by bosssanders on August 8, 2012 with no comments

We recently had these at a friend’s home:

I promptly went home and whipped some up.  They then promptly disappeared from the freezer.

Lucky for my family, these are super easy to make!

You need:

Chocolate graham crackers
Sprinkles (optional)
Cool Whip

Put Cool Whip on Chocolate Graham Crackers and sprinkle on sprinkles.  Put in the freezer.  Eat.  Hide from the children and husband if you want them to last (put them in a container marked “breast milk” or “liver and onions” or “placenta” or something to keep butterfingers out of them)…then, eat some more.  But, don’t be stingy… at least share the sprinkles.  Gah, come on!

(Mine have mysteriously disappeared.  I’ve questioned the witnesses but they seem to no NOTHING about the disappearance… nor do they know how chocolate crumb residue got to be in the corners of their mouths…)

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