33 and 34 weeks pregnant

by bosssanders on October 15, 2011 with 1 comment

Technically, I’m in my 34th week (33 completed), but I’m doubting you’ll get a new pregnancy update on Tuesday, so here we go.

Last weekend, two of my friends (and some wonderful gals they recruited) threw a very special baby shower for me.

Okay, so maybe it was a shower for Aidan, but I got to open his presents…so, there.  Yeah.

There were mustaches, fun games, putting Grams in a diaper, some very creative gifts, and yummy food and pretty turquoise punch.

We even had a “photo booth” – and, for the record…all photos in this post are by Jenn.  She’s pretty awesome.

I’ll probably write more about the shower later (when she edits the pics), but for now…


Cravings: I was having a craving for pumpkin pie chai but that’s been taken care of.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve been wanting steak, though.  Still-pink-a-bit steak.  –Which is weird because I’m more of a pasta or chicken kind of girl.  Iron must be low.

Movement: Oh, how he moves!  He sleeps days and does gymnastics at night.

Symptoms: The gastro-intestinal symptoms are HERE.  Woohoo.  Not.  No more mexican or chinese food for me for this pregnancy!  I’d eat tums but they don’t really help.  Still have really dark urine off and on.  I can pee and then turn around and literally pee 5 minutes later, sometimes.  The first time can be almost clear and 5 minutes later it’s REALLY dark.  Kinda weird.  Happens often (the light/dark switch up).  I drink LOTS of water.  Probably more than the average person, actually.

I’m officially waddling, now.  Makes for walking in heels quite interesting.  Go ahead, try waddling in heels.  Better yet, try waddling up and down stairs in heels.  Fun stuff…especially if you like going DOWN stairs on your face.

Umbilical hernia got better for a little bit (I had more help).  But, then… I had less help…and it came back.  Picking up kids (to put in car seats, baby bed, comfort, etc), boxes, standing for long…makes it worse.  So, it’s back now.

Back pain.  Oh goodness, my back hurts like crazy.  I can feel it popping in and out of place.

And, my tail bone area.  It’s all doing it’s stretchy thing and HURTS…ya know, when I try to do crazy stuff…like WALK or STAND.  Silly me.

While I itch a little … I don’t have the insane rash and crazy itchiness I had with both girls.  Interesting stuff.

Platelets still low, but a little higher than what they were.

Have weird episodes of vertigo in the past week or two.  Really dizzy, funny feeling in my ears, and very sensitive to sound.

Also, had a really weird episode (that happened when pregnant with Lala, and perhaps Rora too) – I noticed my back was hurting and went to roll over, but couldn’t.  I couldn’t move at all.  So, I tried to swing my arm back to make my body roll over, and it was like my brain was saying GO but it was disconnected.  So, I yelled out, but no sound came out.  I couldn’t move, I couldn’t talk.  So, I screamed.  Except, I didn’t.  And then, as suddenly as it came…it went away and I could move again.  Really weird.  Really scary.

I’ve been “not pushing myself” very much and being pretty upfront with folks about my limits and haven’t had any more “real contractions” (the ones that hurt and make me feel sick) in the past week or so.  So…YAY!

What I miss: my husband.  Back and foot rubs.

Clothing: I think I’m gonna just start wearing tunics.  I mean, one huge sheet and I can wear it ALL pregnancy, right?  The lady at the maternity store promised I could wear my preggo shirts the whole way through but was WRONG-O.  They’re already too tight.  Even my t-shirts are WAY too tight and short.  I’ve entered the “hard to clothe” stage.  The things that fit make me look like a human tent.  Or, a hippo in lycra.  Either way, not so great.  Luckily, the swelling hasn’t really begun yet, so I have a few things I can still fit into.  But, when that happens… I’ll be the one in the big sheet.

New Thing I Learned This Week: Peeing in a cup this far along?  REALLY hard.  It’d be a lot less scary if they just gave us bowls once we hit 30 weeks, I think.  I mean, seriously… YOU try closing your eyes and peeing in a cup.

Best Moment This Week: I’ve had lots of great moments:  baby shower, finishing my classes, hay ride and pumpkin patch-ing with mom and the girls, seeing Aidan in 4D…

What I Couldn’t Live Without: Indoor plumbing.  If I had to walk further than my bathroom 40 x a night … like, go outside… I think I’d just wear a diaper to bed or something.  Because, babies are like little cowboys riding your bladder…

*LOVE the death-stare by Rora.  And, please do notice Lala’s “princess” pose… (her hand is flexed out behind her.  She’s gonna be TICKED when she realizes the closest to Royal Family that she has is a bunch of Royal Pain In The You-Know-Whats)  :)

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