes, occasionally with Lala piping in additional goodnights so as to not feel left out.  By the time they quiet down, it’s like there were 15 people saying their goodnights!  Makes me giggle every time.


The other night after a quick skyping session with their daddy, Rora stood on the bed.  With the most serious look on her face, she said, “Daddy!  Me…miss…you…”  And then, very dramatically, she fell face first onto my pillow.  She’s two.  She kept up her pretend faint for about 30 seconds and then slid off the bed and ran to her room to destroy play with her toys.


Me:  Hey Lala, would you rub mommy’s back?  I don’t feel so good.
Lala:  I can’t.  My arm hurts and I think my leg is swollen.

(Her arm didn’t hurt and her leg wasn’t swollen, she’d just picked it up from something her daddy has said alot … the arm part, anyhow.  Guess she threw in the swollen leg for good measure.)


(After seeing me pick and then tear up fresh cilantro and add it to a summer salsa, Lala says…)

“Mommy, why did you put weed in our food?”

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Lucky Toes

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Lorelei:  OW!  I stubbed my lucky toe!

Me:  You have a lucky toe?

Lorelei:  But, of course!


We had just walked inside after a quick visit from our mailman (who was bringing mommy a book that she’d ordered online).

Lorelei:  Mommy, I don’t think I love the mailman.  Do you?

Me:  Of course I do, sweetie.  I love him because God made him and God loves him very much.

Lorelei:  (thinks for a moment and then says)  Okay, I guess I do love him.  But, I don’t think I want to kiss him.

(Which was followed by me chuckling and explaining that it was probably best if we just kept kisses to family.)

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by bosssanders on February 9, 2011 with 2 comments

Tonight, as Lorelei and I were cleaning up her room before bed, she said:

“Mommy, this Barbie is MAD.”

“Hmph,” I said without really looking up, “Why is that?”

“Because she’s blind.  I blinded her.”

Puzzled, I looked up.  Indeed she did.  Apparently it wasn’t enough that mommy accidentally broke Barbie’s arm off in an effort to un-stick a suddenly-stuck arm.  I have to give this to her, though:  The kid is creative and resourceful, too.  (She’s not allowed to have paint unsupervised (we don’t allow THAT level of creativity), so she wet a paper bead that we painted days ago and made the rubbed paint onto Barbie’s eyes to “blind” her.)

I really can’t help but be amused.

PS – Barbie might also be MAD because she’s wedding Barbie and that chick Ariel is now wearing her dress.  I’d be pretty ticked if I was a one-armed naked blind barbie, too.  Just sayin’.

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My girls

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