A Grand Adventure

by bosssanders on June 27, 2012 with no comments

I suppose I’m what you’d call a “safe” person – actually, the term “boring” might not be that far of a stretch, either.  I’m the type of girl who has a PLAN B… for PLAN B.
Some might look at my life and argue that I’ve been on plenty of adventures – you know, like deployment and having a baby while my husband was on the opposite side of the world, but honestly… those are the types of things I seem to fall in to and spend most of my time trying to scramble OUT OF.
Big grand adventures, for me, meant the equivalent of getting stuck in a snowstorm, plummeting to your death in a canyon, or even worse.  I’m the chick that wouldn’t DARE start her day without her list in hand.  I’m the girl who analyzes and researches, not wanting to leave much to chance.
But, now I’m ready for MY big adventure.  I want to analyze less and connect more.  With God.  With His people.  I want God to be my Plan A and my Plan B.  I just want to be with Him and I want to live my life victoriously FOR Him.

I don’t really know what that will look like in my life, but I’m ready to learn!  So, if you have any suggestions, send them my way and I’ll try not to make another list!
My lists have “accomplished” much – bringing us many opportunities… but, at the end of the day…I’m just ready to LIVE FULLY, to embrace the unknown and magic of this life.
I’m ready to go out and begin my great adventure, and I’m not even going to pack a suitcase or print an itinerary.

This could get really interesting…

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