Week Two Challenge And a Recap

by bosssanders on March 14, 2011 with 1 comment

Last week, we were supposed to go through our wardrobes… did you?

I had gone through mine the week before, giving away an entire garbage bag full of clothes…plus some.  This past week, I did take out two of my more formal knee length dresses and gave them a hard look.  At first, I tossed them into the give pile, but then I got them back out, laid them on the bed and REALLY looked at them.  I tried them on, and inspiration struck.  The thing I hated about them was the faux bling that had been attached…without that, they’d be perfectly grown-up worthy.  So, I took a close look at the bling and found that one was actually a pin and the other…well, I was able to break it off with my hands.  Hooray for me (plus, now I have some little crystals for craft projects!)!

I also learned another cool trick — If you aren’t sure whether you want something in your closet or not, put the hanger in backwards and only turn it around after you have worn it.  The next time you purge, see if it’s still facing that way or has been turned around.  If it’s still facing backwards, move it out.

I didn’t accomplish half of the things I’d meant to on my over-the-top list from last week….  But, I did re-organize my shelf!

This week, the challenge if you so choose to accept it is to:  Clear Your Paper Clutter

WEEK 2 – Clear/Organize Your Paper Clutter

You don’t have to get it ALL finished, but I’d love to see what you  do.  Set a goal and go for it…it could be one particular huge stack…or it could just be that you will set aside 10 or 30 minutes each night to tackle it.  (You could even do it as you watch TV.)

I’m ready to hear some of the cool organizational tools you all reach for — Or, what you already use.  Will you/do you use binders?  Folders?  File systems?  Trash cans and recycle bins?  Or, something else?

If you write a post on your blog about this week’s challenge, please also feel free to leave a link in the comments…I’d love to check it out.

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  • Momma Hen

    Well, I haven’t been over here in a couple of weeks. I haven’t been much of anywhere in a couple of weeks (reference my complete negligence to my own site). However, completely coincidentally… I cleared out some stuff from my wardrobe two weeks ago. Today? Today I attacked a ton of paper clutter: Magazine rack, desk, and two whole boxes I had ignored for three months since we moved into this house. :) Go me! lol. Now I need to go through your posts and find out what else I’m supposed to be tackling. Maybe I’ll find that I’ve already been doing it.

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