37 Weeks And Counting…

by bosssanders on November 10, 2011 with no comments

Me at 37 weeks pregnant…

Apparently my immune system is shot.  I’ve become sort of a hermit these days and yet I’ve still managed to come down with “something.”  There’s a deep cough (productive), headache, body aches, exhaustion, and all that.  Granted, the cough could be causing the headaches (as well as a few random contractions), and pregnancy could ALSO explain the rest, so who knows.  Anyhow, my doc prescribed me a Z-Pak for good measures because really, this kinda stinks.

Last night, there was another *episode* as I’ve begun calling them.  The contractions that get increasingly harder and stay consistent for about 7 or 8 hours and end in me being sick to my stomach (in the both ways possible, sometimes at the very same time.  YAY.  Pregnancy is SO gorgeous!)

The contractions, paired with me feeling an overall feeling of YUCK made me wonder if this was indeed going to be IT.  But, then again, I wonder that EVERY time …and then I roll my eyes like my 4 year old does.

Obviously, last night wasn’t IT.  I’m still pregnant.  –Which is okay, I don’t really want to have the sore uterus and tummy (or a newborn) with this icky cough.  That, and my doula is going out of town.

In other news, (and this is just so exciting – haha) I lost my (or at least part of) mucus plug!  See, fun, RIGHT?  Riiiggghhhttt?   I know, I should’ve taken pictures or drawn a smiley face, but hey…it’s always in retrospect, right?  Anyhow, I was fascinated with it because a) it wasn’t like the books described it and b) I never saw anything with either girl.  (If you are squeamish, THIS is where you skip to the next paragraph.  Actually, if you’re squeamish, you may want to stop reading my blog.  Sorry.)  And here is where I describe it because the books didn’t do such a good job…  clear and small and gummy/rubbery.  It actually wasn’t gross.  Had I found it on the floor, I would’ve thought it was one of those little adhesive gummy thingies they use to stick stuff in magazines and mailings…  it was almost just like that.  I googled what they look like after that, though and found a few pictures, although apparently it can look like a variety of things.  Except for a lion.  If something resembling a lion comes out, you have something else going on.  Just saying.

During my check up, today, we also saw that the little guy has LOTS of hair supposedly.  I’m used to bald babies, so I didn’t even think to put hair gel on the baby registry, but turns out, we might need some.  Guess what else!  He also is BREECH again!  Grrr ARGH!  Breech and facing my back at 37.5 (ish) weeks.  Awesome, no?  No.  Not really.  In good news, he did pass the “sniffing” test (it’s what the nicknamed part of a test they do via u/s where they watch him to see if he’s making the movements for breathing…and he was!)

Lots of pressure when I walk, exhausted, lots of peeing and … you know, normal pregnancy stuff.


Doing laundry (washing) in my upright washer (Bending over the top is quite uncomfortable and may result in falling in)
Peeing in the pee sample cups at the doctors’ office.  It’s more of a position-and-guess game.  You just HOPE it doesn’t end up all over your hands.  They need the bowls to collect the pee.
Shaving.  A little dangerous.  My balance is off and I can’t even see my feet.  I’m not saying I shave my feet, but I clearly can’t see anything else below my belly…

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