36 Weeks Pregnant – A Quickie

by bosssanders on November 4, 2011 with no comments

Meet Aidan…

He’s not due for another few weeks, but apparently I have an angry uterus.  –Not to be confused with “irritable uterus.”  Still having bouts of contractions that can be pretty hard core and laborish (one stint lasted a whole 24 hours.  Mostly they just last 7 or 8).  As I’ve stated before…these are more than Braxton Hicks but haven’t produced a baby…so, I don’t really know what to call them any more.  They suck and hurt, though…so, I’m not a fan.

In other news, we had an ultrasound this week, and Aidan’s lungs need a little more time.  He’s not really doing whatever it is he’s supposed to be doing (something about “sniffing” as they call it), so my doctor doesn’t want me to go in labor now (meaning she’d most likely stop my contractions with more shots if I came in while they were consistent.)

Next week, she wants to check again to see where he’s at via ultrasound.

I have my “labor bag” mostly packed and ready to go (with the exception of my laptop, makeup/facewash, and clothes for me to go home in).  I also wrote a short “birth plan” which is much simpler and includes bulleted points – It mostly just lists my allergies and a few things I want the staff to be aware of (medical conditions and what I don’t/do want…like, NO C SECTION if at all possible).

There aren’t a whole lot of updates this week…

I have no clue what I weigh since I’ve not kept up with it this pregnancy.  No “new” things…just these pesky contractions that leave me sick and feeling really tired.

Now, I just need to put his car seat in the car (unbuckled) just. in. case.

After that, I’m probably as “ready” and “prepared” as I’ll ever be.  Ha!

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