31 Weeks Pregnant (Update)

by bosssanders on September 26, 2011 with 1 comment

I know you all are DYING to hear my pregnancy updates…so, I thought I’d take the time out of my very busy schedule to appease you all.  You’re so very welcome.

Turns out, little boys (or this one, anyhow) doesn’t make me quite as itchy as the girls did.  I’m a little itchy.  But, just my boobs… and if I use Bath and Body Works, it makes it stop.  A little.  Sort of.

Also, this kid?  He’s a kicker.  And I DON’T KNOW WHY, but apparently I’ve been under a tiny bit more stress than last time(s) and have had some probably-not-Braxton-Hicks types of contractions.  Luckily, they quit after a few hours.  Lots of deep breathing and meditating…oh, who am I kidding?  More like, sobbing into my pillow and eating 20 chocolate chip cookies at once.  But hey, whatever works, right?

Oh…and I failed my first glucose test.  I just have no clue why (couldn’t possibly be the cookies and sweets).  So, I go back for a 3 hour version of the torture…I mean, test.  Then, after my doctor appointment, I think I’m going to invent a new “drink” substitute for those tests…something that contains all the sugar but more in the form of KEY LIME PIE or GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE …you know, something at least semi-worth the dizziness and nauseousness all that sugar induces?  Actually, maybe I’ll just call my doctor and see if I can just bring a whole pie in to eat in 10 minutes in lieu of the “nasty drink.”

In other news, I’m starting my hospital bag list (and bag) now.

I have this bag in black.  It’s going to be “the” bag.

The Contents (to be) List:

  • Peppermint, Lavender, and Gentle Baby essential oils – It’s like magic in a bottle…err…three bottles.
  • Snacks and bottled water – Maybe.  The hospital isn’t too keen on letting you eat, but I’m kind of a rebel.
  • Socks – fun, soft, and fuzzy ones!
  • Chapstick (Burt’s Bees) – Pretty self-explanatory
  • Ouchless Black Hair Elastics – Rubber band fights!  Or my hair, whichever.
  • Camera, batteries, and extra card – So daddy can see his sweet son from halfway around the world!
  • Pen and paper – Pens are great for stabbing …or taking notes.  Maybe I should take several pens.
  • Cell phone and charger – To make prank calls, clearly.
  • Nursing bra and pads – There’s the obvious use, and then there’s drink coasters.  No unsightly rings in my hospital room!
  • “Nursing cream” – Because sometimes it OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!
  • Toiletries, hairbrush, razor – You never know when you might need to shave.  Never know when you might need to shave SOMEBODY.
  • Scrumptious baby blankets – For keeping the little bundle of sweetness warm.
  • A couple of baby hats
  • Baby outfits – I know naked is more freeing and it’s what he’s been used to for …well, his whole life… But, nekkie babies in winter weather just don’t go together.  Plus, it’s all so cute!
  • Red Cross Information to contact “daddy” – He thinks we’re going to skype the whole thing.  But, I’m thinking not so much.
  • Something to wear home – babies going home nekkie is frowned upon.  Me going home nekkie is illegal.  I’m pretty sure of it.

(And yes, a car-seat.  But that doesn’t go in the BAG, you gooberheads.  Who puts a car-seat in a bag, anyhow?)

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  • Paige

    I failed the first test this time around, too. I will say that I went in to the 3 hour test with much dread, but it was not as bad as I thought it would be. The glucose drink for the 2nd test was red and tasted WAY better than the orange mess for the first test. Seriously. It tasted alright – didn’t make me want to gag. Just make sure you have food to eat pretty soon afterwards because between the fasting and all of that glucose, you might start to feel awful (gonna pass out, weird feeling in the pit of your stomach, wobbly legs awful).

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