by bosssanders on July 7, 2012 with 1 comment

I woke up bright and early, thinking we could tackle the overgrown bushes (which look a lot like they grew tentacles in the past couple of weeks).  Unfortunately, my husband disagreed by not waking up.  So, I set out to take down the foilage myself.  I mean, really?  How hard could it be?

Apparently, not hard at all.

These hedge trimmers can cut through ANYTHING!!!

I was pretty excited and was all, “I’m a ROCKSTAR!!”

And then it died… That’s when I realized it really can cut through anything.

Not to be dissuaded, I ran inside and found some tape (which comes only second to a band-aid in making “everything better”).

Suddenly, I had POWERRRR again!  Yeh!

I sliced through the jungle in front of my house, taking down shrubbery with vengeance!  No MERCY for you, you leafy green growth!  Bahaha!  I was kind of getting into the karate chopping-like motions I’d seen others do with my Powerrrrr!



Sometimes I guess too much power can lead to none at all.

(Wow, that sounded deep.)

Apparently, I am no longer allowed to operate power tools and trim hedges (Steven thinks it looks more like they were massacred rather than trimmed.)

I’m surprisingly not very sad about this.

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  • Michele

    At least you still have all your fingers and toes. I did slice my finger this morning. All while my hubby sat in a lawn chair with his coffee enjoying the “show”. lol

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