Today, January 28, 2014

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Outside my window…
Global warming was all the rage for the past decade…and now people are yammering about global cooling.  I think both are natural and it goes back and forth… but, in the meantime… it’s TOO cold outside thankyouverymuch.

I am thinking…
It’s perfectly fine to want something better, to be better.  It becomes not okay when we begin to use and hurt people to get there.  Sometimes, we hurt more than we help…even when we had good intentions.

I am thankful…
41.  For communication.  Real truth, spoken with love.
42.  True friendships.  The kind that make you smile and have your back.
43.  That my oldest daughter has some amazing little people in her life that she calls friends (and I happen to really like, too!)
44.  That I’m a grown up…
45.  For unfrozen unbusted pipes… I’ve seen so many people dealing with crazy stuff during this weather…
46.  For a warm home and a soft bed.
47.  For the funny things that my kids say…like AJ’s new phrase, “Poopty tooty” – I have no idea exactly what it means but he says it and his face plus voice just makes it hysterical.
48.  For yummy coffee and a “vat of brownies”
49.  For friends who bring goodies when weeks seem to not let up
50.  For listening ears and wise advice

In the kitchen…

Sourdough bread….rising….
And, chicken pot pie for supper…

I am reading…


On the back cover of The Simplified Guide: Paul’s Letters to the Churches by David Hazelton:

“Paul’s letters were written for “all those everywhere who call on the name of our Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Corinthians 1:2).  He wrote to regular Christians, like you and me, about the daily challenges we confront in our walk with Christ.  Paul is very clear – the Gospel message of salvation is simple, straightforward, and available to all who come in faith.”

My favorite thing about this book is that Hazelton takes Paul’s letters and breaks them down into categories like: sexual purity, daily ups and downs, how we act, our relationships, etc.  He goes through and lays out what the teachings of Paul has for us WITH scripture notated (which is important!).  I really appreciate that it’s written in a no-nonsense-pick-up-and-go way and the topics don’t have to be read in order.

This book is perfect for folks who can’t dedicate a couple of hours in one sitting to thoroughly meditate on scripture (or just feel overwhelmed at thinking about it) and could use a super easy way to get started at looking at what Paul’s letters and teachings say about [insert topic here].

You can find it … HERE.

We/I am learning…

*I* am learning about using yoga to help with back pain using these videos:

In Arthritis Rx, Stephanie Culen leads three levels of workouts based on yoga and Pilates designed by Vijay Vad, MD.  The beginners level helps with flexibility, the intermediate level helps build strength, and the advanced level improves endurance.  While I may be considered “young” still, it’s been a helpful set to learn some stretches for problem areas where my stress tends to “collect” and cause issues.

Then, there’s the Yoga to the Rescue series… MY FAVORITE!  I had been to the doctor and complained about a lower back pain that I could NOT get rid of.  Peppermint oil, lots of ibuprofen, stretching, resting, cold packs, warm packs, massage…NOTHING.  It was enough pain that anything beyond lying down hurt…which, with 4 little kids was NOT an issue.  I popped this dvd in and within moments… I had relief!  With a few simple stretches and an exercise to help move my hips to their correct alignment, the pain subsided and has STAYED gone.  Now, I do the stretches as I think of them (the hip alignment is unnoticeable to others so you can even do it in line at the grocery!) and they’ve helped a ton!

Stress tends to collect in my body in my neck and shoulders, as well and there is also a neck and shoulders dvd in this series that is great!  I know SO many people with hurting backs, necks and shoulders due to all sorts of things (stress, playing with our kiddos, computer use, discs, etc) and this dvd set is incredibly brilliant.  Just make sure you order BOTH the back and neck/shoulders dvds!

Around the house…

Remember back when I posted that one of my next projects was to do a photo collage in my living room?  Well… it’s finished.  I’m pretty happy with it, I do believe…

A favorite quote…

One of my favorite things…

These ink pens for the many notes I take:

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