Mounds Of Paperwork

by bosssanders on August 7, 2012 with 1 comment

The mound of paperwork sitting in front of me is huge, it almost seems insurmountable.  Overwhelming?  Yes.

Right now, we are preparing for our homestudy visit – shifting rooms to make more room for more littles.  Moving furniture.  Trying to make it look like I don’t have a 8 month old, 3 year old, and 5 year old who tear this place apart and leave destruction in their wake on a daily basis.  It’s kind of fun, and a little freeing… until I see that now i have 3 loads of laundry and a sink full of dishes asking to be done (and a whole list of TO DO’s).

I’ve heard everything from horror stories to almost-love stories on how the homestudy is supposed to go.  I’ve heard about failing because of one expired neosporin (so we made sure to buy an unopened BRAND NEW first aid kit…just in case… even though I have more first aid stuff than would fit in a tool box (trust me, we bought one of those too for our meds with a lock!)  I’ve heard of social workers checking inside the fridge to make sure you had enough food for 3 days (which seems pretty relative, depending on how resourceful of a cook you are!) and going through drawers.  But, then I’ve also heard of SW who don’t even go through the whole house, or who have approved folks in the MIDDLE of major renovations.  So, I’m a little nervous – not ever having done this before and not knowing at ALL what to expect.

We don’t have any huge exposed wires and we have running water, but suddenly I’m looking at every new thing as if it’s a new hazard.  Everything can pretty much be a choking hazard or kill us suddenly.  “Honey, I think that dresser is dangerous.  (What? Why?)  What if they pull on the drawer and the drawer comes down on their heads?  Or, what if they chew on it and it’s toxic or they get a mouthful of oh-I-don’t-know… wood and choke?  We probably need to get rid of it.”

Okay, I’m not going to get rid of our dressers, but seriously…  NO REALLY.

I think I’ll just shove all of the laundry in the car when she comes…and then park it down the street.


We’ve definitely seen God in a lot of details lately.  We’ve been saving like crazy, but there’s so much it seems like we didn’t account for… like buying a fire extinguisher for our house or NEXT DAY Fed Ex mailers required for certain paperwork, fees for background checks/fingerprints, etc.  So, our budget took a bit of a hit in JULY, but this is the really cool part…

I went to go pay bills, knowing I needed to choose which ones HAD to be paid right then (usually I pay them all at once, regardless of whether their due date is 2 weeks out or not) — AND, almost ALL of them showed we didn’t owe anything yet.  As in, I couldn’t have paid even if I wanted too yet!  Praise God!  It’ll give us at least another week to make sure things are covered.  Yay!

In other news, I’ve drug back out the cloth diapers.  I’m trying to cut our budget in every little way possible, and spending $20-30 on diapers just seems insane.  So, that’s money we’re hoping to put back for adoption fees.  Also, we’re tightening down on “frivolous spending” like eating out or expensive at home meals.  Unfortunately, I’m having trouble remembering what all we used to eat for inexpensive meals.  So, if you have any recipes that end up being $1.50 per serving (main dishes), please send them my way!

I’m also still working my part-time business (Zrii) to help contribute towards some of the payments.

And, we’ve been so blessed by some of the random acts of kindness from folks we’ve never met — a couple of people who have sent us some donations that adds up.  So, thank you!!

On that note, we’ve decided to do something fun…

We want a way to record all of the people who help bring our child home, and so we came up with this:

It’s a 700-piece puzzle collage of images from Africa!  Our goal is to have all 700 pieces sponsored for $20 each – which would bring us to almost half of the fees we need to help bring our little one home!  As each piece is sponsored, we will write their names on the back of the puzzle piece and when it’s all finished, we will frame it in a double sided frame and hang as a forever-reminder of the love of God and His people.  I’m very excited about this, as you can tell!  It’s going to be such an incredible keepsake!

So far, we’ve paid around $3700 and we are currently working on being able to make the next set of payments.  I’m listing them here because I want those of you who have given to be able to see where your money is going!

$3,000 in home study fees
$890 CIS FEE
$195 NCFA Parent Training
$150 International Adoption Clinic Seminar
$575 Dossier Authentication
$345 Fed Ex fees (authentication shipping)


I am struggling between my flesh and my spirit – and, remembering that this “busy-ness” here on Earth is only a TINY piece of the picture.  That, while I may feel overwhelmed over how clean my house is for the SW and feeling intimidated or judged by someone who doesn’t know me being able to decide if we are worthy…that God has already said we ARE WORTHY.  It’s a struggle I fight daily right now and each day, I remind myself that everything that needs to be done was done on the cross for me (thanks Sara for this reminder!)

And today, I got this lovely reminder:

“There comes a point when you either believe that God has promised what He has promised, or you believe that His promises for you aren’t understandable, applicable, or true…  What you need to remember, however much knowledge of His will you have, is that God’s plan for you is to discover His purposes; to believe His promises, no matter how unlikely they seem; and to know Him as a result of the process.”

Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Okay, God…I’m ready.

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  • Steph

    Hi! I saw a recipe of yours on pinterest and found your blog. It’s funny to me that you were moving furniture around for a home study because that’s what I was doing yesterday! (With a sink full of dirty dishes). I’m praying my caseworker is really fast and not into detail. :) We’re in the final stretch of getting licensed to be foster parents.

    i’m praying that you will see God’s providence in every step along the way. I have no doubt that you will be blessed and be a blessing, to the child and to the others you meet along the way. Thanks for the post!

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