35 Weeks Pregnant

by bosssanders on October 25, 2011 with no comments

Cravings: Yogurt from this new yogurt-place in town.  And… Cracker Barrel’s Chicken and Rice (you can only get it on Saturdays) with biscuits, sweet carrots, and turnip greens.  Yum.

Movement: He moves a lot!

Symptoms: – Still having the normal “heartburn” – so, no mexican or chinese for me.  But, that’s okay.

CONTRACTIONS.  When they come, it’s usually because I’ve been up doing things…anything.  And, when they come, they are the “gasp” worthy kind.  But, it’s the “oh my” gasp, not the I WILL KILL YOU gasps because you feel every bump in the road and need to pull the car over every time one hits.  Have gotten down to 2 minutes apart and regular.  Water and lying down do nothing to stop them.  They last for HOURS and are uncomfortable, usually accompanied by back pain or period like cramps.  This is EXACTLY how my labor with Rora began except…it didn’t happen over a few weeks.  Thankfully.

What I miss: my husband.  Back and foot rubs.

Clothing: I have a few outfits to wear and for the rest of the days, I wear big tshirts…because it’d be dumb to spend lots of money of clothes I’ll only wear around my sweet banana smearing children.

New Thing I Learned This Week: Having a cold/flu virus (last week) while pregnant is not fun.  Even less fun when the kids have it too!

Best Moment This Week: Getting un-sick.

What I Couldn’t Live Without: Tissue.  And… the family and friends who helped out this past week and while I was in the hospital Monday.  <3

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