Counting to 1,000: 1-49

by bosssanders on February 21, 2011 with no comments

1-49.  The ways God loves me:  Dressing up with my girls and twirling around like the princesses we are.  Snow days spent building forts with my family – love watching them play.  Knee-high trudging, snow balls.  Barely able to to move.  Snow food.  Cornbread (from scratch) with chili and cream cheese.  Sleepy baby smiles.   Snuggles with my girls.   Little arms wrapped around my neck.  Holding hands with my sweetheart.  Laughing with my honey at the movies.  Driving at 5:30 AM – sky navy blue, glowing ground.  Watching the sky turn pink and orange as the sun peeks.  Warm sunshine kisses on my cheek.  Roses, the color of sunset, a gift from my mom.  – A little bit of “happy” when I was feeling down.  Friends visiting church.  Being able to return a kind gesture.  Sunshine.  A call from my sweetie.  Sweet giggles and laughter filling my ears.  A “date” with my aunt and Grams for hamburgers, tatertots, and strawberry cake.  A sweet, understanding woman on the other end of the phone when I went to pay a bill.  A bag full of clothes just for me!  A sweet email from a close friend that lifted me up.  A bird singing outside my window.  Wind chimes playing.  Lunch from a much-loved friend.  Supper with my parents.  A wonderful surprise to greet me.  The sweet smile that comes before the peace as my baby drifts to sleep while snuggling close.  Warmed by the sun.  Company of friends.  Naptime.  A show of the sunset from my front porch.  “Quiet time” provided by my mother.  Group time.  Bible study.  Impromptu day with my aunt.  Long naps.  Tickle wars.  The way the sun’s rays fall on my jar of roses.  Realizing we had enough leftovers for supper again so I wouldn’t have to cook.  Songs without words (sung by Rora).  Lala hugs and “I love yous.”  Waking up with energy.  Feeling of accomplishment.  Visit with a much-loved friend.  A blessing from our postman.  A book in the mail.  Warm days.  Fresh lovely breezes blowing through the window, making my curtains dance.  Sweet snuggles with the baby.  Laying in my 3 year olds’ bed with the lights off, just breathing her in.

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