Gifts With Attitude

by bosssanders on October 20, 2011 with 1 comment

The children were all lined up, each holding his or her gift offering for the birthday child, waiting for their turn to position it in front of the others on the birthday table.  By the smile on most of their faces, it would almost appear that THEY were the recipients.  But, no – they were excited to see the wrapping and tissue paper ripped to shreds as the gift they painstakingly picked out was revealed.

Except for one little boy.

He held tight to his package, apparently in deep thought.  You could see the conflicting thoughts flitter across his little face and when it came time to put his gift on the table, his little arms tightened as he took a step backwards.

Uh-Oh.  His mother tentatively nudged him forward, gently urging the boy to place the bag on the table.  But, then the little boy shoved his gift down onto the ground, the contents spilling forth out of the bag.

The scene ended quickly as he spotted other children playing, and the frustration drifted right out of him.

I wonder how often we behave like that little boy.

How often do we offer up gifts, only to hesitate to let them go?

How often do we offer an act of kindness or service, only to complain or make excuses later?

And, maybe our complaints are silent.  –Maybe we simply get a little bitter and quietly build up resentment and dread.

How often do our gifts turn into obligations for us…and how is it that that happens?

A gift given without gratitude is merely the stealing of joy.

Did you hear me?

A gift given without gratitude is merely the stealing of joy.

What prompts us, after all, to give gifts or serve?

It is gratitude – not necessarily because of something that person has done, but because of who they are or because of WHOSE they are.  It is when we choose to give gifts for selfish reasons (with expectations or to make US feel or look good), that we are more apt to become stealers of joy.

So, as we come into this holiday season, may we choose to be gift givers rather than joy stealers.

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  • Chapsnlove

    Gifts given grudgingly are not really gifts at all! Good post.

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