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Rounding up June – adoption updates

by bosssanders on July 1, 2013 with no comments

The preliminary hearing for Isaiah came and went on the 18th.  From what we’ve heard, everything went as expected.  Nothing crazy.  (Yay!)  Then, we watched as friends and other folks we’ve been keeping up with went to visit their children/bring home their kids.  And, if I said it didn’t hurt a little, I’d be lying.

We’ve been looking at, longing for, and praying for this sweet boy since February.  We have no idea why our process has been so. slowed. down.  And, it stings a little.  DAILY, I’m reminding myself of WHO my God is and that His timing is perfect.  I don’t understand it now (as much as I’d love to!) but I know there has to be SOME purpose.  I may never understand it on this side.

Soon, court will close for a few months for rainy season.  When exactly or for how long, nobody seems to be able to say for sure.  Originally, we were told July 2nd!!  Luckily, that doesn’t seem to be true.  We are still praying to be able to get into court before court closes for rainy season.  We are praying that we get to travel in JULY!  (Will you pray with us?  This court session is the one that will make him OFFICIALLY OURS in Ethiopia.)  If we do not get to travel in July, it is not likely that we will be able to bring him home this year. :(

Right now, we are waiting on our MOWA letter (Ministry of Women’s Affairs)… this usually happens right after the PH and once they have it, they can schedule our court date!  We have been told that MOWA was out and now is back but is backed up.  We have no idea HOW backed up.  We were also told of another obstacle on our boy’s case, but it seems to have been lifted somehow (so, PRAISE GOD FOR THAT!).

But, we could still use your prayers!  Please pray for:

- Isaiah, that he will have peace and any emotional/physical/spiritual pain be bound up, covered, and healed in God’s love

- That the hands in charge of filling out our MOWA letter would do so STAT!

- That we would get a court date for July ASAP!  We are ready!  We are okay to leave in 48 hours as long as we can get a plane!!

- And, for peace for us.  At this point, it is beginning to feel like this will never happen.  Delays we didn’t see coming have been hitting us and it’s hard not to wonder if we’ll EVER be together some days…

We’ve drafted our packing list, bought most of the essentials (the few things left can be bought at Walmart/CVS), procured luggage, and have plans for childcare.  Our paperwork is printed.  All we need is a court date!

In other news, it’s the first of the month… we have a new waitlist number for adoption #2 (unless God makes it happen a different way!)  We went from #19 to….




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