Relating To Others

by bosssanders on June 15, 2011 with no comments

It’s so easy to fall into Satan’s trap of not only feeling like we’re alone, but like we’re the only ones.

With my husband’s deployment, I’ve fought off the natural response to recoil from those who are just trying to relate to and comfort me with their experiences.  But, in my head, I want to say:  What could you possibly know about this?

And, while it’s true…  an extended business trip is not the same as sending your husband to a place filled with roadside bombers and people who would blow themselves up just to blow up one American.  Thank God it’s not the same, actually.

And, it’s true that unless you’ve done it before as a military wife, there are things you will never understand – from watching family BBQs from afar (because yours is broken up) to the lonely nights to the unknowns and the secrets the military requires.  There’s also trying to comfort your children when you really just want to be held yourself and watching them as they began to grip onto reality, putting together pieces of the puzzle from their little peers to what they hear from adults.

Some things are just different, but recently I’ve come to realize that if truth be told…it’s always different.

You will never completely understand what I’m going through, no matter who you are or what you’ve been through.  And, I will never completely understand your story.  You see, God could give us both the EXACT same situation but most likely, we would experience it differently because of our pasts, outlooks, and other details in our lives.  It doesn’t make one worse than the other – because pain is pain and we all bleed just the same.

We are meant to have different stories and different (but similar) pain because WE are different.  We can use the pain we’ve endured to minister to others, regardless of how much we do or don’t understand.  The key isn’t to know completely their pain,but the key is to know that they are completely in pain…and LOVE them and be there.

And, if you are one of the few that have found someone who you COMPLETELY relate to on every level…well, stop looking because I guarantee you’ll find unique-ness one day.

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