by bosssanders on February 9, 2011 with 2 comments

Tonight, as Lorelei and I were cleaning up her room before bed, she said:

“Mommy, this Barbie is MAD.”

“Hmph,” I said without really looking up, “Why is that?”

“Because she’s blind.  I blinded her.”

Puzzled, I looked up.  Indeed she did.  Apparently it wasn’t enough that mommy accidentally broke Barbie’s arm off in an effort to un-stick a suddenly-stuck arm.  I have to give this to her, though:  The kid is creative and resourceful, too.  (She’s not allowed to have paint unsupervised (we don’t allow THAT level of creativity), so she wet a paper bead that we painted days ago and made the rubbed paint onto Barbie’s eyes to “blind” her.)

I really can’t help but be amused.

PS – Barbie might also be MAD because she’s wedding Barbie and that chick Ariel is now wearing her dress.  I’d be pretty ticked if I was a one-armed naked blind barbie, too.  Just sayin’.

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  • Katie

    did you ask why Barbie was blinded?

  • Jolene

    Too funny!!!

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