Blogging 101: Getting Your Blog “Out There”

by bosssanders on September 13, 2010 with 2 comments

So, you’ve started your blog, now what?  – Some people would rather be hidden away, while others yearn for their very own audience, if you’re part of the latter here’s some ideas to get your blog “out there”:

  • Make use of social media.  I personally recommend twitter and facebook, but there’s also Plurk and Myspace and a few others too.  You’ll have to experiment to find out what works for you.
  • Find a few blogs you love and read them.  Often.  Leave meaningful comments.  Most people will see a new “visitor” and will want to know who they are, so they’ll come check out your page.  If they like what they see, they may come back for more.  But, if they don’t…don’t be insulted.  Some people are crazy busy with this thing called “real life” and they may even see your blog but get called away by a vomiting child and can’t leave a comment.  Life happens.  You know?
  • Submit your posts to places like stumbleupon, kirtsy, digg, etc.
  • Put your blog link in all of your email signatures (and possibly on any stationary you have).
  • Make business cards with your link and hand them out to those interested (so they don’t have to bother remembering your URL).
  • Head to blog conferences with said cards.  A great one to start with is BlogHer.
  • Join forums or other groups based on what you blog about.  If you’re just a mom blogger and blog about life, that would include places like cafemom and any other mom-type forums.
  • Tell your friends.  Tell your family.  Or, don’t.  (Depending on if you want to be THAT visible. ;) )

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  • Anna

    I second the Stumble Upon suggestion. I started using it religiously back in July, and it now is second only to Google in terms of where most of my traffic comes from.

    You have to be sure not to just stumble your own posts though, share the love and stumble the posts of others too. Also, it’s good to occasionally encourage your readers or fellow bloggers to stumble for you so that you aren’t always the one submitting your own stuff.

    Fantastic tips, thank you!

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