Day 3-5 (Paleo)

by bosssanders on September 6, 2012 with 2 comments

Rora (3 years) and myself gearing up to chop onions!  (Disclaimer: I chopped, she stirred.)

We’ve had some great meals the past few days – but, we weren’t creative and mainly just stuck with the recipes.  I’m going to post their photos with credits to them AND a link to the original recipe, so click the link below the photo if you want to see their recipe.


First up is the Pork Avocado Cream Enchiladas from PALEOMG – and honestly, it wasn’t my fave.  I don’t know if it was the green-ness or the pancake texture of the “tortillas”.  The kids weren’t really huge fans, either.  i did have leftovers the next day and used salsa verde instead of the avocado cream topping and liked it much better.  I also liked the tortillas warmed over better.  The kids…did not eat it (and they aren’t generally picky).  The meat was SUPER tender and we had tons left over, so I froze some of the meat and then used some of the other for eating with fresh veggies.  Because I am ALL ABOUT leftovers and saving some money :)


Next, we tried the Southwestern Frittata from Everyday Paleo.  I doubled the recipe and made 2 – one to keep out and eat and one to freeze.  Loved having this around for snack/lunch/breakfast.  Another plus?  The kids ate it!


We actually made our Chicken Sliders WITHOUT the homemade paleo-ish buns.  Although, I look forward to trying them :)   These were really good…except, trying to save money, we decided to use chicken we had and cooked and chopped it super-fine.  You really do need ground chicken to make them stick together and look all pretty.  Tasted the same, which means they tasted great anyhow…but, still!  We will definitely do these again.  My girls loved these!


Tomato Cream Chicken Sausage ‘Pasta’ was last night and it came from PALEOMG, also.  Pretty yum, except the kids weren’t too impressed.  We would definitely try it again, though.


We’ve definitely CHOSEN to carefully frame this Paleo/Whole30 adventure in a specific mind-frame of THIS IS NOT A DIET.  THIS IS A CHOICE.  We are doing this for us…therefore, we cannot “cheat” – simply because, how do you cheat when it’s something you choose?  So, let’s say after our initial 30 days of healing, I want to have coffee with a friend one day…or there is a wedding…then, we can CHOOSE and not feel guilty.  Pretty liberating, if you ask me!

Sarah Fragoso heard about our Paleo Adventures and was super-excited for us, so she sent a couple of her awesome cookbooks to check out – and they rock!  I have to say, if you are new to Paleo or just want to consider changing some things, her books are a MUST-READ.  I loved reading about her personal story and the things she’s overcome and loved her down-to-earth no-nonsense approach to the “Why Paleo?” question.  In her book, Sarah also talks about “eating non-Paleo” occasionally and I love the fact that she takes time to note that if you DO choose to fall off the wagon, just don’t fall into gluten!  Why?  Because, in short, it takes 10-20 days to get back out of your system.  You’ll want to read her book for more info on WHY you don’t want some of this stuff in your body as I won’t dive that deep into it here, but for the first time EVER, I actually read the front of the cookbook!  And, enjoyed it!

So far, I’ve learned that we really need to work on being more prepared.  This first week has really shown us some great things that we can work on to make this go fabulously!  First of all, we can save ourselves tons of time if at the beginning of each week, we cook some meats (sausages, bacon, beef, chicken) and chop up veggies and store them separated in the fridge.  Then, in a moments notice, we can mix up salads, make frittatas, etc.  Also, making double of recipes we love and freezing!  Frittatas are awesome and can be made in all sorts of ways and are super easy for breakfasts and lunches.

We stay pretty busy here, so I like things that are super fast and convenient for lunches and breakfasts… leftovers rock.  We’ve also learned that it doesn’t have to be expensive at all.  At first, I planned around having a specific meal 3 times a day with corresponding recipes and we bought for that – I’d actually recommend doing that for anyone just getting started.  You can use your first week or half-week to see how much your family eats when you take out grains/sugars and yet, you are prepared if they eat more.  Personally, the meals we’ve chosen keeps us full and our meals are lasting us longer than we thought.  Plus, I notice the girls getting fuller faster.

We are trying some fun recipes because we see this as an adventure and an opportunity to break out of our cooking/eating rut and try NEW things in NEW combinations.  But, if you feel less-fun, you can cook hamburgers with most mustards, tomatoes, spinach, avocado, etc and eat with no bun and no cheese.  Eat with a side of some carrots and VOILA!  Or, you can do Salmon and asparagus.  If you are super picky…just read the whole30 guidelines and make sure those ingredients aren’t in your favorite foods (or sub them out)…and you are good to go!

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  • Buff

    What a great rerucsoe this text is.

  • Open

    Well my first batch of these are in the oven! Had a few minor mishaps. Forgot to take the paper off the bototm of the meat at first, that was fun. Discovered I only had five eggs then four because my toddler pulled the carton off the counter. Then I forgot to save the larger slices of sweet potatoe for the top, so there are little midget sized slices on top lol. Whew, through all that they are baking!! And I’ve been drooling over the recipe for weeks, can’t wait to try them. :)

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