Whole30 Day 7

by bosssanders on September 7, 2012 with 2 comments

I’ve been using Paleo and Whole30 relatively interchangeably, because in my head I equate them to ALMOST the same.  But, I thought I might give a little more info here.

First, there are 3 main courses, if you will, on ways to go down this path —

Primal, Paleo, and Whole30.

Primal is no grains, no white sugar (but you can have honey, stevia, etc it seems), fruits and veggies from good sources (organic and the like), and meat that is grass fed/organic/no additives.  And, cheese.

Paelo is basically primal minus the cheese.

Whole30 is like Paleo/Primal but NO CHEESE and NO SUGARS from stevia/honey/the like.  And, also a little stricter on certain additives.

Today is day 7 for us.  I have to say it’s probably my hardest yet.  Our menu list and ingredients are beginning to dwindle down (time for another grocery trip!) and when I look at the fresh veggies, I am just not seeing creations in my head today.  Probably because I’m hungry and tired and have nothing on back up like I’ve been trying to do.  So, today, my cravings are front and center for me.  Surprisingly, it’s not sugary goodness (although that sounds yum too) – it’s mostly pizza and quesadillas with queso.  –Which, surprises me a LOT.

I really thought I’d be writhing on the floor from sugar withdrawals.  I also didn’t think I was so attached to BREAD/GRAINS.  Interesting.  I keep craving them.

I find it very interesting that, we as a society, are so driven by food…me included.  We let food drive us…we dream about it, think about it, let it dictate our plans.  It’s really weird!  This food that’s just supposed to be fuel for our bodies has become some sort of obsession for us.

I have found myself really considering what to do… for example… we have 2 weddings this month.  Do we go ahead and eat or do we bow out of the reception (this is most likely not a gluten free/grain free/dairy free/sugar free thing we’re talking about.  I’m talking about fluffy yummy icing and thick sauces and cheese)?  Or, do we look like goobers and bring lunch boxes (I’m vetoing this one here and now).

What do you do?

What would YOU do?

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  • Paige

    I totally understand about the relationship with food. I have such a huge emotional attachment to food. We eat when we celebrate an accomplishment or a happy event. We eat to socialize with friends and family. We crave certain foods to comfort us during stressful times.

    I have looked at these 30 day challenges with food. What we’ve done is just incorporate little things at a time or cut out things we don’t need. I try really hard not to buy candy or heavily processed foods like poptarts. I bought maple syrup instead of the cheaper stuff that has 50 ingredients. I buy brands that have cut out artificial ingredients, etc. But I haven’t been able to go 100%. I know myself and know that if I cut out all cheese or all sugar, I would quit the diet after about 3 days and go nuts eating those things.

    If I were going to a wedding or birthday party, I’d just eat whatever they were having but try to eat in moderation instead of pigging out. It’s a party and not an everyday thing. Splurging every once in a while can be fun.

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