Adoption Updates!

by bosssanders on October 23, 2012 with 2 comments

In my head, there’s this chorus of “We did it, we did it, we did it… YEAH!!”  (Thank you, Dora the Explorer.)

We did it!  –The home-study, that is!  We got the call yesterday that we’ve been officially approved to adopt one child between 0-5 from Ethiopia with possible special needs.  (This is different from actually being placed with a child.)  We are super excited to be able to begin the next set of paperwork and round those corners so that we can enter the “waiting game” – not that we haven’t done our fair share of waiting thus far.

So, What’s Next?

Now… we are starting our fundraisers back up again.  (YAY!)  We will be making a few things to sell (just in time for Christmas gifts!!) and ALL proceeds go to bringing our little one home.

First, we are building a puzzle (see right sidebar):

How can you help??


Sponsor a puzzle piece for a donation of $20! Help us build this puzzle to bring our little one home! With each $20 donation, we will write the donor’s name on the back and when the puzzle is completed, we’ll hang it in a double-sided frame to help us and our child remember the people God used in our (His) story to bring our little guy home. <3

To donate, click the donate button in the right sidebar…easy peasy (and thank you!)

What is this money for?

To see what we’ve already paid ourselves (and what we have still to pay), go HERE for an updated list.

Below are the NEXT set of costs that will be coming up in the next month or so:

Home Study and Agency Fee – $2916.66 (Agency Fee 3)
Agency Fee 4 – $2916.66
CIS Application Fee (including fingerprints for 2 adults) $ 890.00
Parents’ Passports $ 240.00
Passport Pictures (2 sets each) $ 20.00
FedEx fees (dossier sent to Lifeline) $ 45.00
FedEx fees (authentication shipping) $ 300.00
Dossier Authentication $ 575.00

We appreciate your prayers and donations from the bottom of our hearts!  We are so excited that you have joined this journey with us!

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  • Katie

    I just donated $50 with your donate button for a puzzle piece. My reciept says I gave money to a maternity company. I find this disconcerting, and dissapointing. Pls email me and reassure me that my donation is going to bring your child home. Thank you.

  • Ashley

    Thank you SO much!! Long story short – when my 5 yr old was a baby, I opened an online boutique. A year or two later, I closed it. I used my main email address and contact info to open the PayPal acct and when I went to change it, it wanted a different set of contact info. So, it’s still tagged with First Impressions, but in reality the only thing I use it for while we are in the adoption journey is for adoption. Please do come back and follow our journey as we work to bring our little one home! Thank you so much for being a part of this magnificent miracle-filled story!
    Much love,
    Ashley Sanders

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