My God Is Mighty

by bosssanders on July 18, 2012 with 1 comment

It’s funny how when you step out in faith, Satan seems to come and try to meet you right there…

He’s in the doubt, the well-meaning friends who try to dissuade you, the rude remarks…  He knows his game so very well – I mean, he’s been at it from the start of time!  He knows what makes you question, he knows your “weaker” spots.

It’s amazing, though, how when you finally step out in faith for something you believe so strongly in… the things God begins doing in your life.  –The little pieces that start to fall so perfectly in place.  Even the things that SEEM to not go your way, make sense as other pieces fall into place.  And tiny piece by tiny piece, you begin to see a part of the picture unfolding before you.  It’s breathtaking, magical.

We’ve been praying very boldly and specifically and prayers are being answered in much the same way.

Me being me, struggles sometimes though with wanting SO MUCH to walk exactly on track lest I screw something up, that I WORRY about where I’m placing each foot.  –As if I could slightly misstep and cause this whole thing to crumble as if it was a delicate structure.

But, the truth is this:

My God is mighty.

When I worry, I slander the protection God has built around my family, my life.  I am essentially questioning His strength, His willingness, His plan.  By worrying, we communicate that we are suspicious of whether His glory really dwells within.

Wow, right?

God is diligent over His plans.  He does not waste hurts and he does not waste materials.  He does not treat His designs casually, He is not sloppy in His work, and He is NEVER deferred from completing His project.

He will not fail to use ME (and you!) exactly as He planned.

To think that I could “mess up” his great plan is quite frankly, arrogant, of me.

In wanting to follow so closely, I’ve given myself too much power.  All He asks of me is a pure heart that is WILLING — and he’ll work out the rest.

Amazing. I am constantly amazed and in awe of my God.

Father God, you are Awesome in Power and I stand before you completely amazed and so in love.  Our hearts are ready, God.  Please guide our feet where you want us to go – and Lord, if we begin to swerve or walk too slow or too fast, we trust that YOU will speed us up/detour us/etc.  We are so glad that you fight for each of us, that all of your people may experience your love and your grace and mercy and we are so so thankful.  We pray that You give us strength and protection on this new journey.  In Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen.

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  • MarySue

    I was led to your blog via a Pinterest recipe and just kept reading. Thanks for some yummy recipes and this inspiration that I heartily agree with.

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