A Glimpse Into My Day

by bosssanders on April 22, 2011 with 1 comment

Outside my window... Birds are chirping, and it’s warm outside.  Not that I’ve been outside, I couldn’t get my bed through the front door (not that I tried…ahem).

I am thankful… for help.  For people who listen and are there when I say I need it.

I am wearing…
a t-shirt that belongs to my husband.

In the learning room… All I can say is, you know I’m really sick when I’m bored to tears from all of the laying around, but won’t watch TV or read.  Just sleep (even if I’m not tired) because I don’t know I feel sick if I’m sleeping.

I am remembering… how last week and the week before I had to have help taking showers (i.e., I lay on the floor while my husband sprays me with the adjustable shower head)…and how I didn’t move from the couch or bed and couldn’t sit up almost at all.  I’m pretty sure THAT isn’t normal.   This week, I’m mostly taking my own showers, although I feel really weak toward the end and have to race toward the bed.  I’m glad it’s slowly improving, at least in that area…

I am going…
absolutely nowhere!  Well, maybe Sunday if my body allows, but babysteps, right?
On my mind... TOO MUCH.  Some big issues, but also how this house smells to my very sensitive nose and I just want to tear it down.  UGH.

Around the house...I want a new one.  :)   –One that is MINE and isn’t falling apart would be awesome.

One of my favorite things…
watching the girls play tickle wars with each other (where Rora sits on Lala) and they just giggle and giggle.  Also, well-ventilated rooms.  And, zofran.

Favorite quotes this week… “Rora, don’t kick your sister in the face.”  followed by Lala saying, “Mommy, she’s not kicking me, she’s just moving my face with her feet.”

New this week in pregnancy… lost 1.6 lbs.  Baby heartbeat at 154.  Low blood pressure just got lower?  And, ah yes…  I miss pooping.  That is all.

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  • Martha H

    Sounds SO familiar! I never knew the power of Zofran until about 3 weeks ago when I complained of nausea while in the hospital. WHY was I not given any in my difficult difficult difficult 1st trimester?

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