Starting Over

by bosssanders on April 16, 2010 with 4 comments

As I sit here, nestled into the corner of my porch swing with a glass of iced raspberry tea, I imagine what I hope my life to look like in the next few years as we scramble to “start over” in so many ways.

Images float through my consciousness to the tinkling of wind chimes in the background.  I imagine a charming white home, filled with unique little touches that would leave no need for a name plaque, because it would so obviously be ours.  I imagine a collection of acreage, gently rolling with lush shades of green and speckled with wildflowers, gently dancing in the breeze.  I imagine a handful of chickens, maybe a few goats, and a few other random “farm” animals.  I imagine a small garden, lush with color and a basket at the edge filled with pickings for that night’s dinner.  I imagine a swing hanging from a tree nearby, where the girls are laughing and giggling as we try our best to swing them “Higher, higher!”  I imagine a garden tub where I can escape to worlds of fantasy in my very own thoughts while Steven works on a website that’s been gnawing at his imagination.

I imagine.

But, then I pause and wonder if that’s all it is.  I wonder if I’ll have a place to call my own again, or if our chance has already come and gone.

Recently, while browsing a website, I came across a book titled Be Your Own House Contractor by Carl Heldmann.  They offered to send me a copy to review, and after pondering the idea for a moment, I took it.  I realized that while the book may not be anything I’d use in the near future (unless I can construct a house with a hot glue gun and some lace), it would definitely appeal to a wide range of readers.

I thumb through the pages again and again, and suddenly the dream of my own home doesn’t feel so far away any more.

According to this book, you can save 25% on the cost of a house without lifting a hammer.  (Okay, now you have my attention.  Have you SEEN my nail-driving attempts?  Not pretty.)

In Be Your Own House Contractor, Carl Heldmann takes you through the steps, step-by-step – From where to start to financing to finding your suppliers.  It makes me excited again.  It’s an easy read – no technicalities that non-construction folk wouldn’t understand.  And, while it doesn’t go into detail with house plans, it DOES offer diagrams and lists and other resources that would definitely come in handy.  I love that it offers advice, things to look for, when hiring subcontractors so you can avoid being hoodwinked.  It’s always good to have an idea of what’s going on, even when you don’t know EXACTLY what’s going on.

I’ve seen the books that promise to tell you how to build your own home on a dime.  And, for obvious reasons, I find myself being drawn to those books, but they loose me soon after the front page so often.  Many times, they are filled with information in a language that seems like if you can understand the language, you probably didn’t need the book in the first place!  This book, though, it doesn’t stress me out.

No, it makes me just want to kick my feet up and keep dreaming of the possibilities…


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  • Hockeymandad

    Mmmmm…iced tea.

    You will, one day, have that place to call your own again. You are far too determined a person to let any goal you set for yourself easily slip through your fingers.

  • Mike Monaghan - First Toddle

    Ashley — you’re a gifted writer!

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