Just A Journey

by bosssanders on April 27, 2012 with no comments

We’re on our way to healthier eating.  It’s a journey…

I know better than to jump in at full force ALL. AT. ONCE.

Some of you have been keeping up with the ongoing conversation over HERE.  (For those of you who haven’t been to my site’s FB page yet, go!  Lots of great extras that I don’t put up on here!)

I love that it’s not just me wanting to do better!  So, many of us have chosen to accept the MISSION of more wholesome eating.

Here’s what we have covered so far:

MISSION #4: Choose 100% WHOLE WHEAT products (with no high fructose corn syrup)… so… breads, tortillas, buns, etc. UNLESS YOU ARE GLUTEN-SENSITIVE!!

(and a recap)

Mission#3: Nix the veggie and canola oil for coconut and virgin olive oil (see mission 3′s post for complete list)

Mission #2: butter instead of margarine

Mission #1: no soda!

(Complete missions are listed on the FB page with more info!)

And then, I found some really awesome links!

  • The dirty dozen and clean 15 list (Top things to buy organic and the things that don’t matter quite as much…great for stretching your budget!) HERE
  • Voting with your dollars…how much organic really costs HERE
  • List of healthy breads HERE
  • The truth about nasty dyes HERE and HERE

There’s so much more on the Facebook page, I’d love to have you join the conversation!  See you there!

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