When Old Becomes New

by bosssanders on December 29, 2011 with no comments

This season has been both sweet and challenge-filled (Merry Christmas, by the way)!  First, our sweet baby boy came and then almost 4 weeks later, his daddy came home from Iraq.

… And a father met his son for the very first time…

… And lots of hugs and tears (and smiles) as our family learns to reintegrate.  –Which is darn hard, by the way… Taking expectations and what “used to be” and throwing them out the window and learning who each of us are now.  He’s changed.  The girls have changed.  I have changed…  Everything has changed.

He’s experienced a different lifestyle – something that almost resembled “single life” while being deprived of many other things…

He’s grown wiser in some ways but has forgotten other things that seem so simple to those of us who live them daily…

And, he’s been thrown into suddenly having an infant and middle-of-the-night feedings and changings and the craziness of 3 little ones 4 and under.

Rora no longer has a paci…and she talks in full sentences…

Rora also can use the potty some….

Lala has gotten BIG and is animated and curious and SO stinkin smart…

And me, I’m different too.  I’ve mostly been “on my own” and experienced some of worst fears, things I never wanted to do.  But, I did them anyhow.  And, now I know I can.  I’m stronger.  I’m more confident.  And…I’ve gotten used to doing things MY way.

As a couple, we’re re-learning how to be patient and understanding.  We’re re-learning how to work together and how to relax and just…be a couple.

It’s hard work.

And, it’s a challenge we all gladly accept.  <3

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