21 Day (Organizing) Challenge!

by bosssanders on July 24, 2012 with no comments

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think “cleaning” and “organizing” are hot topics in almost every family.  I don’t think I’ve met an (honest) person yet who has it “all figured out” – well, at least not all figured out AND doing it ;)   I can tell YOU all day HOW to organize, but keeping it that way?  With junk mail, new things coming in our home, and 3 littles… good luck with that!

But, it doesn’t mean we don’t try.  So, I’m starting a 21-day challenge for organizing!  I’d love for you to join in and if you blog, write about it on your blog and link back!  Or, feel free to let me know what you are struggling with in any of these (or other) areas in the comments!  Each day, I’m going to try and give some updates or little tips/tricks for organizing.

I hope you play along – it’s always more fun to do it together!  (Pictures are always welcome, too!)

21 Day Challenge (Organize!)

Day 1:  30 things – GET THEM OUT OF YOUR HOUSE.
Day 2:  Laundry Room
Day 3:  Junk Drawer
Day 4:  Computer Desk
Day 5:  Kids’ Closet
Day 6:  Kids’ Toys
Day 7:  Spice Cabinet
Day 8:  Medicine Cabinet
Day 9:  The Freezer
Day 10: Under the Kitchen Sink
Day 11:  Garage
Day 12:  The Fridge
Day 13:  Under Bathroom Sink
Day 14:  Master Closet
Day 15:  Linen Closet
Day 16:  Photos
Day 17:  Mail/Bills
Day 18:  Files (taxes, important documents, etc.)
Day 19:  Under Your Bed
Day 20:  30 Things… GET THEM OUT OF YOUR HOUSE
Day 21:  You pick!

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