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by bosssanders on March 10, 2011 with 1 comment

Over the past month or so, my hubby and I have gained a little weight.  Not a lot, but enough to give us that kick in the behinds to do something about our less-than-healthy habits.  A couple of weeks ago, I began doing some strength exercises 3x a week (Okay, I know some of you are thinking BIG DEAL, but for me it is.  I HATE exercising, but have found a routine in this and tomorrow will be the end of 3 weeks and going!)  Today, I will add in cardio if my bum leg allows, but baby steps, right?

Along with the exercising, we also decided to give our food a makeover.  Food makeovers are kind of scary.  They can be even more scary when you’re on a super tight budget and things just don’t fit right (we may have to expand that part of the budget and take off elsewhere.)  But, we agreed to go to the store and get what we needed to see how long these things would last us.

Here’s what we bought*:

  • 10 ct Mission whole wheat flour tortillas….  $2.62 (3 packages)
  • Healthy Life 100% Whole Grain Bread …..$1.77 (we bought one loaf and had one at home)
  • 1 dozen eggs… $1.64 (2)
  • GV plain nonfat yogurt 32 oz….$2.00 (2)
  • GV 1 gal 1% milk….$3.48 (2)
  • GV 1 gal 1% chocolate milk….$3.84
  • GV medium cheddar block (1 lb)…$4.44 (3)
  • Brummel and Brown Yogurt Spread (instead of butter) (15 oz)…$2.38
  • Tyson All-Natural Chicken Breasts (3lb)…$7.98 (2)
  • Medium Shrimp (14 oz)….$5.48 (2)
  • Great Value turkey bacon (12 oz)…$2.48 (2)
  • Sara Lee deli oven roasted turkey breast (6.98/lb)… $7.12
  • Deli Roast Beef ($6.18/lb)… $6.12
  • Bunch of asparagus ($2.84/lb, 2 bunches)…$4.48
  • Marketside sugar snap peas (8 oz)…$2.50
  • Dole Leafy Romaine (10 oz)…$2.78
  • Granny Smith Apples (1 lb/ $1.37)….$4.08
  • Grapefruit …. $.54 ea (2)
  • GV frozen whole strawberries (1 lb, no sugar added)…$2.36 ea (3)
  • Bananas (1 lb/$.52)….$2.65 (for about 14 bananas)
  • GV peach halves in cans (29 oz)…$1.76 (4)
  • Smucker’s natural chunky peanut butter (16oz)…$2.34 (2)
  • Light Ragu Tomato and Basil (1lb 10oz)….$1.76 (2)
  • Rotel-mild (10 oz)…$.98 (2)
  • GV dry chickpeas (16 oz)…$1.42
  • GV light red kidney beans (16 oz)…$1.16 (2)
  • GV black beans (16oz)…$1.12 (2)
  • Simply Grapefruit juice (59 fl oz)…$3.00
  • Simply Orange juice (59 fl oz)…$3.00
  • Quaker 1-minute oats, plain (42 oz)…$3.98 (2)
  • Fisher Almonds, unsalted (16 oz)…$8.72
  • Ortega 40% less sodium Taco seasoning (1.25 oz)…$.62(2)
  • GV whole wheat spaghetti (13.25 oz)…$1.00 (3)
  • Swanson Natural Goodness Chicken Broth, 33% less sodium (32 oz)…$2.46
  • Hodgson Mill Milled Flax Seed (12 oz)…$2.08
  • Whey Protein powder in vanilla and chocolate (2lb)…$14.68 (2)

*These foods correspond to the ABS DIET that we are using as a base for our new “health plan”

The total kind of …no, really scares me.  It was about 4x our weekly budget.  But, I’m trying to take comfort in the fact that we’ve not eaten all of this food yet and we’ve been following the meals very closely (eating 6 meals each for 4 people).  Now, I need to find even cheaper but still just as healthy alternatives for the foods we’re buying (like, mostly cheaper fruits/veggies/deli meats/milk).  We won’t have to buy more protein powder or flax seed for a very long time, so that will cut our next grocery bill down by about $32 dollars.  And…silly me, having never cooked dried beans before forgot that DUH!  THEY SWELL!  So, we have lots of beans.  I mean, LOTS.  Tomorrow is day 7, and I just cleaned out the last of the first jar of all natural peanut butter…so we may need to look at a cheaper (but just as healthy) brand…OR find coupons.  And, of course…bananas have already disappeared!

If any of you know of where I can find these things CHEAPER, please let me know!  (Especially if it’s the same brand, or a healthier brand…)

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  • Sara

    Oh yes, BEANS. A good food budget stretcher. The trick is forcing, I mean tricking, ourselves into liking them…..over and over and over.

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