Colors – by Aurora

by bosssanders on July 24, 2012 with no comments

We sat down to work through Rora’s preschool workbook – the topic was Same vs. Different.

Me: “Rora, which one is different?”

R: “This one.  It not the same.”

Me:  “Good job!  So, which ones are the same?”

R: “This one. This one. And, this one.”

Me: “Great!  Okay, let’s color the ones that are the same the same color, and we’ll color the different one a different color.”

R:  “…Kay…”

Me:  “Rora, great job… wait, let’s color the ones that are the same the SAME color.”

R:  “No, I want them different.”

Me:  “We’ll color the next ones different, but these are the SAME so they need to be the same color like the directions say…”

R:  “WELL… (and very emotional) JESUS loves ALL the colors, so I’m gonna color them all different!”

Me:  “You’re right.  Jesus loves all colors…”

R:  “Mmmhmm I’m telling you…”

Me:  *stare*  *smile*  (My 3 year old just outsmarted me.)

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