Week Three Challenge (Project Organization)

by bosssanders on March 22, 2011 with 1 comment

The hot spot for week three has been announced:

Toys and/or Kids’ clothes

Personally, I will probably be working on the clothing aspect – the kids’ toys get constant “makeovers” (hello trash can and giveaway bin!).  Lorelei is finally wearing the “T” clothes…you know, 2T, 3T, 4T, etc.  But, Aurora can still wear the smaller sizes, which means we’ve been switching out every 6 months.  (I am so ready for the slash sizes… 5/6, 7/8, etc…so maybe they can stay in them for 2 years!!)  Anyhow, I need to go through their clothes and figure out what needs to go to storage and what should stay, as well as re-fold their clothes and move them back to appropriate drawers since the girls sometimes borrow each others clothes (Aurora’s pants = Lorelei’s capri pants.)

Because we aren’t finished having children, I have tote boxes in storage labeled every 6 months (and once we get to “2″ it’s labeled “2 summer” or “2 winter”).  As I weed out clothing that no longer fits, I put them in grocery bags and just put it into the appropriate boxes.  Easy peasy…except for when you move a mattress out of storage and you can no longer get to boxes.  But, that’s a different post.

So, what do you do to organize kid’s clothing and toys?

Do you have a system?  Do you take them to consignment?  Do you save them?  Trash them?  Give them away?  Tell me all about it!

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  • Katie

    I used the stackable drawer bins. Each one is descriptively labeled: 4T Summer Shirts (bins are small). But that only works until the kids find them. :)

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