Today – Tuesday, December 3, 2013

by bosssanders on December 3, 2013 with 2 comments

Outside my window…
The sun is out and trees have bared their leaves….

I am thinking…

So, so true…

I am thankful…
27.  For friends who shower us with so much love – from organizing and sprucing up our house while we are in Africa to welcome home signs to airport homecomings to gifts left on the doorstep to encouraging words and meals at our door.
28.  For these little smiles that make my heart light up.
29.  For gingerbread houses.
30.  For homemade hot-chocolate and lit up christmas trees.

In the kitchen…

So excited to have the “night off” as a friend is bringing us a meal tonight.  I am worn out!

I am reading…

Adopted – God’s “Plan A”

I’ve heard a lot in the adoption world how adoption is “Plan B” – but, I love this look at adoption – this mirroring of what God did for us.  Aaron Hartman does a great job of explaining how we were all adopted by God and it was His PLAN A.  He walks through biblical examples and stories and relates it to us, in the here and now…our being adopted by God. Then, he turns another stone in talking about what it means when it comes to US adopting OTHERS.

This is a short read, but a great one.  I highly recommend it!  You can buy it HERE.

I am hoping…
To get a nap today and feel well enough to make cookies with my darlings, tonight.

We/I am learning…
Our newest little guy has learned over 120 words/phrases in less than 4 weeks (and that’s just what I’ve caught with pen and paper!)…he understands a lot more!  He’s learned most of his colors and is working on shapes and letters Aa-Oo now.  He’s doing GREAT!
We are spending some great time this season learning and talking more about Jesus and the meaning of Christmas.

Around the house…
A friend of mine just finished our family portraits, so I’m SUPER excited to get them printed and hung around the house!  Other than that… once I get rid of this crud, it’ll be MISSION ORGANIZE the MASTER BEDROOM!

A favorite quote…

One of my favorite things…

Hot chocolate in Paris.  It’s seriously the best. thing. ever.
It’s not like the watery-junky we have here in America…it’s thick and decadent and seriously like a drinkable dessert!  YUM!
We’ve found a pretty close competitor that we make here, at home.  Delish!

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  • Aaron Hartman

    Thanks for reading the book. Hopefully it was impactful.

    As John Piper likes to say, “adoption is greater than the universe,” and God’s finalized adoption of us into His family is the expectation of all of creation.

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