Pantry Meals

by bosssanders on February 9, 2011 with 1 comment

The snow and general coldness has kept us inside.  Which means, our pantry is looking a little slim.  Actually, that’s not fair, we have lots of food – most of them just happen to be odd-ball things that we USUALLY use up with other ingredients we don’t have.  So, we’ve turned it into a game to try to come up with meals to fix that mostly come out of our pantry/freezer.  (Granted, we’re going to have to restock on cheese, eggs, milk, butter, etc.)

Last night, we had Chicken A La King (made previously and frozen) over biscuits made from a biscuit mix that someone gave to us a while back.

Night before?  Spaghetti.  Only, we didn’t have spaghetti sauce, so we used cream of mushroom soup instead.  You just season your meat with basil, oregano, salt and pepper.  Cook.  Drain.  Add diced tomatoes (rotel would be even better but we didn’t have it).  Then, in a separate pot, cook up your spaghetti.  Grease a casserole dish (13×9) and layer sauce, spaghetti, cheese, sauce, spaghetti cheese.  Mix your cream of mushroom soup with some water (check the back of the can), and pour it over the top.  Parmesan cheese goes on last.  Stick it in the oven til it’s all melted and VOILA.  Pretty good stuff.  We used deer meat instead of beef because it’s what we have.  (Thanks, Terrell!)

Tonight, we’ll be having a cornbread bar.  There’s cornbread and then there’s the “extras” – we have navy beans, chili, cream cheese, ketchup, and hot sauce.  We have more beans if we run out of all of that.

Future menu items:

Tuna patties (using mashed potatoes to hold it all together and dipped in cornmeal and cooked)
Potatoes and eggs
Ham and cheese omelets
Tuna sandwiches (without pickles/relish because we don’t have it)
Ham fried rice (frozen slices of ham cut into chunks, eggs, Worcestershire sauce all fried up with brown rice)
And whatever good treats we can come up with for venison using what we already have.  Ideas, anyone?

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  • stephanie

    THIS IS FUNNY . . . I AM DOING THE VERY SAME THING AND WAS CONTEMPLATING A BLOG ABOUT IT AS WELL. We are eating weird things that don’t go together. Not so much because I can’t get out, but the simple fact that all the “odd” leftover things just keep getting pushed to the back of the fridge/cabinets and it’s time they were eaten.

    Happy cooking!

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