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Blogging 101: Getting Your Blog “Out There”

by bosssanders on September 13, 2010 with 2 comments

So, you’ve started your blog, now what?  – Some people would rather be hidden away, while others yearn for their very own audience, if you’re part of the latter here’s some ideas to get your blog “out there”:

  • Make use of social media.  I personally recommend twitter and facebook, but there’s also Plurk and Myspace and a few others too.  You’ll have to experiment to find out what works for you.
  • Find a few blogs you love and read them.  Often.  Leave meaningful comments.  Most people will see a new “visitor” and will want to know who they are, so they’ll come check out your page.  If they like what they see, they may come back for more.  But, if they don’t…don’t be insulted.  Some people are crazy busy with this thing called “real life” and they may even see your blog but get called away by a vomiting child and can’t leave a comment.  Life happens.  You know?
  • Submit your posts to places like stumbleupon, kirtsy, digg, etc.
  • Put your blog link in all of your email signatures (and possibly on any stationary you have).
  • Make business cards with your link and hand them out to those interested (so they don’t have to bother remembering your URL).
  • Head to blog conferences with said cards.  A great one to start with is BlogHer.
  • Join forums or other groups based on what you blog about.  If you’re just a mom blogger and blog about life, that would include places like cafemom and any other mom-type forums.
  • Tell your friends.  Tell your family.  Or, don’t.  (Depending on if you want to be THAT visible. ;) )

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Blogging 101 – Part 1: Where Do I Begin?

by bosssanders on August 19, 2010 with 2 comments

I’ve had a lot of questions over the last couple of years regarding blogging, so I thought I’d put it all down into words here – complete with some really helpful links!  As always, feel free to ask questions in the comments and leave your own helpful tips as appropriate to the topic.  I plan for this to be a series, so if there’s a question you want answered, be sure to email it to me at bosssanders (at) gmail (dot) com.


Why blog?

I get this question more than one would think.  I can’t tell YOU why YOU should blog, but I can tell you why some others (me, included) do:

It’s like therapy.  Only cheaper.
It’s great for business if you’re a website because it keeps your content fresh…which google likes.
It’s a great record-keeper – Whether you want to remember the funny things your kids did (and turn it into a book later) or you just want to chronicle your life.  Whatever.
It can make you money (which I’ll explain later).

Who would even read my blog?

That my friend, you have to answer.  It’s up to you.  You can make your blog private (which I have several of those, too), you can make it semi-private (where you invite certain people) OR you can make it completely public.  It’s up to you.

As far as who would want to read your blog…well, a lot of people.  Let me tell ya.  I never really thought anyone would want to read the random ramblings of a SAHM but they do!  I have over 6500 unique visitors per month.  And, it’s growing.  It never stays the same.  The number is ALWAYS going up.  I don’t even KNOW 6500 people!!

So, just write.  No matter what you write about, there’s gonna be SOMEONE that’s interested.  (Unless you’re writing about killing kittens or something weird like that.  No, actually, I take that back.  You’ll still probably have readers…just not me.)

I don’t know much about websites and I’m not that great of a writer, how do I do this?

I slaughter grammar and I put commas and periods wherever I want to because in high-school, my AP English teacher told me that once I was a published writer, I could make up my own rules.  So I do.  And, am.  As long as you know how to use spell-check, you’re good.

And, you don’t have to know a lot about websites.  You can do a simple blog and do great OR you can do something huge and complex and hire people to do what you can’t.  It’s pretty easy like that.

What should I write about?

Your life.  Products.  Saving money.  Raising kids.  Homeschooling.  Crafts.  Techie stuff.  Making money.  Re-purposing things.  Funny things people say.  Music.  Celebrities.  People that inspire you.  Art.  Cars.  Weird fashions.  Whatever. You. Want.

Where do I start?

First, you start by signing up for your own blog.  I recommend using a WordPress or Blogger platform.

IF you are wanting to advertise on your blog, I recommend you use or use the wordpress platform and buy your own domain name and hosting (which is what I do).

IF you want something that’s really point and click and very few brain cells involved (and less freedom), go for

Keep in mind that Google owns Blogger, so you may show up EASIER in search engines, but they have rules that won’t allow you to advertise much at all.  And if they catch you, they can ban you and all sorts of stuff.

**Before you actually sign up for a blog, I suggest you decide what you will be writing and then come up with a name.  Come up with something fun, catchy, and easy to remember…unless of course, you aren’t wanting to be found or just like to be difficult.  Then, do whatever you want.

How do I make my blog pretty?

Both of the websites I linked to give you the option of a variety of themes/layouts.  Of course, you can find even more by googling them or finding someone who will design you something nicer (which comes with a fee).

My advice is to check out your favorite blog designs and look at the bottom of those blogs to see who designed it.


Favorite blog designers?

Favorite place to blog?

Do you have a blog?

Part 2 – Getting Your Blog “Out There”

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