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Hello Friends,

After offering Simply Fun Ebook last time, and receiving a load of emails from folks who had either missed the deadline or had forgotten to put me in their “safe list” (thus, their book going to spam) …and even a few folks who sent in wrong emails…I’m offering up this chance again.

I was incredibly sad to hear that after almost 36 hours of work, many people STILL weren’t getting their ebooks, so I’m wanting to make sure that you can get it NOW.  Unfortunately, last time…my bright idea of EMAILING the ebooks individually didn’t go as planned.  Sure, I emailed them all out (although a lot came back due to full inboxes, wrong emails inputted, and other errors), but it took SO long – and to not have those go through, or to have them go through to spam was a bit disheartening.  On top of that, my google email account shut me out (so if you tried emailing me about ebooks and didn’t get a response, THAT is why!  Sorry!)  But, I have come up with a better way.  I have added a new newsletter function that is separate from my email and should AUTOMATICALLY (without me!! ) add everyone that signs up and after a certain amount of sign up time, I’ll just send along a newsletter with a link for the download!  Cool Right?  Here’s the details:

This time, please sign up for my newsletter HERE.  If you’ve already signed up, you’re good.  (This is NOT the same as my RSS feed or having me in your google reader.)    A link for downloading the ebook will come to your email via my newsletter (to those who sign up within the allotted time frame).

PLEASE make sure you spell your email correctly, that you have my email in your safe list, check your spam, and make sure your email is FUNCTIONING (not full or won’t be down).  This newsletter will only be sent out once and will not be re-sent.  Also, if you have friends that you believe would be interested, feel free to direct them to this post so they may also sign up.

The DEADLINE was originally Saturday 8/14 Midnight CST but has been extended until 8/21/10 Midnight CST.  So, sign up and send this to everyone/anyone you think would be interested so they can get in!

**If you find this post but the deadline is up, I encourage you to still sign up for the newsletter as I often email out great opportunities posts that may interest you!  You may also find a link to purchase any of my ebooks immediately and directly from my website for $2-3.

**Just a note, I don’t sell or trade my email lists EVER.  And, you always have the option to unsubscribe.  I also don’t flood inboxes with a massive amount of newsletters.  What WILL you get in my newsletters?  –Just some really cool updates as they come along – generally new contests and freebies or new ebooks or tutorials or BIG news that I’m excited about.  But, I try to pack it into one occasional newsletter :)



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